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About EBS PharmaCist

PharmaCist is an integrated accounting and inventory control system for pharma companies that provides automated tools and features for effective management of all operations. The pharmacy software is a modular solution with holistic approach for smooth and efficient functioning of entire business. PharmaCist is an innovative solution that comes with ease of use and interactive interface. The software provides various customizable reports allowing the businesses to focus on the useful insights of the business.

Sold By : EBS Software

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EBS PharmaCist Features

Cash and Bank Book. Day Book. Journal Register. Debit & Credit Note Register. Purchase Register. Purchase Return Register. Sales Register. Sales Return Register. VAT/Sales Tax Register. Ledger. Trial Balance. Balance Sheet. Profit & Loss A/c. Trading A/c. Bank Reconciliation. Interest Calculation. Confirmation of Accounts. Multiple Branch Accounting. Cost Centre.
Customer-Product Wise Sales-Date and Month wise. Customer-Product Wise Sales-(Y2K Analysis). Company-Group Wise Sales-Date and Month wise. Company-Group Wise Sales-(Y2K Analysis). Sub-Group/Division Wise Sales-Date and Month wise. Sub-Group/Division Wise Sales-(Y2K Analysis). Company/Group Wise Sales -Date and Month wise. Company/Group Wise Sales-(Y2K Analysis). Area-Customer-Product Wise Sales-Date and Month wise. Area-Customer-Product Wise Sales-(Y2K Analysis). Product Wise Sales. Producs Wise Monthly Sales. Products Wise Monthly Sales (Y2y). Year-to-Year Product Sales. Analysis of Non-Supplied product. Projecting Sales Analysis. Graphical Analysis of Sales and Purchase. Any Last 2 years compares Sales Analysis.
Debtors & Creditors Balance Summary. Region & Sales man wise Outstanding. Aging Analysis (Bill by bill Analysis). Outstanding Reminded Letter.
Product-Group/Company-Month Wise Purchase. Division/Sub-Group-Monthly Purchase. Purchase query. Cumulative Analysis of Purchase. Company/Group Wise Purchase-Date and Month wise. Company Group Wise Purchase-(Y2K Analysis). Product Analysis of Purchase. Purchase-Product Analysis (Y2K Analysis). Supplier-Product-Division Wise Purchase Analysis. Supplier-Product-Division Wise Monthly Purchase Analysis. Supplier-Product-Division Wise Purchase Analysis(Y2k).
Company-Division-Product wise Stock Status. Product wise Stock Summary. Company-Division-Product wise Closing Stock. Order Processing against Order Label. Maximum and Minimum Label Register. Damage Stock Summary. Location wise Stock Status. Graphical Analysis of Stock Status. Location Wise Stock Summary. Slow Moving Product Stock Summary. High Value Product Stock Summary. Batch Wise Stock Summary. Batch wise Stock Summary and Closing Stock. Breakage & Expiry Stock Report. Near Expiry Reports with closing stock.
Bill Wise. Date Wise. Customer-Date Wise. Customer-Bill Wise. Customer Wise. Product Wise. Product-Division Wise. Product-Group Wise.

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Aug 24 2016

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