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About Eduplus

What is Eduplus?

Eduplus is a cloud-based school management system that aims to transform academic institutes in a digitalized manner. Users get to track and monitor several schools within a single platform in real-time. They get access to advanced security, academic modules, behavioral insights, and local analytics from time to time. Further, by using Eduplus users can integrate with multiple platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Teams and more as per their individual choice or business requirements. Admins can update the timetable of their school and students can join online classes with a single click.

In what way has Eduplus revolutionized the whole concept of online classrooms?

  1. Multi-platform Support: Eduplus is compatible with various online meeting platforms including Zoom, Teams and Google Meet, enabling schools to collaborate easily with parents and students.
  2. One-time login: With Eduplus, users need to enter their login credentials just once. After this, they are automatically logged in to all other platforms within the software.
  3. Class Recording: The school management software enables students and teachers to record online classroom sessions and share them for the future reference. 
  4. Integrated Timetable: Online classes offered by the software are synced with school timelines, enabling students to join their classes with just a single click.
  5. Intuitive Reports: Teachers and admins can keep track of students’ attendance during online classes and take adequate measures against the ones who miss it on a regular basis. 
  6. Interactive Platform: With Eduplus school management software, teachers get to interact with their students during or after live classes. This helps students clear all their doubts. 

Pricing of Eduplus

Eduplus provides its users with a single plan of ₹ 100 for a month. You can request a callback from our product expert team, who will offer you support regarding activation and license renewal.

Compatible Platforms for Eduplus

Eduplus is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows. It also has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS operated mobile devices.

What are the benefits of using Eduplus?

  1. Intuitive Notice Board: The software features a dedicated notice board where admins get to list all the relevant school-related announcements in real-time. Parents and teachers get notified about all school-related events and do the needful. 
  2. Customizable Interface: Schools can add multiple parameters and monitor them from time to time. 
  3. Smart Tracker: Schools can install sensors and track their student’s live location and take adequate measures in times of emergency. Parents also receive instant alerts when their child leaves the school premises along with expected arrival time.
  4. Upcoming Event Schedule: The software features a separate section consisting of a list of all the upcoming events in a detailed manner. It sends in reminders to the teachers, parents and admins as the date of an event comes near.

Sold By : Pinmicro

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Eduplus Features

Users can track and manage the attendance of individual students and take adequate measures against the ones who are irregular to class.
With Eduplus, school admins can install sensors within their school buses and track them while they are in transit. Parents get notified about their child’s location as well.
Eduplus supports multiple secured payment gateways, enabling parents to pay their child’s school fee using debit or credit cards, net banking or e-wallets as per their convenience.
Eduplus offers separate portals for students and parents where they get to express their thoughts, give suggestions and get notified about school-related matters.
The software provides its users with real-time analytics concerning their school business, enabling them to make adequate decisions.
Eduplus ensures the maximum amount of security by storing all school-related data over the cloud in an encrypted manner.
Admins can set up smart sensors within their school buses and track the location of each bus from time to time.
Teachers get to post the exam schedules directly on the software along with specific chapters. They can even publish the results once the exams are over.
The software stores detailed information of individual students, which can be accessed by authorized users like admins, parents or class teachers. 
The leave management system offered by the software enables parents to apply for leaves on behalf of their child.
The software enables teachers to upload homework for the students along with particular study materials.
Eduplus school management software provides its users with a dedicated app that is available on Android and iOS operated devices.
The software sends in real-time notifications to the school admins and parents regarding their child’s location, fee due date, upcoming exams and more.
Admins can create exam schedules, update them, take online exams and publish the marks scored by individual students in real-time.
Teachers get to publish the result of individual students, which can then also be downloaded by the parents as per their requirement.
With Eduplus, schools can plan out online classes for students who could not attend school for any personal or social reason.
The software helps its users to track students with infections, which helps identify them and  limit the spread of infection.
The software sends in continuous reminders to the students and teachers to maintain their personal health without fail.
The software enables its users to automate the attendance process where students are automatically marked present as soon as they enter office premises.
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Eduplus Specifications


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Eduplus FAQs

The digital school diary within Eduplus offers regular reminders about assignments, homework and other daily school-related activities.
Parents and teachers can chat with each other in real-time using the in-built chat module offered by Eduplus.
Yes, Techjockey does provide online demos for Eduplus. Please share your preferable time and date to attend the demo.
Yes, Eduplus consolidates all the marks entered by teachers and creates report cards in an automatic manner, as per the school’s syllabus board. The parents can download the report cards after they get published.
Yes, Eduplus app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

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