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About Edusprint

What is EduSprint?

EduSprint is an educational ERP software for schools and colleges. This cloud-based college and school management software help in total automation of daily workflows. It fastens processes within your educational institute, such as recording attendance, managing financial records, timesheet management, admission enquiries and batch management. This school management software is a one-stop solution for managing all academic and non-academic activities of your educational institute.

EduSprint helps your staff get away with repetitive entries and makes sure the regular operations go on as usual. Using this advanced educational best ERP software, you can also manage activities related to the canteen, admin works, e-campus management, etc. 

EduSprint App for e-Campus Management

Now, you can download EduSprint app on Google Play and access all its important features to manage your school or college activities. EduSprint app can be integrated with the GPRS system, smart card, biometrics and OCRs to ensures hassle-free functioning. 

EduSprint Education Management Software Modules

EduSprint software at every stage of managing your education institute with these modules:

  1. Enquiry Management
  2. Online Fees Collection
  3. Bulk SMS System
  4. Report Card System
  5. Online/Offline Admission
  6. Student Profile
  7. Library Management System
  8. Student Attendance System
  9. Staff Attendance System
  10. Task Tracker
  11. Tally Integration
  12. Feedback Management System
  13. Payroll System
  14. Inventory & Asset Management
  15. Learning Management Solution
  16. Question Bank Generation
  17. Proxy Assignment System
  18. Canteen Management System
  19. Payment Gateway Integration with HDFC, PayUmoney, CCAvenue, etc.

Why Invest in EduSprint Education ERP Software

This education ERP software provides a diverse set of modules to make educational and non-educational processes simpler. Other unique benefits of EduSprint ERP software are: 

  1. Scalable hosting support
  2. Ensures secure authentication
  3. Provides authorization at the activity level

Advantages of EduSprint Education Software

EduSprint offers a lot of advantages for educational organizations; here are a few listed below:

  1. Hassle Free Attendance Management: Automated attendance management for teachers’ ease
  2. Online Free Collection: EduSprint makes fee collection easier with the attachment of online payment gateways
  3. Cloud-Based Subscription: The software is subscription-based that automatically includes all the updates with your subscription
  4. Easy Integrations: EduSprint makes work faster with integrations such as biometrics and smart card for attendance
  5. Student-Teacher Collaboration: It helps you boost your teacher-student engagement rate 
  6. Exam Management: Educational organizations can also use it for the correction of their answer sheets with OCR.

EduSprint Price

Please request a callback for EduSprint price, as it depends on the size of your educational institute, the number of students and customization required. 

Sold By : MICM net solutions pvt

Get Edusprint support 17 Chatting right now

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Edusprint Features

EduSprint helps establish a communication bridge between school authorities and parents for discussion. It also facilitates communication between different departments. 
Automate your admission process with EduSprint. Take all your admission forms online and assess them in the system. 
Create comprehensive student profiles to track their activities in the school. Check for their academic and extra-curricular activities. 
helps generate and share alerts and reminders for all academic and non-academic announcements. 
Create report cards of students by tracking the tests and exams taken by them during a given academic year. 
Manage your entire school’s library from a single platform. Record when the books are subscribed and returned, and create a thorough directory of the books that you have in your library. 
 With EduSprint, you can record daily attendance, and manage it in a timesheet. It can further help generate timely student attendance reports. 
Integrate devices such as biometric and smart cards to record staff attendance with no inconvenience. 
The communication module can be used to get feedback from students and other staff regarding teaching and services. 
Assess your staff’s attendance and compute their salaries with this school management software
Track the depreciation of your fixed and moving assets and manage their maintenance needs. 
Manage all your inventory items such as sports items, PCs, laptops, etc. with EduSprint’s inventory management features. 
EduSprint supports payment gateway options, such as, CCAvenue, PayUMoney, and several other payment services to improvise the fees collection process. 

Get Edusprint support17 Chatting right now

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Edusprint FAQs

A. EduSprint gives parents a login access for enquiry and other student-related communication. The software allows a two-way communication between parents and teachers to measure student’s performer.
A. EduSprint supports the functioning of all kinds of educational organizations. It includes schools, colleges, and even coaching centres. Coaching centres can also use it to design effective time tables across their multiple centres
A. EduSprint has an offline mode that entertains seamless working in the absence of internet. It automatically updates all the data on the system when internet is connected.
A. Yes, EduSprint helps in the maintenance of student profiles across multiple classes. It helps keep a better watch on their performance over years.
A. EduSprint provides SMS and email integration for curricular notifications from the system. School authorities can curate the message and deliver it to parents in real-time.

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