Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array

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About Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array

What is Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array?

Dell EMC SC5020 is a midrange storage array that comes with a wide range of self-optimising HDD, SSD or hybrid configuration options. The device is designed with a modern architecture that offers a cost-effective and high-performance solution for multiple and combined application environments. Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array optimises the user’s data centres for cutting down on the costs, while at the same time delivering a high-quality transformational HDD, SDD or composite performance.

Why Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array?

Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array is known for providing a powerful performance, having dual 8-core processors from Intel, along with greater storage capacity having 12GB SAS backend. The device even has multiple expansion enclosures, which enable users to scale more than 2PB (petabyte) per array. This storage configuration system even has large scale-out potentials in multi-array solutions. The best part is that in spite of having such lower primary and lifecycle costs, Dell EMC SC5020 comes with all the advanced tools as well as integrations that one expects from a storage array to grow one’s business.

Technical Specifications of Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array

  1. Form factor: 3U
  2. CPUs: Intel Xeon, E5-2630 v3, 8 cores, 2.4GHz
  3. OS: Dell Storage Center OS 7.2 or higher
  4. Controllers: 2 hot-swappable for each chassis
  5. Memory: 128GB per SC5020 array (equivalent to 64GB per controller)
  6. Bays: 30 x 2.5”
  7. Max raw capacity: 2PB per array
  8. Max drive count: 222 (30 internal + 192 external)
  9. Operating temperature: 50 – 95°F (= 10 – 35°C)
  10. Operating humidity ranges: 10% to 80% with a maximum dew point of 29°C
  11. Wattage: 2 hot-swappable power supplies of 1485W each. Supports a maximum power of 1485W.
  12. Frequency: 50/60Hz
  13. Voltage: 200-240 VAC
  14. Product dimensions: 13.33 cm x 44.5 cm x 78.5 cm

Pricing of Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array

The price of Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array is available on request, depending on the requirements of the user. If you are interested, do give us a callback request, and we will get back to you with more updates and detailed information.

Benefits of Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array

  1. Deduplication and Compression: This device considerably reduces the raw capacity that is required to store your essential data.
  2. Data Progression: With Dell EMC SC5020, you can fulfil your IOPS goals by using affordable storage media, even when the performance requires improvements.
  3. RAID tiering: This storage array from Dell helps eliminate tiresome manual provisioning, by increasing efficiency and making way for the maximised utilisation.
  4. Persistent Software Licensing: Using Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array, you can futureproof all your investments, thereby minimising the storage upgrade and expansion costs.
  5. Federation: You can simplify all your multi-array environments using instant and seamless data movement operations. The device also offers proactive load managing and balancing assistance through Live Migrate along with Volume Advisor.
  6. ProSupport Services: Dell EMC SC5020 enables users to reduce their deployment costs along with all the remote installation options, thus ensuring that their projects go successfully the very first time.

Sold By : Dell

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Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array Features

Dell EMC SC5020 requires a wattage of 2 hot-swappable power supplies - both the 1485W or 1378W options are available. Further, it requires a Voltage of 200-240 VAC, Amperage of 1485/100-14A or 1485/240-6.2A, and a Frequency of 50/60Hz.
Physical dimension of the product is 13.33 cm x 44.5 cm x 78.5 cm (or 5.25 in x 17.52 in x 30.9 in).
The device comes with front-end network protocols like iSCSI, FC and SAS, which has support for simultaneous multiprotocol. Back-end expansion protocols include 12GB SAS.
The device requires an operating system of Dell Storage Center OS, that is, SCOS 7.2 or higher.
Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array is functional in an operating temperature range of 50 – 95°F and a non-operating temperature range of -40 – 149°F. Besides, it can operate in an operating humidity range of 10% to 80%, having a maximum dew point of 29°C. While the non-operating humidity range is 5% to 95% with a maximum dew point of 33°C.
The form factor of Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array is 3U, which provides a better performance than the previous 2U.
This storage array runs on an efficient Intel Xeon Processor - model name E5-2630 v3. Moreover, the device works smoothly in an 8 core 2.4GHz processor.
Dell EMC SC5020 requires 2 hot-swappable controllers per chassis (with both of them active).
The maximum drive count for Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array is 222, in which 30 are internal and 192 are external. The drives are more efficiently functional in federated systems.

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Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array Specifications


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Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array FAQs

The Dell Storage Manager ensures an intuitive control as well as the monitoring of one or more systems. It is clubbed with powerful and robust features such as multi-hop replication, QoS, departmental “chargeback”, VVols support and more.
Yes, the Dell EMC SC5020 comes with a data-at-rest encryption solution that has support for optional FIPS 140-2 certified SEDs (self-encrypting drives). Other encryption options include auto-lock systems on power down and even on the removal of the device.
The supported ecosystems in Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array are ViPR, PowerPath, VPLEX, Connectrix, RecoverPoint, Data Domain, among others.
Dell EMC SC5020 has a broad range of third-party integrations, including VMware, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, OpenStack, VERITAS, CommVault, Foglight and many more.
Yes, Techjockey offers an online demo for Dell EMC SC5020 Storage Array to help you have a better understanding of how the product can be beneficial for your business. To receive an online demo session, you can drop us a request today.

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