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Ecubix Ecp

Sold by : Value Chain Solutions


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About Ecubix Ecp

What is Ecubix ECP?

Ecubix ECP is a pharmaceutical reporting software that combines sales force automation with a powerful business intelligence backbone. This unique feature of the software makes it suitable for managing different pharmaceutical processes. The software helps its users perform their daily activities and focus on the core ones. This helps in increasing business productivity and also enhancing employee satisfaction. Ecubix ECP ensures there isn’t much manual activity done by the Administrative Department. The software efficiently designs reports, which make sure that analysis is made simpler for the management and they can make quick decisions.

How Can Your Pharmaceutical Business Benefit from Ecubix ECP?

One of the many reasons for choosing Ecubix is its pharma reporting abilities. It manages all the tasks of an organization from top to the bottom of the business hierarchy. Here’s how the software efficiently helps manage different teams:

Sales and Marketing Team

  1. Target Setting and Achievement Analysis: The software makes sure that you set specific targets at the geographical level and at the product or brand level. You can see the actual vs. target reports that reflect the performance.
  2. Team Sales Performance: For your team members who are working in the pool territories, you can evaluate their sales performance as well through this software.
  3. Employee Activity Performance: Ecubix ECP provides employee-wise coverage reports, as well as visit and missed reports to track them at field activities.

Product Management Team

  1. Brand Sales Analysis: The software helps in the contribution of different territories in brand sales. Additionally, brand-wise sales analysis can also be achieved through Ecubix ECP.
  2. Brand Penetration For Prescribers: This is essential in getting the SKU-wise prescription for obtaining insights on the insertion of specific brands in different territories.

Field Team

  1. Visibility Of Team Members Activity: The field managers can see all the actions performed by their team members. The team members can also see the joint plan made by their managers.
  2. Simple Reporting Through SMS: The inbuilt SMS reporting feature of the software makes reporting tasks easy for team members.
  3. Timely Alerts: Timely alerts provided by Ecubix ECP allow the staff to perform their daily reporting and other activities smoothly.

Pricing of Ecubix ECP

The cost of Ecubix ECP is available on request and can be totally customized. You can request a callback to know more about its pricing plans.

What are some of the key benefits of using Ecubix ECP?

Ecubix ECP is not only a pharma billing software but also provides billing facility in a distributed system. This helps you to keep a track of payments and receipts, statutory liabilities management, bulk document printing, trade accounting, and MIS reporting. Some of the key features of this system are:

  1. Both the online and offline modes are available, which makes sure that your tasks are not hampered if there isn’t any internet connectivity
  2. Bifurcation of work at all levels
  3. Detailed tracking of all transactions
  4. Analytical view for decision-making
  5. Printing and audit trail maintenance makes work easier
  6. Comprehensive reports regarding policy decisions can be made
  7. You can monitor overall business processes to increase productivity
  8. A graphical view provides insightful analytics.

Compatible OS of Ecubix ECP

The software is currently available only in the desktop version and runs exclusively on Windows.

Sold By : Value Chain Solutions

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Ecubix Ecp Features

Users can create multiple planning configurations such as team, self, city, etc. Approval is done by the management team and you can change or modify certain configurations at the time of approval and get monthly deviation reports.
One can register through multiple options and get reports for the same. You can also register gifts and samples.
Multiple options (auto/manual) are available for claim submissions and one can submit along with the supporting attachments for approval. The reports for the claims are available in downloadable formats.
Users can upload doctor-wise total business reports generated or the secondary sales made by the MRs. You can also see multiple variations of reports based on the aforementioned data.
This feature of the software is available exclusively for HO users. One can also track the movement of gifts and samples, be it dispatched or distributed.
MIS reports broadly showcases the sales vs. achievement analysis, geo and employee performance. These are completely customizable and are equipped with a drag and drop facility.
An individual can generate status reports of the activities done by the employees and also obtain hierarchy-based reports for the field managers right through Ecubix ECP.
Users can display useful announcements on employee login. You can also generate daily SMS alerts for your team members to apprise them regarding their daily/missed visit details or even send them birthday greetings. The software effectively manages documents and leaves as well.

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Ecubix Ecp FAQs

A. No, at the current moment, the software is available only in the desktop version.
A. Yes, you can get a live demo of Ecubix ECP with Techjockey at their desired time to help them get started with the software.
A. Users can track the movement of gifts and samples, including both the distributed and dispatched ones. However, this feature is exclusively available for HO users.
A. Pharmaceutical companies and stores of all sizes can use this software efficiently.
A. Yes, you can generate MIS reports to analyze sales vs. achievement, and measure geo and employee performance. These are completely customizable reports and come with a drag and drop facility.

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