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About EasySol Pharma Software

What is Easysol Pharma Software?

Easysol is a retail POS software that provides simplified solutions to one’s business. It caters to the needs of chain pharmacies, distributors, chemist manufacturers, department and general stores. The product provides extensive reporting capabilities with incisive insights into the client’s business. The Purchase module of the software automatically generates purchase orders from the pending order lists of the suppliers and from the challan generated. The Sales module of Easysol Pharma software quickly generates invoices from the pending orders of the customers.

What makes Easysol pharma software ideal for managing retail operations?

Easysol pharma software is designed in such a manner that it can efficiently manage all the aspects of pharma wholesale business or warehouse activities. The software features a flexible and user-friendly interface, allows quick and easy invoice entries and maintains a complete history of each customer. It has a powerful search engine that quickly helps you to find the details of your customers or the list of medicines stored in the inventories. 

The software shows detailed reports of each customer where the user can see the total amount ordered by the customer along with the paid and the due amount. With Easysol POS software, users can send emails to their customers about order status and can even generate custom labels to provide them with special discounts and promotions.

How is Easysol pharma wholesale software different from others?

With Easysol Pharma Software, you can easily manage all the aspects of wholesale operations efficiently and quickly. The software makes sure that there are fewer chances of manual mistakes. It has a master searching feature that allows you to quickly find out customers just by searching their names, address, codes and mobile numbers. It also has an Auto Stock and Sales Mailing Scheduling feature. With the software, you can keep track of all the financial transactions taking place and maintain a balance sheet for that. The software is fully GST compliant.

Pricing of Easysol Pharma software

The pricing of Easysol pharma software is available as per the needs and demands of customers. If you want to use the services and products offered by the software, please request a call back to get a customized quote.

How does Easysol Pharma Software Help in Trading?

Easysol comes with an all-round solution for all trade-related issues. The software features some effective and high-end business-like ways to advance sales and reduce negligence in trade-related aspects. It takes care of all the products, maintains a detailed report about them on the basis of tax, reorder details and MRP settings. The suppliers payment list can also be efficiently managed with the software. 

As a user, you no longer need to worry about the billing system because the software can manage multi counter billing, perform tax calculations efficiently, record day to day cash flows and generate a detailed report on all of them. With Easysol Pharma software, you can send SMS in bulk to all your customers that can be stored and viewed later.

Sold By : EasySol

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EasySol Pharma Software Features

 The software has an auto stock and sales mailing schedule. With the software, users can easily keep an eye on the slow-moving, expired or most demanded items in the stock so that they can either return those items on time or order more.
With the software, users can perform multiple tasks related to the wholesale and distribution system with ease.
The software allows users to generate the best supplier wise orders so that they can get the best deal.
Easysol pharma software combines the features of inventory management with accounting, thereby making it easy for the shopkeeper to manage expenses, inventory and pricing.
It provides end to end solutions to all trade-related issues of pharmacy.  
With Easysol pharma software, users can conveniently generate bills and invoices for the items that are already paid and the ones which are due. They can also view bill wise and item wise gross profit while generating an invoice.
The software has a customer prescription management feature that starts sending daily reminders to the customers from four days before the due date.
The software issues daily reports for the shopkeeper so that they can keep track of their business and efficiently manage the inventories.

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EasySol Pharma Software Specifications


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EasySol Pharma Software FAQs

With the software, shopkeepers can easily track and manage inventories based on batch, company and category. They can quickly search for the expired products and the ones that are in high demand. Shopkeepers can then return those items or place more orders accordingly.
Easysol Pharma allows shopkeepers to manage daybooks, debtors and creditors. It helps generate quick and easy trial balance and also facilitates bank reconciliation.
With the software, you can easily track the slow-moving, non-moving and the highly in-demand items in your inventory. The software also generates bill, item and company-wise gross profit reports. The user can also get to view a daily checklist showing the daily purchase, sales and payment collection.
The software has the ability to manage large sums of bills in an easy and efficient manner. It has a comprehensive customer loyalty management program that can manage multiple loyalty cards in a centralized manner. It also features a strong inventory management system with high levels of compatibility to provide efficient services.
The software comes with a step by step checklist of tasks for the users which they need to get started. So whether you are a startup or any pre-existing big enterprise, Easysol Pharmacy has the perfect solution to all your problems.

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