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DrillBit Plagiarism Check

by : DrillBit

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DrillBit Plagiarism Check logo

DrillBit Plagiarism Check

by : DrillBit

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Brand: DrillBit

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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DrillBit Plagiarism Check Software Overview

What is DrillBit Plagiarism Checker?

DrillBit Plagiarism Checker Software is one of the best anti-plagiarism solutions available in the market. This plagiarism software is designed to reduce the duplication and plagiarism in research and dissertation papers. It checks for the duplicity of the content with online sources and generates results quickly and efficiently. 

DrillBit Plagiarism Checker supports zip file for quicker checking, along with that it also supports different formats like PDF, doc, docx, txt, HTML, PPT, etc. It provides source links for the plagiarized content simultaneously for comprehensive checking. Numerous colleges across India use this plagiarism checking software for their regular copy checking work. 

What features does the DrillBit Plagiarism Checker offer? 

DrillBit Plagiarism Checker offers beneficial features to ease and quicken the process of checking for copying; here are a few features listed below for better comprehension:

  1. Repository for Universities
  2. Modified Alpha-Numeric Detection 
  3. Erroneous Word Detection 
  4. E-mail Notifications
  5. Summary Reports for Checking
  6. Content Tracking in Real-Time for Checking 
  7. Centralized Admin Panel Monitoring
  8.  Website Integration 
  9. Selective exclusion of sources (for citation consideration)
  10. Option to Exclude Only Similarity Percentage
  11. Automated Grading System 

What is the price of the DrillBit Plagiarism Checker? 

DrillBit Plagiarism Checker is available in three different plans: DrillBit, DrillBit Ref, and DrillBit Extreme. For inquiries about the pricing and details, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you shortly. 

DrillBit Plagiarism Check Features

  • Multi Language Support DrillBit Plagiarism Checker offers support for multiple Indian languages. 
  • Language Translator  The software has a translator that helps in translating from one language to any regional language of choice.
  • Spell Checker The software automatically checks for spelling errors and provides corrections. 
  • Punctuation Checker DrillBit performs a thorough check-up on the content and identifies punctuational errors. 
  • Analytics & Reporting This plagiarism checking software produces a comprehensive report of the plagiarism checking done throughout the day. 
  • Repository Universities can create a repository of research papers of their institute. The software automatically checks for plagiarism from
  • Multi File Format Support DrillBit Plagiarism Checker supports multiple formats like ppt, doc, docx, PDF, etc.
  • Reports Generation The generates reports for all the plagiarism related work performed in a timespan. 
  • Dashboard The dashboard provides access to all the features of the software. 
  • Multi-browser Support DrillBit can be accessed through any web browser of choice.
  • Modifiers And Add-ons The software offers sentence modifiers and several add-ons for enhanced content writing and plagiarism checking. 
  • Wide network coverage The software checks for plagiarism through a wide range of sources from the internet. 
  • Feedback Users can provide feedback for the papers checked for plagiarism and grade them in the system. 
  • Integration capabilities Organizations can integrate this plagiarism checking software with their ongoing APIs and websites for seamless working.
  • Paper auto-grading As mentioned above, the software is capable of correcting papers based on linguistic accuracy. (like tense, punctuation,

DrillBit Plagiarism Check Plans & Pricing

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DrillBit Plagiarism Check Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • Education, Media House
  • School/Colleges
  • English

DrillBit Plagiarism Check Reviews


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Overall Score
Based on 3 Reviews
Features 4.5/5
Value for Money 4.2/5
Ease of Use 4.5/5
Customer Support 4.3/5
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Bimal Sharma


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“totally satisfied with the service”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Oct 23, 2018




Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“Professsional and helpful”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Oct 16, 2018


Olena Pashnina


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“Accurate plagiarism software”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Mar 25, 2019

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DrillBit Plagiarism Check

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DrillBit Plagiarism Check FAQ

Q. Q.1. How to add Sub-User in DrillBit Plagiarism Checker? Who is Admin / Who is Sub-user? arrow

A. Sub User is created by Admin user of that particular university. Admin user is created by Team DrillBit Plagiarism Checker on registration. So admin user does have all the privileges on that account and has the hold on sub-users he/she creates. Sub-user has limited access to few restricted actions on the account.

Q. Q.2. What is Message Box? arrow

A. Message box has all notifications and important information about your account and subscriptions. When an Assignment is created and if it empty (i.e. with no files to check for plagiarism) , that empty assignment will be deleted in 30 days. It is deleted frequently to reduce ambiguity and to avoid the long display of assignments on the home page when of no use.

Q. Q.3. What do all options in DrillBit Plagiarism Checker I get with each Assignment? arrow

A. The newly created assignment is displayed on your homepage. There you have the option to select that item, when u do it, it takes to page with 3 major visible buttons as shown below. With each button functioning differently select the desired option. Result box takes you where all the results of that assignment are listed. Submit new file option if you want to submit a paper to check plagiarism. Delete assignment is to delete that assignment permanently, this is possible only if that assignment is empty.

Q. Q.4. What are the system requirements for DrillBit Plagiarism Checker? arrow

A. Here are the system requirement for DrillBit Plagiarism Checker for optimum service: - Basic Hardware Requirements 1. RAM: 1 GB or more 2. Display: 1024*768 or higher 3. Broadband Internet Connection 4. JavaScript Enabled - Operating Systems 1. Windows 7 or later 2. Mac OS X Intel v10.7+, El Capitan 10.11 - Browser Requirements 1. Firefox – 78+ 2. Chrome – 45+ 3. Safari – 9.1 mm+ 4. Internet Explorer – 11 or more}

Q. Q.5. Can I exclude sources? arrow

A. The software offers an “Exclude Source” feature to remove or block specific sources.

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