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About Exelysis Contact Center

What is Exelysis Contact Centre? 

Exelysis Contact Centre is an innovative solution for the management of the communications framework. It assists in handling advanced telecom operations in complex environments, i.e., working of: 

  1. Call centres (both inbound and outbound)
  2. Third-party API integration
  3. Unified communications
  4. Cloud implementations 
  5. Cases that have high-security requirements 

Exelysis Contact Centre solution provides completely unique ways of handling calls. It sieves the calls based on the detailed breakdown of the caller’s identity and requirements, such as area, purpose, language, etc. These calls can be assigned further to the most appropriate agent. All this is done within seconds so that there is no lag. The call centre software creates an agent group that performs like a tag to mark calls and specify which agents are preferable for handling a call and with what level of priority. 

Why should I use Exelysis Contact Centre? 

Exelysis Contact Centre is one of the best call centre solutions. As the software is dense with features that allow users to visualize and design their operations with exceptional ease. This call centre solution uses a predictive algorithm to reduce the workload of a calling agent. The predictive dialling feature utilizes a unique algorithm which adapts to the quality of the outbound campaign with the help of statistical information gathered from the tasks. 

Exelysis Contact Centre enables call centres to put their best step forward in optimizing the workflow and mitigating operational discrepancies caused by uncontrollable factors. 

What features does Exelysis Contact Centre offers? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Exelysis Contact Centre: 

  1. Intelligent queuing
  2. Effective predictive dialling 
  3. API integration 
  4. Modular IVR 
  5. Advanced Queuing system
  6. Agent grouping 
  7. Agent assignment 
  8. Preview dialling 
  9. Broadcast dialling
  10. Database control modules

What is the price of Exelysis Contact Centre? 

The price of Exelysis Contact Centre starts from Rs. 3800/- per user per month, the price may vary based on the customizations required. For more inquiries, please request a call. 

Sold By : Exelysis

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Exelysis Contact Center Features

Exelysis Contact Centre offers efficient algorithm-based call management feature that assesses the reason of call and assigns the best agent based on the query. 
The software records all the calls made by the agents and stores it in the desired location of the user.
This call centre software is able to route calls directly based on the queries of the caller.
 Exelysis Contact Centre uses cloud-based storage system to save all the workflow data and call recordings
The software is able to integrate with third party APIs and shares data with convenience for seamless working. 
Exelysis Contact Centre assists in the management of both inbound and outbound calls. 

Get Exelysis Contact Center support13 Chatting right now

Buy Exelysis Contact Center2705 People viewed this product

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Exelysis Contact Center Specifications


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Exelysis Contact Center FAQs

Techjockey provides demo for Exelysis Contact Centre. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.
Exelysis Contact Centre does not hold static queues. All the calls tagged with an agent group are added to a dynamic queue. It work on FIFO basis.
All the APIs integrated in Exelysis Contact Centre are provided through .Net 4.0 assemblies.
Exelysis Contact Centre enables users to customize the solution according to their business requirements. They can create additional fields, add their business parameters, etc.
No, Exelysis Contact Centre is not available for mobile devices as of now. Please watch this space for updates.

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