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Doctor Sahab

Sold by : Truworth Health Technologies


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About Doctor Sahab

What is Doctor Sahab?

Doctor Sahab is a medical practice management software that helps in the efficient management of a clinic. This platform comes with the best-in-class features, which help users handle the work-flow in a smarter way by putting together data management effectively. This practice management software also keeps a note of all the activities that are extremely vital for the smooth functioning of any given clinic. This platform is helpful for doctors and other health professionals, as it looks after their individual needs and allows modifications according to their preferences and field of expertise.

How Effective is Doctor Sahab?

This platform enables the registration of patients under 30-seconds and hence improves the efficiency of your staff. By providing auto-generated registration numbers, the software keeps a note on the patients that visit the clinic and also maintains their treatment history. By quickly searching for patient records with its programmed parameters, Doctor Sahab saves the patients from the trouble of introducing themselves or getting registered to the clinic again. Doctor Sahab also provides an Age-Wise analysis report that helps the doctors and other medical practitioners with correct diagnosis.

Pricing of Doctor Sahab 

The pricing of Doctor Sahab depends upon the requirements of your business. The plans are classified as below:

  1. Basic: The one-time price for the Basic plan is INR 3100 per license.
  2. Elite: The one-time cost for the Elite plan is INR 5100 per license.
  3. Premium: The one-time charge for the Elite plan is INR 7100 per license.

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How is Doctor Sahab Different?

Doctor Sahab looks after the billing and pharmaceutical stocks in a given clinic and saves the comprehensive database for the available drugs in the clinic. It allows faster check-out at the medical store as it contains a filter to search the available drugs by brand name, generic name or free-text search. This practice management software also helps with managing sales challan, billing, and sales return. As it enables an easy search over previous transactions, people can go through the past bills at the time of tax filing. This platform also provides the clinic with daily sales and purchase reports.

Sold By : Truworth Health Technologies

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Doctor Sahab Features

Doctor Sahab helps the doctors in managing their patients effectively and maintaining a record of the past diagnosis.
The platform keeps a note of the services availed by patients and bills them accordingly, easing the work of the other staff in the clinic.
Doctor Sahab enables time tracking of the clinic staff, resulting in higher efficiency.
The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) feature of the software helps maintain all patient records electronically.
 This software helps in the successful management of clients by providing them with SMS and email reminders and notifications.
Doctor Sahab also looks after the email management of the clinic and manages the automated replies that are to be sent to customers.
The patient portal feature ensures that the patients are taken care of properly and their queries are being addressed.
With its physician scheduling feature, this platform manages the availability of physicians and patients can book appointment accordingly.
With the patient record management feature, this application keeps a tab on the new and old patients of the clinic.
As a cloud-based deployment system, this platform can be used to serve multiple branches and chain stores across different locations.

Get Doctor Sahab support27 Chatting right now

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Doctor Sahab Specifications


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Doctor Sahab FAQs

Yes, being a cloud-based deployment platform, Doctor Sahab helps users manage patient records across clinics located at different locations.
Yes, Doctor Sahab enables time tracking of the tasks performed by your clinic staff, helping doctors focus on the treatment of patients.
Yes, this software enables the ease in handling of your patients as it keeps a record of their checkup histories electronically.
Yes, the software ensures strict security measures to protect your data and makes sure that it is out of reach of any third party. This not only protects you from a data breach but also safeguards the confidential information of your patients.
No, Doctor Sahab accepts a one-time payment and provides the user with a license to operate the software. The license, however, is based on the plans the user selects as per his/her requirements.

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