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About FoxTrader

What is FoxTrader?

FoxTrader is the next-gen online trading system terminal from Reliable Software Systems Pvt. Ltd., designed to manage all the requirements of active traders. The markets that it supports include NSE-CM, NSE-Cur, NSE-FO, BSE, and MCX. This intelligent trading and stock market software comprises all the advanced features of Falcon7, another stock market application from Reliable Software.

Moreover, FoxTrader comes with a smooth and user-friendly interface built for automated or one-touch trading processes. With this stock market software, you can analyse the market profile and strategy tuning operations. In short, FoxTrader enables you to watch the stock market from an entirely different perspective.

How Can You Analyse the Market Using FoxTrader?

With FoxTrader, you can make real-time trading decisions by analysing the data that you have at hand. The software helps get away with inaccurate and risky emotional trading approaches.

  1. FoxTrader enables you to analyse the stock market to get deeper insights into the latest trading trends.
  2. Users can view and monitor conventional charts, order flow or the overall market profile to make informed decisions.
  3. With this stock market software, you can reduce your investment risks by automating all your order qualities, trailing stops and stop levels. Moreover, you can monitor the current market positions and make the right strategies, thus maximising your returns.
  4. FoxTrader offers advanced features like Market Watch, Pivot Watch, Group Summary, Activity Watch, Spread Watch, Event Watch, ADS Watch, Tick Watch, Five Bid Offer, and Redefined Charts.

Pricing of FoxTrader

FoxTrader is available with two pricing plans, namely -

  1. Standard: This plan is priced at ₹14,347.82 for a year.
  2. Premium: This plan costs ₹16,779.66 for a year.

However, we have options for customised quotes depending on your trading requirements. Give us a callback request to discuss pricing details with our sales experts.

Benefits of Using FoxTrader

  1. Pivot Watch: Using the Pivot Watch feature, you can look up for the Support and Resistance levels for various groups of stocks based on the Standard, Fibonacci, Camarilla, Woodies and Demark formulas.
  2. Market Watch: With this feature, you can view real-time streaming prices for a group of stocks. Moreover, you can gauge and identify market sentiments right from the Market watch graph.
  3. Analyse March ADS: Using this tool of FoxTrader, you can understand and identify which side of the market you must trade, and which to avoid to prevent losses.
  4. Group Summary: Through this tool, you can learn about the latest trends in the stock market analysis in real-time. Implementing them in your strategies would help gain higher returns.
  5. Time Profile: FoxTrader allows you to learn about the exact prices as well as the time at which various trades happened.
  6. Volume Profile: With this tool, you can compare the price and the volume of a particular contract.
  7. Automate your Strategies: FoxTrader enables you to automate your trading strategies as per the set rules through the auto mode or the one-touch trading facility. With this software, automating even the complex directional intraday strategies has become simpler. 

Compatible Platforms for FoxTrader

FoxTrader is a web-based application and is compatible with Windows desktop. You can even access the portal and trade from any mobile device.

Sold By : Reliable Software

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FoxTrader Features

FoxTrader comes with an updated 2020 trading calendar mentioning the stock market active days along with the trading holidays for both BSE and NSE.
FoxTrader provides the latest news regarding corporate announcements and stock market positions.
This stock market software provides details about the stock history for a range of parameters such as bonuses, splits and dividends and rights.
FoxTrader allows you to analyse past events by providing over 300 studies and 200 signals or conditions. This further enables you to get a strong grip over the present and the future stock market conditions.
Being a web-based trading platform, FoxTrader enables users to trade seamlessly from both the desktop and mobile. The portal is quite mobile-friendly, allowing users to analyse the market and invest more confidently.
FoxTrader has a real-time market scanner tool with which you can spot the available opportunities amidst numerous symbols. You can choose your own scanning frequency and even use a complex selection rule.
Through this feature, users can access and view details regarding various strike prices, puts, calls and other pricing information for your chosen asset for a particular period. The Option Analysis tool of FoxTrader also provides you with the appropriate visualisation of your selected scrip options.
FoxTrader provides you with the option to manage your buy/sell trade orders efficiently at the right time to prevent any loss. The software also comes with a facility for making manual order entries from charts at your desired price.
The software provides alerts regarding the latest quotes to ensure that you take on the right strategies to avoid any loss. You can even set essential price alerts and make your computer speak it up loud whenever the prices change.
FoxTrader comes with advanced backtesting and live scanning tools to help assess, monitor and fine-tune the efficiency of your trading strategies before putting your money forward.
With this software, you can get a detailed view of the live market information to guide you in making the right trading decisions. You can also learn what’s trending in the stock market.
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FoxTrader Specifications


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FoxTrader FAQs

A. The software provides 300+ studies, along with 200+ signals/conditions, thus offering users multiple ways to analyse historical data. Moreover, its scanning and backtesting tools enable traders to assess and refine their reading strategies for greater efficiency. This allows one to go ahead with their investment strategies.
A. This stock market software comes with an efficient Market Scanner with which you can assess a majority of investment scenarios, and not merely trading signals. You can define a scan in real-time and know the time when a particular strategy works the best.
A. Yes, you can get an online demo for FoxTrader with Techjockey. You are simply required to send a demo request to receive a call at your scheduled date and time.
A. ? Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 10 ? Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher ? RAM: A minimum of 4GB or higher ? Free Disk Space: Above 30GB ? Internet Speed: 1 Mbps or faster
A. Even though FoxTrader has no separate mobile app, you can access the web version from your smartphone or tablet and perform trading while on-the-move.

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