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About Call Finder

What is Call Finder? 

Call Finder is one of the leading speech analytics solutions worldwide. It provides specialized call management features like speech analytics, automated call scoring, and speech to text transcription. This call recording software also performs behavioral analysis on all the interactions made by the user. It is easy to use solution built for businesses with automation requirements for call center operations. It includes tasks such as work performance analysis, quality monitoring, etc. Companies can utilize this software to improve their daily operations and provide superior customer service. 

Call Finder provides complete transparency in agent-customer interactions and monitors every interaction. The software also scales the quality review process in tandem with quality assurance teams to ensure that the work goes on smoothly. This call and speech analytics solution offers a tailored program for training individuals to learn and master the software. 

What is the purpose of using Call Finder? 

The basic underlying principle of using Call Finder is exceptional monitoring services. The software provides a comprehensive behavioral analysis of calls through transcripts. It allows companies to plan out their approach better by understanding the consumers’ expectations. The software can be used for effective sales outreach. Plus, companies can use it for the assessment of employee’s performance. Call Finder is a great solution to understand market trends too. 

What features does Call Finder offer? 

Here is a short overview of the features offered by Call Finder: 

  1. Direct audio capturing from calls 
  2. Multilingual support 
  3. Automatic speech to text transcription 
  4. Speech to text analysis 
  5. Voice recognition
  6. Call recording 
  7. Performance assessment 
  8. Performance metrics 
  9. Goal tracking 

What is the price of Call Finder? 

Call Finder prices vary based on customer requirements. Please request a call to receive the price quote according to your business needs. 

Sold By : CallFinder

Get Call Finder support 22 Chatting right now

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Call Finder Features

The software allows users to manage calls and create their transcripts for call assessments. 
Managers can monitor the calls on the basis of various attributes for script and call agent assessment.
Companies can never miss out on a caller or lead with this call scoring feature that allows agents to score 100% of the calls.
The speech and call analytics software performs detailed analysis of all the workflow and generates insightful reports for companies to seek improvements.
The software generates automatic transcription of all the calls made by the agents using speech to text engine.

Get Call Finder support22 Chatting right now

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Call Finder Specifications


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Call Finder FAQs

Call Finder offers multiple choices for storage deployment. Companies can store their data on cloud and on-premise as per their preference.
Techjockey provides a demo for Call Finder. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.
Yes, Call Finder allows users to configure the voice command system in the solution to ease the working.
No, there are no extra charges levied for training of employees.
Yes, Call Finder has an internal caller ID built into it that allows users to identify their demographic details of their caller.

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