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About Ceipal Talenthire

What is Ceipal Talenthire?

Ceipal Talenthire is a recruitment agency software that provides a completely scalable and fully integrated applicant tracking system. It offers better value in recruitment, helps in the selection of better candidates and more hiring. You can easily identify vacancies, source and screen candidates, place and onboard them digitally through its fully integrated applicant tracking system.  

The software has integration with over 25 VMS portals, social media sites and around 30+ job boards. One can automatically post jobs, screen reviews, get notifications and do more with Ceipal Talenthire. Users can interact with clients and perform other HR-related operations through this app. 

How can You Post Jobs with Ceipal Talenthire? 

You can post a job to over 25 job boards and social media channels through Ceipal Talenthire. This helps in selecting the best candidates from a wide pool of connections. One can allocate the credits for job listings to control who can post them. You can also update relevant jobs on Dice at preset intervals to keep the listings visible for easy finding. Users can send back the applications that meet their prescribed criteria from job boards directly to the platform. This helps in effective management of the job posting and candidate sourcing. 

What is Mass Email Distribution in Ceipal Talenthire? 

Mass email distribution is a type of potential candidate spotting. Ceipal Talenthire enables users to send bulk emails to potential candidates within a few clicks. You can send scheduled and personalized emails and integrate them seamlessly with Outlook, Gmail, etc. Features like email cleanup and validation ensure maximum deliverability. Users can create custom templates for better outreach. They can view details of those candidates who have unsubscribed or the emails that have bounced back or remained undelivered. 

Pricing of Ceipal Talenthire 

The software comes for Rs. 8,208/- per month. 

How can one perform eBoarding with Ceipal Talenthire? 

To enhance candidates’ experience, the software comes equipped with an eBoarding feature. It allows the selected candidates to submit their documents digitally and place eSignatures. Ceipal Talenthire even enables users to convert PDFs and DOCs into eForms. This saves a lot of time and unnecessary hassles. You can unify and streamline the onboarding process and easily track hiring operations through the centralized eBoarding system of the software. One receives notifications and alerts whenever candidates complete forms or initiate questions. This enables a customized hiring process that not only saves time but also enriches the employee experience. 

Sold By : CEIPAL Corp

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Ceipal Talenthire Features

The software allows one to get more leads with centralized communication and robust reporting.
 HRs can search, screen and select candidates through a customized applicant workflow.
You can capture any resume from the internet with Windows and Chrome plug-ins.
The software integrates with 25+ social media sites to reach out to more candidates.
The software has an AI-powered candidate sourcing feature, which reduces the time recruiters spend in reading resumes. Additionally, right from job posting to candidate onboarding, everything is managed through the software.
You can conduct interviews digitally through Ceipal Talenthire. It lets you add, delete and view candidates and perform other hiring tasks.
Self-service portal of the software enables employers and employees to use and access recruitment data.
Users can perform an evaluation of the employee’s overall performance through this software to decide upon the appraisal percentages.
This feature lets users manage and develop skill sets of employees and chalk out their strengths and weaknesses accordingly.
You can digitally chart an employee’s journey in the company and the role played by an HR in optimizing the progress.
One can manage candidates from a wide pool of networks and ensure that the best candidate gets selected. E-boarding and placements can also be done through the app.  
Training Management: You can conduct internal training sessions for enhancing the skills of your selected candidates and track their progress, along with monitoring the outcome of such sessions.

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Ceipal Talenthire Specifications


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Ceipal Talenthire FAQs

The software can be integrated with over 25 social media sites to pool candidates from there.
Candidates can submit their necessary documents digitally and place eSignatures wherever required, thus saving time and hassles.
Recruiters can search, screen and select the right candidates by using the applicant workflow functionality of Ceipal Talenthire.
The mass email distribution feature of the software lets you know who has unsubscribed from the mailing list. You can even track the ones which remained undelivered or which have bounced back.
HRs can capture any resume from the internet with Windows and Chrome plug-ins of Ceipal Talenthire.

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