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What is CRMNEXT?

CRMNEXT is a customer management relationship software that helps you boost your customer interactivity.  It empowers your workforce with intelligent insights to act on your customer’s inactivity. CRMNEXT provides exquisite modules for sales, services, and marketing to focus on each of these activities separately and intuitively. 
CRMNEXT accelerates your customer relationship activities with a cross-seller modeler that incorporates machine learning, that runs intelligent algorithms to produce smart, personalized offers. Integrate third-party APIs in real-time or in batches over the course of time without any coding.
CRMNEXT offers you next-gen that caters to your businesses. It provides hugely business-specific tools instead of the generalized toolset that works for every business shakily. 

Features of CRMNEXT

  1. Business Specific Tools: CRMNEXT offers you extremely business-specific tools, that help you increase your business efficacity. It enables you to reduce costs by removing the features that are not necessary for your operations. CRMNEXT offers separate offers for Retail, corporate banking, insurance firms, pharmaceuticals, et cetera. It provides you business solutions that you need
  2. Algorithm-Based Planning: Get predictive results with the CRMNEXT catalyst performance modeler. Set targets by factoring in all the parameters, and the system will give you the probability of the outcomes with ease. Its machine learning includes results based on roles, products, channels, revenue generation, et cetera. 
  3. Customer Experience: Provide instant fulfillment to your customers in real-time. It gives your employees a digitalized experience with exquisite features such as drag and drop, customizable system, and role-based access to your employees so it creates a proper of chain command throughout the organization. 
  4. Decision Engine: Create intelligent customer walkthroughs with complex computations in tandem with business rules using a straightforward, intuitive visual designer. Customers get access to start and complete buying and servicing walkthrough at their convenience.

Price of CRMNEXT 

CRMNEXT is available in three different packages; they are: 

  1. SoHo – Rs. 990 per moth
  2. SMB – Rs. 2310 per year
  3. Enterprise – Rs. 4290 per year


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CRMNEXT Features

A great integration is defined as having zero coding efforts and easy to maintain. Autonoma Integration Designer™ brings together data from disparate applications under a single screen, no matter how complex the IT architecture is. This reduces a time required for creating integration touchpoints by as much as 70% resulting in enormous savings.
Customers are tired of receiving out-of- context, irrelevant marketing communication. In an age where brands across industries are battling each other for mindshare, it becomes critical for you to execute laser-targeted, high-impact, insight-driven campaigns along with personalized messaging across all touchpoints.
Enterprise data is among the most valuable resources available to business. But it’s no good if it’s not put to use. Now you can rapidly pull information from the most complex data sources, transform it into usable, actionable, drilled-down insights, and view them in a format of your choice. One significant pain point for a lot of businesses is making sure team members get actionable reports when they enter office. Creating different presentations of the same data and filtering information depending on roles can be arduous when we’re talking thousands of employees. Our Sonic Blast report distribution system
Business moves at the speed of light. New ideas and new companies pop-up overnight to compete with your business. How can you stay agile enough to innovate and swiftly respond to changing consumer preferences and increasing competition? CRMNEXT gives you the tools to create zero touch, end-to-end, instant gratification customer journeys powered by agile visual process designer that seamlessly integrates front-end UI design with backend systems.

Get CRMNEXT support31 Chatting right now

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CRMNEXT Specifications


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A. CRMNEXT is available for trial and a demo. To avail any of the two please request a call and our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.
A. CRMNEXT can be used by a numerous organizations such as banks, retails, insurance, securities, automobile, and many others.
A. CRMNEXT works for both iPhones and Androids. You can find the mobile app in your respective smartphone’s app store.
A. CRMNEXT is a web-based software that can be accessed through the web browser. Hence, there are no mandatory system requirements.

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