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About CallSource

What is CallSource?

CallSource is a call recording software that is used to measure the performance of sales and marketing calls of call center companies or departments. The software comes inbuilt with performance coaching for the sales reps and customer support teams. It also has an advanced technology platform and highly responsive customer service, aimed at the growth of your business. This call recording tool enables support teams to address customer queries satisfactorily. Some of the unique features of CallSource software are:

  1. Reputation Management
  2. Performance Management
  3. Digital Management
  4. Vanity Phone Numbers

It provides data for your customer care business to solve or strategize problems and provides insightful analytics to benchmark your progress against industry standards so that you can continually strive for betterment. The software ensures 99.9% uptime; thus it is completely reliable.

What is CallSource Hearing and How it Works?

CallSource Hearing predominantly serves as a tool for attracting more patients to your ENT clinic. This solution of CallSource helps people hear better and also assists doctors in making precise decisions. Some of the key features of this solution are:

  1. Get Rid of Advertising: The software allows doctors to focus exclusively on diagnosing symptoms, without worrying about advertising, which is handled by the CallSource data.
  2. See What’s Working: The advanced technology of CallSource visually shows users the places where their advertisements are working and where they aren’t through its interactive dashboard on a periodic basis. This helps users make small adjustments that lead to greater revenue.
  3. ROI Comparison: The software compares data from over a number of audiology practices to improve your ROI.
  4. Little Coaching: The executives at CallSource listen to the recorded incoming calls if needed, to improve the call handling skills of your office staff and improve their performance over time.
  5. Business Advice: CallSource provides its own business advisors so that you can improve your audiology practices and increase ROI.

Pricing of CallSource

The pricing of CallSource is available as per your business needs. Feel free to contact us through the “request a callback” option on our website. 

How does CallSource help in Call Coaching?

Call Coaching gives call handlers in a contact center organization the necessary tools and support needed to improve the call conversion rates. CallSource offers data-driven solutions to its end-users and provides them with the following benefits:

  1. Onboarding: Before the call handlers engage in one-on-one or team sessions, the software provides them with the necessary tools to improve their call handling skills.
  2. Team Coaching: A thorough team coaching is provided where the team coaches bring all the call handlers together for sharing the best practices, establishing the team goals and collaboration in a half-hour session. Both the sides listen to and analyze calls together for a mutual learning experience.
  3. 1:1 Coaching: Fifteen-minute session with the call handlers enables them to perform where they excel at - handling calls over the phone. Call coaches review the performance of their employees in handling calls based on the inbuilt Core Four Principles and chalk out a strategy for the next session also. The software makes it a point to make all these call sessions transparent.

Compatibility of CallSource

The software runs exclusively on Windows OS and is available for the desktop version only.

Sold By : CallSource

Get CallSource support 15 Chatting right now

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CallSource Features

Users can know which ads are drawing potential customers and convert them into appointments accordingly. You can also go for missed opportunity alerts to maximize your chances.
With this special feature of CallSource, you can brand your business, generate 30 percent more calls and easily remember important phone numbers. This helps users drive new customers to their business
In order to convert every call, the software comes with employee phone skill tracking and call coaching. This helps you to gauge the telephone performance of your staff.
The software comes with an intuitive dashboard where users can track both offline and online attributions and employee performance. Dynamic number insertion is a special feature provided within the dashboard.
This helps users in taking control of their brand’s reputation. Through this software, you can see the customer reviews and respond to them politely.

Get CallSource support15 Chatting right now

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CallSource Specifications


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CallSource FAQs

Users can easily get a demo and a live tutorial of CallSource from our technical support team upon providing a suitable time and date as per their convenience.
This is basically a response program through CS Reviews. If users find it hard to respond to each and every review of customers, they can simply leave the task upon the software to automate the sending of relevant responses.
The uptime provided by CallSource is 99.9%. This implies that users will not miss any sales opportunity due to missed calls, thereby providing high reliability and driving more leads.
Through DealSaver, you can reclaim your missed appointment opportunities by getting alerted in real-time if a call-handler doesn’t fix a date with a phone lead.
No, there isn’t a mobile app version for CallSource.

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