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DeskTrack Employee Monitoring

by : DeskTrack

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DeskTrack Employee Monitoring

by : DeskTrack

Starting Price ₹350
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Brand: DeskTrack

Type: Software

Operating System: Ubuntu, Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS

Free Trial Available: No

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DeskTrack Employee Monitoring Software Overview

What is DeskTrack Employee Tracking? 

DeskTrack Employee Tracking is a time tracker software for employees. It allows companies to analyse inefficient practices of the employees and assist them in improving their working habits. The software helps in automated tracking of the employees’ PC usage without any personal intervention. It offers detailed record of actual hours spent by the employee on each activity. It categorizes time calculation in these categories: 

  1. Total time spent on the desktop 
  2. Idle time 
  3. Meeting hours 
  4. Projects 

This software calculates the productive time of employee by highlighting the usage of important applications, browsers activities, project files, and tasks. Managers can create a list of applications and key words to identify any employee. This time tracking software for employees has an intuitive interface for managers and monitoring teams. It shows the details of all the employees in a single page layout. 

How does Legalpro module of DeskTrack Time Tracking Software help organizations? 

DeskTrack Employee Tracking’s Legalpro module helps organizations to measure the time spent on each case for clients. Business owners can set their per hour rates and bill their clients accordingly. The time is tracked automatically, and the entire report is recorded in the solution for managerial access and evidence. Plus, managers can schedule certain cases and set reminders for appointments to make sure no important detail is missed. 

This feature is quite useful for law agencies that manage hundreds of cases in a day to streamline their revenue model and their employees’ working capacity. Another key benefit of using DeskTrack employee tracking software is that it can be integrated with existing accounting solutions for invoicing, financial management, etc. 

What are the features offered by DeskTrack stealth employee tracking software? 

Here are some key features offered by DeskTrack employee tracking system

  1. Automatic time tracking 
  2. Productive time calculation
  3. Activity logger for desktops 
  4. Tracking application usage 
  5. URL usage tracking 
  6. Path and title tracking 
  7. Desktop screenshots 

What is the price of DeskTrack Time Tracking Software for Business? 

DeskTrack Employee Tracking price starts at Rs. 350 per employee per month. Discount applicable for bulk purchase. Please request call for further information.

DeskTrack Employee Monitoring Features

  • Employee Monitoring The software offers employee monitoring features for boosting the productivity and engagement of the workforce during office
  • Time Tracking It comprehensively tracks the amount of time spent by the individual employee on different applications, files, and websites to
  • Employee Productivity Monitoring This time tracking software allows managers to enlist files, applications that are essential for work and track their
  • Work From Home Monitoring The application also helps organizations monitor their employees who are working from home.
  • Application Tracking The software helps track the usage of every individual application in the employees’ PC.
  • URL Tracking DeskTrack Employee Tracking Software tracks the browser usage of employees during the office hours. It tracks the websites on
  • Remote Team Management Your team members can be easily managed through remote management features, even when they are working from remote locations.
  • Alerts & Notifications This time tracking software sends automated alerts to the managers in case employees access any unauthorized website or share
  • Multi-User DeskTrack Employee Tracking Software offers a multi-user interface for several users to manage the monitoring task.
  • Screenshots The software takes instant screenshot of any unauthorized task performed by employee for the reference.
  • Project and Task Time Tracking Organizations that bill their client on an hourly basis can use this software to track billable hours effectively.
  • Meeting Hours Calculation This time tracking software also records the time employees spend on meetings for an accurate productivity assessment.
  • Desktop Monitoring Organizations can monitor the employee’s desktop from remote location.

DeskTrack Employee Monitoring Plans & Pricing

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DeskTrack Employee Monitoring Gallery

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Employee Monitoring
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DeskTrack Employee Monitoring Specifications

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  • Ubuntu Windows iOS Android MacOS
  • DesktopMobile
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

DeskTrack Employee Monitoring Reviews

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User, IT Manager, Decision Maker
29, Sep 2020
star star star star star 5/ 5
Excellent product
All the required features were displayed with what unwanted browsing users are doing.
Ashok Chaudhary
11, Sep 2020
star star star star star 5/ 5
Ashok Chaudhary-Intec
This is very supportable software, as user tacking , daily user working report. login logout report.

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DeskTrack Employee Monitoring FAQ

Q. Is there any DeskTrack employee tracking app? arrow

A. Yes, DeskTrack has a mobile application for both Android and iPhone platforms.

Q. What are the system requirements for DeskTrack Employee Tracking? arrow

A. DeskTrack employee tracking software is a web-application that can be easily accessed through an internet browser.

Q. Is it ethical to use DeskTrack Employee Tracking software? arrow

A. Yes, DeskTrack Employee Tracking Software requires employee’s authorization for installation.

Q. Where does DeskTrack save the files? arrow

A. DeskTrack Employee tracking software has an in-built cloud storage support to save all the tracking data of the employees.

Q. How to get a demo for DeskTrack? arrow

A. Please request a call to schedule the demo for DeskTrack time tracking software. Our sales professionals will contact you with the demo.

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