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About Asti Fleet Management

What is Asti Fleet Management?

Asti Fleet Management is a corporate and vendor transport management system that is equipped with the latest IoT and GPS technologies. This fleet tracking software helps its users automate all business-related transportation requirements including fleet routing, tracking, billing, roster, reports and more. With Asti fleet tracking software, users can manage the fleet of taxis, buses and shuttles related to their business without any extra effort. Most importantly, Asti fleet management software features an advanced GPS technology using which admins can track the exact location of every vehicle. Companies can also ensure that their employees get to travel in a safe and secure way. 

How is Asti Fleet Management software useful for drivers?

Asti fleet management software offers a dedicated mobile application for drivers. This helps in enhancing the security and efficiency of drivers:

  1. Drivers get access to complete trip-related details in real-time. Starting from employee details to the routes and stoppages (pick up and drop location).  
  2. In case the driver has to be changed due to some unavoidable circumstances, the software provides all the necessary details to the new driver in a detailed manner.
  3. Drivers get access to an automated attendance system that marks them present once they start a trip. 
  4. Asti fleet management software detects the on-road turbulences and traffic jams. It helps the drivers by recommending the best routes with minimum diversions.

Asti Fleet Management Software Pricing

Asti fleet management software is available at a price ₹ 175 on a monthly basis. You can send a call back request to our product expert team, who will offer you support regarding installations and will also solve other queries related to Asti fleet management software pricing. 

Compatible platforms for Asti Fleet Management

Asti Fleet Management is compatible with the following platforms:

  1. Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
  2. Mac OS X, version 10.11 and above.
  3. iOS, version 10.0, and above.
  4. Android, version 5.0, and above.

 Benefits of Asti Fleet Management System Software

  1. Advanced Tracking Technology: Asti fleet management software is equipped with an advanced vehicle tracking technology that helps its users improve their control over the entire fleet of vehicles.
  2. Emergency Alerts: Drivers and employees can send SOS alerts to monitoring teams if any emergency arises during their overall journey. The user’s calls are Interactive Voice Response based and get automatically escalated, thus ensuring prompt action.  
  3. Ad-hoc Requests: The software helps users allocate vehicles efficiently and adequately by considering the vehicle's optimum usage in case any employee raises an ad-hoc or on-time request.
  4. Intuitive Reports: Asti fleet management system software provides its users with customized and automated reports that ensure proper analysis of business parameters and helps companies enhance their transportation system. 
  5. Automated Scheduling: The software schedules company escorts in an automated manner to ensure that the female employees get to travel in a secure manner.

Sold By : Asti Infotech

Get Asti Fleet Management support 34 Chatting right now

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Asti Fleet Management Features

Asti fleet management software features a wide variety of vehicle management tools, helping its users to track and control their fleet of vehicles.
The vehicle management system is equipped with an advanced GPS tracking system, using which users can track the exact location of a vehicle in real-time.
The software helps its users avoid traffic jams, and it also provides suggestions on the best routes with minimum diversions.
Users and admins can constantly monitor and track their employees’ accurate locations using the advanced GPS tracking system offered by the fleet tracking software. 
Admins get access to trip based reports in a detailed manner. They can even monitor the number of trips completed, the time required to complete each trip, and the average time taken for a trip.
The software enables its users to do billing and invoicing with ease.
Users can send and receive alerts and notifications in case of emergencies or ad-hoc situations through the software.
By using Asti fleet management software, users get access to an intuitive dashboard that features a constant monitoring map and shows the live location of each vehicle.
The fleet maintenance software is equipped with GPS technology, enabling companies to keep track of all the employees and drivers in an efficient manner.
This fleet management system software features a dedicated application for the drivers.
Asti Fleet Management uses GPS technology to monitor the employees and notifies the admin in real-time, to keep them updated about every minute detail.
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Asti Fleet Management Specifications


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Asti Fleet Management FAQs

The employees get to share their trip details with their family and friends, using the ‘share your ride’ feature offered by the software.
Admins can monitor, reject and approve trip requests. They can also make last-minute changes within a pre-planned trip and get access to periodic reports as well.
Yes, you can request an online demo of Asti fleet tracking software. Software experts from Techjockey will get back to you as per your mentioned date and time.
Asti Fleet Management allows the employees to add emergency contacts for SOS alerts within their profiles. They can notify the contacts in case of an emergency.
Yes, Asti Fleet Management app is available for Android and iOS.

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