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About Contractors Cloud

What is Contractors Cloud? 

Contractors Cloud is a construction ERP software. The software assists construction contractors in the management of their daily workflow by automation. Contractors Cloud facilitates better communication among workers. It provides accessibility at any place and at any time. Construction companies managing extensive scale work can benefit significantly with this software. 

What features does Contractors Cloud?

Contractors Cloud consists of numerous features that prove beneficial in daily construction work. Here are a few listed below for better acknowledgment: 

  1. Service & Training
  2. Automation
  3. Customization 
  4. Communication 
  5. Reporting 
  6. Integration
  7. Data Management 
  8. Production Management 
  9. Sales Management 
  10. Financial Accounting 
  11. Quick Action Buttons
  12. Project Management 
  13. Check and limiting overdue tasks 
  14. Recording Projects
  15. Scheduling

What is the price of Contractors Cloud?

Contractors Cloud is available in four separate packages; these are: 

  1. Basic – Rs. 3600/- or less per month per user (Activation Charge Rs. 69000/-)
  2. Achiever – Rs. 4400/- or less per month per user (Activation Charge Rs. 65000/-)
  3. Tycoon – Rs. 5100/- or less month per user (Activation Charge Rs. 62000/-) 
  4. Success – Rs. 5800/- or less month per user (Activation Charge Rs. 58000/-) 

For more information, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you soon. 

Sold By : ThinkUp Technologies

Get Contractors Cloud support 26 Chatting right now

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Contractors Cloud Features

The software facilitates improvised communication with your clients. You can use it for referral marketing campaigns. 
Construction firm owners can utilize a vast number of integration tools in Contractors Cloud for quick and efficient bookkeeping and tax management. 
This construction ERP management software creates a comprehensive list of all the employees along with their designation.
Handle contractual teams seamlessly with Contractors Cloud. It supervises how many contractual organizations are used at any given time. In addition to that, it also assists in managing their daily progress.
Construction company owners can manage re-orders from older customers for quicker service delivery. 

Get Contractors Cloud support26 Chatting right now

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Contractors Cloud Specifications


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Contractors Cloud FAQs

Contractors Cloud is a web-based application that is accessed through a web browser. Hence, there are no mandatory system requirements to run Contractors Cloud efficiently.
Yes, our team provides required demos for an easy start on Contractors Cloud. It does not include any extra cost and is covered with your purchase.
Contractors Cloud has a demo service that you can get at any time. Please request a call and our sales team will contact you with the demo.
Contractors Cloud’s vendor portal provides access to work orders, produce invoices. It also helps upload images & files and send updates when production is complete.

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