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About B12

What is B12?

B12 is an AI-powered website designing software that assists in developing reliable and responsive websites with the latest UX trends. Create websites optimized for conversions with B12 software solution's robust website designing tools. Develop custom drafts for your website before turning such drafts into full-fledged websites using B12 designing software.

Website designing is a part of the process and you would need regular traffic to make your website more visible. B12 steps in here. As an end user, you are free to opt from a range of available products that provide support for making blog posts, arranging online schedules, doing SEO and undertaking marketing campaigns. Smart AI built-in within B12 software solutions help websites meet optimal design requirements as well as user standards. Such websites also have the advantage of faster load timings.

Benefits of Using B12 Website Designer

B12 has a lot of benefits that can be reaped by individuals and organizations alike. Here are a few:

  1. B12 web designing software offers effortless website creation as it utilizes a range of high-end tools for quickly creating websites.
  2. The web designing software continuously takes feedbacks from users for updating custom drafts. There is always a lot of scope for customization and improvement.
  3. B12 web designer utilizes the latest UX trends for an interactive user interface.
  4. The software provides business-specific website designs for e-commerce and blogs. It helps improvise website designs as per a business's preferences.

What is the price of B12 web designing software?

B12 web designing software is available in five different plans. These are:

  1. Starter – Free
  2. Basic – Rs. 1,900/- per month
  3. Premium – Rs. 3,800/- per month
  4. SEO – Rs. 6,300/- per month
  5. SEO Pro – Rs. 16,000/- per month

An additional instalment cost would be added with every purchase. B12 also offers an add-on email marketing plan that costs around Rs. 3200/- per month. For more inquiries related to price, plan, and features; please request a callback. Our sales team would get in touch with you at the earliest possibility.

Sold By : B12

Get B12 support 26 Chatting right now

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B12 Features

B12 can be used for conducting surveys and developing interactive questionnaires for public opinion polls/data collection.
Users can edit the website in real-time as this web designing tool allows designers to make changes in UI and outlook as and when required.
B12 website designer offers SEO tools for optimizing a website’s search engine visibility. It also helps in bringing more leads to a website.
B12 editing software offers the drag & drop functionality that can be used to edit websites hassle free. All you got to do is drag images or text from the toolkit and place it on the website.
B12 web designing software gets regular updates automatically. The subscription plan covers this auto-updating feature and there are no extra charges.

Get B12 support26 Chatting right now

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B12 FAQs

B12 Web Designing software is designed to save time. Generally, to get a website done, it takes about a week to get it up and running. B12 smoothens out that entire process for you.
Yes, B12 charges an extra installation cost when you make the purchase. You will also get a set of tutorials with this web designing software.
B12 web designer offers a good number of templates based on different attributes such as business-needs, designs requirements, etc.
Yes, B12 web designing software allows you to connect via social accounts.
B12 offers exclusive discussion forums to its users. It allows them to share tips and tricks amongst themselves for improving design techniques.

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