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by : Nulab

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Brand: Nulab

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Cacoo Software Overview

What is Cacoo?

An online mind mapping software, Cacoo comes with an elaborate library of formats and icons. It offers the features you require to create flowcharts, wireframes, organizational diagrams, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Likewise, you can import pictures and screen captures with your own resources to refine your diagrams.

Cacoo can help you set up your first chart in minutes, while you visualize your process, Cacoo makes it easier to understand, streamlines and lets your diagram communicate with others. Diagrams and mind maps are the easiest and effective way of achieving an idea in your head to an easy shareable experience.

You can start with a template or draw freely on a blank canvas. While you are in the midst of creating your masterpieces, you can even get feedback at every step. With Cacoo’s presentation mode, you can also share your diagrams and mind maps before a large group of people. This can help you get more inputs or comments on your project. Further, you can send an entire folder or a selected diagram using the “view only” or “edit links”.

Here is a sneak peek into the Cacoo’s dashboard:

  1. One single place for every need- Whether you need a diagram, project plan, or documentation, you can manage everything at one single place. Cacoo keeps itself updated for all the members of the team.

  2. In-app chat- With in-built chat support, you may discuss ideas and share feedback with your team without even leaving the editor.
  3. Dynamic charts- You can either create charts or graphs with your own set of data. You can even import from your own spreadsheet or input it directly.
  4. Embedding diagrams- It enables you to embed your charts or diagrams into a blog or website. It automatically gets updated when edited with Cacoo.

Pricing of Cacoo

To know more about the pricing, connect with us.

Cacoo Features

  • checkbox Collaboration You can add new members to a group or folders and give them instant access to documents or diagrams that they require.
  • checkbox workflow automation The step-by-step process of workflow is automated with Cacoo hence, reducing your time and efforts.
  • checkbox Dashboard Cacoo’s dashboard provides a high level of overview for all the completed, active, overdue, and total workflows for every
  • checkbox Feedback Management You can create a proactive workflow review management and work on the positive and negative client experiences.
  • checkbox Brainstorming Cacoo’s enhanced mind mapping helps you in brainstorming around the topic or add branches to connect to the sub ideas.
  • checkbox Presentations You can prepare and store presentations online and start with one of the many templates while collaborating in real-time with
  • checkbox Revision History You can track when was the last time a diagram was edited, and accordingly can save its versions to compare the changes over
  • checkbox Integrations Cacoo’s online mind mapping software works well with almost all the other applications. You can manage and store your diagrams
  • checkbox Screen Capture You can capture your own screenshots and redefine your diagrams or designs.
  • checkbox Flow Diagramming To ease out the user journey and easily access your website, you can make the most of Cacoo’s flow diagrams by breaking it down

Cacoo Plans & Pricing

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Cacoo Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Cacoo FAQ

Q. Does Cacoo have a live collaboration? arrow

A. Cacoo’s in-app chat function allows the collaborators to have live communications within the charts or diagrams. This enables them in sharing ideas and communicating with ease.

Q. How can one share the work? arrow

A. Cacoo allows work sharing with multiple options such as shared folders, links and emails. One can even embed the diagram on a webpage.

Q. What are the exporting formats with Cacoo? arrow

A. One can export the diagrams using PNG, PDF, SVG, PowerPoint etc.

Q. Does Cacoo has a shared folder? arrow

A. Yes, Cacoo offers the shared folder to manager and store diagrams and enables you to further discuss it with the team.

Q. What are the security and privacy measures by Cacoo? arrow

A. Cacoo uses HTTPS that encrypts all the data that is sent and received with SSL

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