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Atomic SMS Sender

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About Atomic SMS Sender

What is Atomic SMS Sender?

Atomic SMS Sender is a bulk SMS software that enables business owners to communicate with their customers. It is a cost-effective solution for sending text messages. The software also assists in carrying out mass surveys through texts. Atomic SMS Sender offers seamless integration with ongoing APIs of the organization and facilitates data sharing to generate customized messages. 

Atomic SMS Sender offers a high-speed global coverage that is able to send 200-5000 SMS/sec. The software offers flexibility in messaging as it allows the users to send individual messages and bulk messages. In addition to these, there is a scheduler that allows users to plan the messages for the future. Users can add necessary customizations such as honorifics, names, dates, figures, etc. 

Atomic SMS Sender offers exquisite solutions for the following businesses: 

  1. B2B companies
  2. B2C companies 
  3. Service-based industries
  4. Academic institutions
  5. Banks 
  6. E-commerce organizations
  7. Surveying companies, etc. 

Features of Atomic SMS Sender: 

Here is a quick rundown of all the features that Atomic SMS Sender offers: 

  1. Global access 
  2. High Seed message delivery
  3. Flexibility in Time, Date, Size, and Format
  4. Free Messaging 
  5. Convenient Messaging 
  6. Texting Templates 
  7. Subscription Form, etc. 

Prices for Atomic SMS Sender: 

The prices of Atomic SMS Sender varies based on countries the user is sending text messages to, for India, it charges Rs. 0.32 per SMS. For more inquiries regarding the international prices, please request a call. Our sales team will connect with you at the earliest. 

Sold By : AtomPark

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Atomic SMS Sender Features

The software offers features that allows them schedule messages for future. 
This bulk message sending software provides detailed insights about the delivery in the form of PDF reports.
The software allows users to send text messages globally at a high speed of 200-500 SMS per second.
Atomic SMS Sender offers flexibility in the approach of how to send text messages. It allows users to manage when, where, and how to send the text message. 
This bulk text messaging software enables users to create text templates and send message with convenience. 
Users can manage the text format to ensure the highest visibility. 
The bulk message sending software uses a unique design and styled subscription forms. It has a two-level subscription system that ensures confirmation code sending.
 Users can provide a direct link to unsubscribe them from the services and automatically puts them on the “Exception” list. 
The software utilizes industrial standard online protection services for protecting user data from getting hacked. 
 Atomic SMS Sender offers a google chrome browser extension for all chromium-based browsers to work seamlessly.
This software supports Android devices to send message workflows. 
The software has an in-built mechanism that checks for spams and puts the number on the “exception list.” 
This bulk message software automates deletion of bounced messages and decategorize phone numbers from the list.  
 Atomic SMS Sender enables users to create unlimited mailing lists to manage interest groups. 

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Atomic SMS Sender Specifications

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Sep 14 2017

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Atomic SMS Sender FAQs

Atomic SMS Sender allows only 160 characters in a text message.
Yes, this bulk messaging software not only allows you to send weblinks through text messages but also enables you to check the traffic on website that was directed through the text message.
The bulk message sending software has no mandatory system requirements, as it is a web-based software. It can be accessed seamlessly through a web browser.
No, Atomic SMS Sender is not available for iPhones as of now. Please watch this space for updates.
Atomic SMS Sender complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines to ensure top of the line security measures.

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