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About Baraha Typing Software

What is Baraha Hindi Typing Software?

Baraha Hindi typing software is one of the best typing software available for Indian languages. Baraha Hindi typing software deploys a phonetic keyboard, which makes it easy for both beginners and expert users. It has multi-faceted applications that make it widely popular among Indian users. It provides accessibility to other languages too, and users can use the keypad of different languages to write in Hindi.
Baraha Hindi Typing Software can import and export documents from numerous formats. This includes TXT, RTF, HTML (Unicode files), and ANSI. It truly is a valuable tool for people who work in the translation business.

What is the price of Baraha Hindi Typing Software?

Baraha Hindi Typing Software is available in 4 different plans; they are:

1.    Baraha Full Package – Rs. 3595/- for a single user
2.    Baraha Full Package – Rs. 3235/- for 2-10 users
3.    Baraha Full Package – Rs. 3055/- for 11-20 users
4.    Baraha Full Package – Rs. 2875/- for 21+ users
5.    Baraha Package – Rs. 1795 for a single user
6.    Baraha Package – Rs. 1615/- for 2-10 users
7.    Baraha Package – Rs. 1525/- for 11-20 users
8.    Baraha Package – Rs. 1435/- for 21+ users
9.    BarahaPad Package – Rs. 1775/- for a single user
10.    BarahaPad Package – Rs. 1595/- for 2-10 users
11.    BarahaPad Package – Rs. 1505/- for 11-20 users
12.    BarahaPad Package – Rs. 1420/- for 21+ users
13.    Baraha IME Package – Rs. 1760/- for a single user
14.    Baraha IME Package – Rs. 1580/- for 2-10 users
15.    Baraha IME Package – Rs. 1490/- for 11-20 users
16.    Baraha IME Package – Rs. 1405/- for 21+ users

These are pricing details for the Baraha Hindi Typing Software. For more inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you soon.

Sold By : Baraha Software

Get Baraha Typing Software support 20 Chatting right now

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Baraha Typing Software Features

Baraha Typing software provides unique spacing options for better formatting of your texts.

Get Baraha Typing Software support20 Chatting right now

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Baraha Typing Software Specifications


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Baraha Typing Software FAQs

A. Yes, Baraha Hindi Typing Software provides multi-user licenses for commercial usage. Once you have purchased the software, you are free to use it as per your needs.
A. If you have a single user license, you will have to uninstall Baraha from the original PC. For multi-user license users, you can quickly transfer your license to any number of PCs.
A. No, Baraha is built for the windows system only. Watch this space for new updates.
A. Yes, Baraha Hindi Typing Software offers numerous unique fonts.
A. Baraha Hindi Typing Software offers a free version, demo, and a 30-day trial version. Interested purchasers can use any of these to check out software before purchase.

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