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About Ecg Trade

What is ECG Trade?

ECG Trade is a stock market analysis solution that offers an intuitive chart-based guide to its users. The platform comes with all the tools necessary for making technical analysis in trading and makes the reading of charts easy with its chart guide technical charting platform. Moreover, apart from helping users with providing the tools for technical analysis, ECG Trade also educates them with the basics of marketing.

This software is applicable over a wide range of trading markets such as NSE Indian share market, MCX and NCDX commodity market, Future and Option and lastly the Currency market trade. Owing to its wide range of applications over various trading platforms, it provides the users with real-time and accurate data following the market trend.

How does ECG Trade help in maximizing trade profit?

ECG Trade helps its users by providing them adequate information about the exact entry buying and selling points as per the current market trends. By knowing the exact entry and exit, users can focus on maximizing their profits by increasing their quantity of trade during a sudden period. Moreover, ECG Trade also offers target-based predictions. 

Users also get access to predictions based on stop-loss value by using the charts and updated trading tools provided by the software. Lastly, the presence of a standard indicator in ECG Trade makes it a customizable platform as per the needs and requirements of traders who also rely on the Backfill Data. 

Pricing of ECG Trade

ECG Trade is available in four different plans:

  1. ECG Trade: Charges ₹12,000, which is a one-time installation fee and can be availed by 1user.
  2. Real-time Data NSE F&O: Charges ₹1200 per month for one user.
  3. Equity: Charges ₹1200 per month for one user.
  4. Currency: Charges ₹1200 per month for one user.

Please request a callback to connect with our sales experts for further details.

What are the benefits of using ECG Trade?

  1. Booking positional trades: By its positional trade booking feature, ECG trading assures profit maximization of its users by providing them positions over both intraday and positional trading moves.
  2. Accurate Intraday moves: Through its effective charting tools, ECG Trade provides accurate data over the market movement throughout the day, enabling its users to book their moves with proper stop-loss.
  3. Vast trading options: Being applicable over a lot of markets such as NSE Indian share market, MCX and NCDX commodity market, Future and Option and lastly the Currency market, the software has a vast number of options for different traders.
  4. Accurate and fast real-time data: With its accurate and real-time data movement, ECG Trade assures its users that they can track and enter a trade and exit it without having to face any form of losses.

Sold By : ecgtrade

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Ecg Trade Features

ECG Trade provides its users with real-time data over the market movements. These real-time movements allow users to predict the correct entry and exit point in the market.
With the online equity trading option, ECG Trade helps the users to secure trading positions in the equity market with stop loss and fixed target movements.
With its real-time facility, users can match different trading tools with the live charts and book sure profits. Real-time reports help in noticing the movements across different trading markets.
The different graphs and charts in ECG Trade help users plot and chart different movements across the available markets as per their needs and requirements.
The user-friendly UI/UX of ECG Trade offers an easy interpretation of the market movement. Moreover, the user-friendly UI of the software makes it easy for users to operate it as a trading application.
Owing to its vast platform distribution, ECG Trade accepts multi-currency. The multi-currency feature enables users to deal in more than one specific mode of payment, adding to their list of income.
The highly accurate tool and graph help in providing a more prominent result, leading to reduced risks of the users. With the accuracy in entry and exit points, it becomes more of a profitable matter for users.

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Jun 16 2020

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Ecg Trade FAQs

A. Yes, you can easily book your stop loss in a matter of clicks with ECG Trade to minimize your losses and maximize profit margins while trading.
A. ECG Trade platform provides its users with a wide variety of trading options, ranging from NSE Indian share market, MCX and NCDX commodity market, Future and Option and lastly the Currency market.
A. Yes, Techjockey does provide an online demo session for ECG Trade. You can send us a request for the same and schedule a call at a convenient date and time.
A. ECG Trade is a web-based software, users need to have a 2GB of RAM and a viable internet connection to run the application smoothly.
A. Currently, ECG Trade does not have a mobile app as of now.

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