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About ClickSend

What is ClickSend? 

ClickSend is a bulk SMS sending software. This software also consists of business-specific modules for MMS, email, fax, etc. It synchronizes all lines of communication and can be utilized as a useful marketing tool. ClickSend Bulk Message sending software offers a detailed reporting and analysis feature. The reporting and analysis function helps with details about how many people have opened the text, the conversion rate, and much more. 

ClickSend bulk text sending software also facilitates integration with the ongoing APIs of the organization. ClickSend bulk message sender can further integrate with apps like Salesforce, IFTTT, Zapier, Zoho, Shopify, Slack, among many others. This bulk SMS software is a business tool to manage communication gateways with utter proficiency. 

What are the system requirements for ClickSend? 

ClickSend bulk SMS software is a web application, and it is accessed via internet browsers. Therefore, there are no necessary hardware & software requirement to run the software smoothly.

Is there a ClickSend mobile app? 

ClickSend bulk SMS sending software has mobile app services for both Android and iPhone. Users can also use the mobile app along with the software.

What features does ClickSend offer? 

Here are a few features of ClickSend bulk SMS sender for a better acquaintance with the software:

  1. Bulk SMS sending with customization
  2. Email to SMS
  3. Global Coverage
  4. SMS Gateway API 
  5. Email Gateway
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Transactional Email API 
  8. Online Text to Speech 
  9. Email to Text to Speech 
  10. Voice Command APIs
  11. Document Management

What is the price of the ClickSend offer? 

ClickSend bulk message sending software price starts from Rs. 0.71/- per text message. The price of the software varies based on modules required by the user. Please request a call for further inquiries regarding the product. Our sales team will contact you shortly. 

Sold By : clicksend

Get ClickSend support 28 Chatting right now

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ClickSend Features

Get detailed information about customer responses to the text messages in real-time. The bulk SMS software also provides deep insights on the conversion rate from lead to the potential customer. 
ClickSend allows organizations to connect with customers globally and delivers texts quickly. 
ClickSend bulk SMS software enables 100% SLA guarantee. 
This feature can be utilized to organize and supervise email campaigns. It even assists in important data collection through surveys, data uploading, subscription management, etc.

Get ClickSend support28 Chatting right now

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ClickSend Specifications


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ClickSend FAQs

ClickSend allows short code messaging to send high volume messages across the globe.
Yes, you can use single license of ClickSend bulk message sender for several companies.
ClickSend only saves the message history for 4 months.
ClickSend can import up to 20,000 contacts in one go. If you wish to import more than that, you will have to divide your contacts and import them in segments.
You can see all the replies in the history/reporting section in menu. You will also get notifications regarding replies in your email.

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