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Frappé ERPNext

by : Frappa Tech

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Frappé ERPNext

by : Frappa Tech

Starting Price ₹400/User
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Brand: Frappa Tech

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Frappé ERPNext Software Overview

What is ERPNext?

ERPNext is a free and open-source ERP software that enables small and medium entrepreneurs to record all the business transactions in a single place. The application helps users to maintain, track and invest systematically, thus leading to the growth of the business. It is built using a Python-based server network on the MariaDB database system

It was developed by Frappé Technology Pvt. Ltd. to use it in their family business initially, but later on, it became a solution to other entrepreneurs. It is designed for trading businesses other service providers and offers a customizable ERP solution to several industries.

ERPNext has modules like accounting, human resource and payroll, manufacturing information system, inventory, CRM, sales, project management, websites, helpdesk and many more. It provides ERP solutions to distributors, retailers, manufacturers, schools, agricultural and healthcare sectors. It serves as a full-featured software that has answers to all questions related to ERP.

How can I use ERPNext for Managing my Business Accounts?

ERPNext takes care of the accounting of your business by providing a real-time view of your accounting books. It comes with an intuitive dashboard that provides users with insights into the key performance indicators in their business processes. The application also offers charts of accounts, journals, and payments, billing and pricing, and banking operations which are configurable in nature. 

This ERP software can also be customized according to the requirements of the user to maintain clean and crisp accounts. It also provides the feature of auto-invoicing of subscriptions in order to save time by reducing manual tasks. It offers the multicurrency feature to convert all the transactions in the user’s base currency, thus simplifying the process of accounting.

How Can I Build a Website using ERPNext?

ERPNext enables you to design your website without any hassle and also strengthens your web presence through search engine optimization (SEO) and blogging. This open-source software generates one-click web forms, website chats and social login keys to capture the attention of the potential target groups. The application manages the texture of your website using the cutting-edge technology of Bootstrap4 to ensure optimal viewing experience. 

ERPNext helps you to build E-commerce sites to enhance the shopping experience of your customers. It provides customization in every feature to make sure that the product matches your expectations to build a brand.

Pricing of ERPNext

The pricing of ERPNext is as follows -

  1. The standard Plan costs Rs. 800/- per user per month, or Rs. 8800 yearly with 14 days trial.
  2. Enterprise Plan costs Rs. 2000/- per user per month, or Rs. 22000 yearly with 14 days trial.
  3. Self-Hosted Plan has a starting range of Rs. 7000/- per user per year and is customizable.

Users are requested to give us a callback to get a suitable quote.

The Uses of ERPNext

ERPNext is the open-source cloud ERP software that helps in increasing productivity and lowering the costs of Small or Medium Enterprise (SME). It enables the user to keep a track of the sales and purchases, pay taxes to the Government and credit monthly salaries to the employees. It helps in managing deliveries within the allotted time.

ERPNext assists the user in building a responsive helpdesk to ensure seamless communication with the customers. This enables users to resolve any issues or answer any queries on time, thus attaining the highest customer satisfaction. Tracking labour cost, cost of raw material, job cards and inventory in ERPNext ensure the proper functioning of the manufacturing unit during the production time.

Frappé ERPNext Features

  • Server  Accounting and managing sales and purchases in ERPNext helps to regulate the finances of the business in a simple way.
  • Customization The customizable features in accounting, website designing and other domains in ERPNext are tailored to meet the expectations of
  • API Integration ERPNext comes with a REST API that helps users to integrate with other applications required in the seamless operation of various
  • Service & Support A user-friendly point of sales in ERPNext ensures tracking and syncing of the purchase and sales bills easily. One can also
  • Mobile App Being seamlessly integrated with payroll and accounting, ERPNext allows the user to perform HR functions directly through a

Frappé ERPNext Plans & Pricing

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Frappé ERPNext Specifications

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  • Windows
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  • All Industries
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  • English

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Rupesh warade
07, Apr 2019
star star star star star 5/ 5
Could be better than this
We have been utilizing it throughout the previous 3 years and run our little organization on this framework for everything from buy to-pay, request to-money, bookkeeping, finance and HR, stock and so on. It is additionally accessible as SaaS at an entirely sensible cost/situate. The framework is far reaching and in all respects mindfully planned and effectively created. It tends to nation explicit prerequisites generally
Maanakchand Chopda
23, Jul 2016
star star star star star 5/ 5
Techjockey was helpful and responsive
Techjockey has been hugely helpful to my organization in finding a software provider to fit our needs. We quickly got advice on five providers who were a potentially good fit for a small non-profit like us. That led within a couple of days to having five calls arranged. The presentations provided by Techjockey on how to evaluate providers were very instructive for us as a small organization with little knowledge of this field, and their follow-up with us to check on how the process was going was timely and helpful. Having entered this field fairly clueless as to how to navigate all the options, the support of Techjockey has been invaluable.
Vishal Sharijay
User, Administrator
11, Aug 2018
star star star star star 5/ 5

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Frappé ERPNext FAQ

Q. What are the functions of ERPNext in the manufacturing sector? arrow

A. ERPNext effectively maintains bills of raw and finished materials, subcontracting, item variants and inventory. It takes care of shop floor management, capacity planning, product status, multiple unit measurement, quick stock balance tracking, and stock replenishment.

Q. How does ERPNext help in project management? arrow

A. ERPNext helps in planning, organizing and delivering projects in time with its efficient time tracking and billing facilities. Users can also manage real-time chats and help the customers access relevant data easily.

Q. Can I manage assets with ERPNext? arrow

A. Yes, you can maintain your assets with the asset management feature of ERPNext. It takes into account the asset lifecycle, inventory, depreciation, asset value adjustment, scrapping assets, purchasing and selling of assets.

Q. How can the helpdesk feature in ERPNext enhance my business? arrow

A. The helpdesk in ERPNext gives a platform of communication with the provision for the customers to resolve issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

Q. Can I design my website according to my ideas? arrow

A. Yes, due to the customization feature in ERPNext, you can convey your ideas and ERPNext delivers you your desired website.

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