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About Efi Optitex

What is Efi-Optitex?

Efi-Optitex is a 3D designing software that provides an end-to-end solution to fashion and apparel designers. With it, designers can add 2D and 3D effects to their designs and patterns while developing them. Efi-Optitex allows them to preview the end result, based on the impact they add or the changes they make. 

The software creates efficient workflows and covers the entire supply chain on behalf of the designer. It thus saves time, money and fabric of the designer. Efi-Optitex is present all around the world, thus allowing designers to develop, design and produce an entire collection in a seamless manner.

What Makes Efi-Optitex the Best Cutting-Edge Pattern Designing Software?

Efi-Optitex helps designers create products that serve the customer’s needs. With this software, designers can easily combine great 2D designs with real life-like 3D models in a single platform. There are a whole lot of customizable digital tools present in the software, which makes it simple for designers to enjoy a superior designing experience. Efi-Optitex gives feedback to the designers so that they can make necessary changes before creating the first physical outfit.

Why is Efi-Optitex the Best Fabric Management Solution Software?

Efi-Optitex allows the designers to stimulate and measure fabrics in a 3D-based environment. It has a wide range of fabric testing tools like Motorised Tension meter and Stiffness Tester to measure the fabric’s resistance to bending. The application has two other features like Digital Scale that helps measure the weight of fabric, and Digital Thickness Gauge, which enables one to measure the thickness of the fabric. 

There is an Optitex Fabric Meter which enables designers to create and manage their fabric library with ease. With Efi-Optitex, they can prepare a testing specimen as well. Further, the software stores the fabric specimens in its database, which can be shared with others. There are 60+ pre-installed fabric designs stored in the library for the designers to choose from.

Pricing of Efi-Optitex

The pricing of Efi-Optitex is available as per the unique demands and needs of the designers. If you are interested in buying the software, you can request for a callback and we will get back with a customized quote.

How is Efi-Optitex the Ultimate Job Server?

Efi-Optitex helps designers boost their efficiency and performance levels by designing server-based applications, which are customizable as well. The software is powered by a state-of-the-art job scheduler. Its powerful server-based applications decrease the load of the designer’s PC. You can easily automate your routine tasks and let the server complete it. There is a dedicated server-based application for each task, which saves the time and money of the designer.

Sold By : EFI Optitex

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Efi Optitex Features

The software comes with an Inbuilt Adobe Illustrator with which the designers can customize 3D garments, make fine tunings. It also helps them improve collaboration between pattern makers, designers and vendors by validating the designs that are ready for printing.
The software provides a wide range of digital tools for advanced fabric testing, analysis and measurements. It features a motorized Tension meter, Stiffness Tester, Digital Scale, Digital Thickness Gauge and Optitex Fabric Meter.
The designers can easily design any types of garments and incorporate graphics and logos in them. They can easily visualize fabrics and their colourways, adjust graphic placements and modify the prints and patterns with the cutting-edge 3D plug-in system developed by the software.
The software allows designers to view their designs in a 3D pattern, which makes it the best choice for dress and jewellery designers.
With Efi-Optitex, designers are entitled to experience the benefits of a digital workflow, where they can create and approve an entire collection without cutting a single piece of clothing.

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Efi Optitex Specifications


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Efi Optitex FAQs

With the software, designers can easily share their thoughts and ideas on a digital platform. This attracts more designers and designing houses, thus creating an opportunity for unique collaborations between them.
With Efi-Optitex, designers can create and visualize 3D virtual samples. They can make quick alterations and adjust the fine details of those samples with Automatic fabric simulation. Photorealistic Rendering helps them create and share 3D images with a customized intensity of lighting and shadows. Designers can also define and make changes in the designs, like print placements, colour, stitches, buttons and logos.
Designers can showcase their collections digitally, thus helping them to get real and essential feedback on the style, colour and pattern of the designs before manufacturing the first physical garment. This way the software saves time and money for the designer.
The software comes with an automatic order management tool with which designers can efficiently manage multiple orders. They can even cut an order, optimize fabric usage and generate reports to view information about marker files, fabric rolls, materials, etc. There is an enhanced roll management feature with which designers can define fabric rolls in their warehouse and assign details like width, length, etc. They can create a relation between the cut order and fabric roll to improve the utilization of those rolls.
Efi-Optitex accelerates the garment creation process of the designers. It has certain inbuilt features that help designers take instant decisions, make quick changes and automate the whole process. The software also gives feedback to the designers based on the designs they have curated, which saves a lot of time and money.

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