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About E-Token Solution

What is E-Token Solution?

E-Token Solution is a token management software by Aarvi Technologies for service stations, bill payment centers, hospital clinics, banks, retail stores, and religious places. Customers and attendees can avoid standing in long queues by generating tokens from the mobile application by using E-Token Solution. 

Through E-Token Solution, companies can efficiently manage the working time of their attendees. Further, they also get a clear picture of the total number of people that are going to visit their premises on a particular day. 

This token management software also offers detailed reports about their customer services and the efficiency of the attendees from time to time.

How is the Aarvi E-Token Solution mobile app useful?

The clients of an organisation can generate e-tokens directly from the mobile app. They also get access to all necessary information including the attendee name, token number and their appointment time. 

Clients can send appointment rescheduling requests directly from the app and can even cancel their appointment in case they have any other work scheduled for the day. This token management app stores a detailed history of all past visits and also allows the organisations to send in-app notifications to their clients about newly launched services. 

Pricing of Aarvi E-Token Solution    

The pricing of E-Token Solution is available on request. You can request for a callback and our experts will connect with you at your convenient time.

Compatible platforms for Aarvi E-Token Solution

E-Token Solution is a web-based solution that can be accessed from any compatible web browser. It has two types of mobile apps:  for Android and iOS devices. 

Benefits of using Aarvi E-Token Solution

  1. Attendee Management - Admins of an organization can plan out schedules for their attendees, record their working hours, process payrolls, leaves taken and daily performances in an accurate manner. 
  2. Visitor Management - With E-Token Solution’s intuitive visitor management system, admins can manage all visitor related details, generate tokens for them, mark their arrival and departure time, cancel the tokens or mark them as completed at the end of the day.  
  3. CMS Section - You can manage information displays about your store and attendees within the mobile application. You can also manage store-related pages and your categories in an intuitive manner.
  4. Administration - Admins can assign user-based access rights to their attendees, ensuring proper safety and data management.

Sold By : Aarvi Technology

Get E-Token Solution support 20 Chatting right now

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E-Token Solution Features

Clients can pre book their online appointments by generating e-tokens from the web page of E-Token Solution or by using its mobile app.
Clients get to view the name of their attendee before they reach the store, bank or hospital as per their scheduled appointment.
E-Token Solution allows the clients to cancel their appointment through the mobile app.
This token management software enables you to track and view the history of past visits to the store by any particular customer.
With the help of E-Token Solution’s mobile app, clients can verify the status of their token (pending or confirmed), exact visiting time, attendee name and date.
Clients can view the status of current appointments within the web page or mobile app of E-Token Solutions and manage their time in an efficient manner.
Admins get to view complete details about their visitor the moment a token gets generated by them. Organizations can use the details to offer better services to their visitors.
Attendees can mark the visitors “as arrived” from the attendee mobile app and record their arrival time.
By using the attendee mobile app of E-Token Solution, attendees can view the entire list of pending visitors for the current day and manage bookings for the next day accordingly.
Organizations can monitor the attendance of their employees on a monthly basis and process their payroll in accordance with it.
E-Token Solution enables to manage the visitors efficiently to avoid overcrowding and congestion in the store.
The software enables you to schedule appointments as per the requirement of your visitors.
By using Aarvi E-Token Solution, owners get to know the exact number of guests arriving at their store from the number of generated tokens and prepare the store accordingly.
E-Token Solution features a friendly user interface, enabling non-tech people to be more productive.
E-Token Solution can be used by multiple users within an organization. Admins can also assign role-based access rights to their attendees.
Organisations can send product or service-related in-app notifications and alerts to their customers at regular intervals.
E-Token Solution offers detailed reports on visitors, attendee performance and leaves taken by them.
You can store your important data with proper encryption and access them any time as per your convenience.

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E-Token Solution Specifications


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E-Token Solution FAQs

The intuitive reports offered by E-Token Solution displays a complete history of visitors, attendee’s performance, attendance and monthly work schedule.
Admins or departmental managers of an organization can communicate with their attendees and visitors via SMS and Email, notify the attendees about their daily schedules and send in information about newly launched services to the visitors.
Yes, you can request an online demo of E-Token Solution. Our product experts will get back to you.
Yes, the software enables you to manage the schedules of their attendees in an efficient manner.
Yes, Aarvi E-Token Solution has two types of mobile apps where one is for the clients and the other for the attendees. Both are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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