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AssistPlus for Warehouse

by : Pinmicro

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AssistPlus For Warehouse

by : Pinmicro

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Brand: Pinmicro

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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AssistPlus for Warehouse Software Overview

What is AssistPlus for Warehouse?

AssistPlus for Warehouse comes equipped with a wide variety of warehouse management tools, helping the managers or supervisors in monitoring the stock present within the warehouse and their movements in real-time. The software sends instant alerts notifying the supervisors when the stock of a particular item has gone below the specified levels. Thus, allowing them to establish better control over the entire warehouse management cycle.

The warehouse management software helps companies in ensuring proper safety and well being of their staff by offering multiple safety-related features like location monitoring, alerts based on hazardous areas and behaviour analysis as well. Further, the warehouse management system also offers detailed reports mentioning accurate entry and exit timings of each pallet.

How does AssistPlus for Warehouse work?

AssistPlus for Warehouse utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy technology in order to function effectively.

  1.  All employees within the warehouse are provided with a smart ID card compatible with BeaconPlus devices.
  2. The entire warehouse should have beacon receivers installed within its premises. These receivers facilitate location monitoring by tracking the smart ID cards near them.
  3. Detailed reports based on the real-time location of each staff along with their present activities are sent to the managers facilitating smooth functioning of the entire system.

Pricing of AssistPlus for Warehouse Management System

The pricing of AssistPlus for Warehouse is available on request. Interested buyers can request for a callback from product experts.

Compatible Platforms for AssistPlus for Warehouse

AssistPlus for Warehouse is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions. It also has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Benefits of AssistPlus for Warehouse Management Software

  1. Inventory Visibility - AssistPlus for Warehouse offers accurate visibility into the stock level of individual goods stored within a company’s warehouse. This helps managers make secure estimates about supplies and they also get to avoid backorders in real-time.
  2. Traceable Materials - Supervisors can easily monitor the level of particular items stored within the warehouse by dividing them into separate lots, batches and serial numbers.
    The ability to trace down items facilitates accurate inventory planning and enhances service maintenance in real-time.
  3. Optimized Supply Chain - The software optimizes internal operations within a warehouse by streamlining the entire process related to ordering, reordering and the delivery of individual products. Improved data management increases reliability between an organization and its partners and also facilitates quick and hassle-free delivery to their final destination.

Pinmicro Brand Details

Brand Name Pinmicro
Information Pinmicro provides the best RTLS platform with IoT. Get high-quality Bluetooth beacons, Gateways, and IoT sensors from Japan. Easy location intelligence.
Founded Year 2018
Director/Founders Ravindranath A.V., Chief Executive Officer for India, EMEA and the Americas
Company Size 1-100 Employees
Other Products Eduplus, Assistplus for Offices, AssistPlus for Hospital, Eduplus Lite, Eventplus Online

AssistPlus for Warehouse Features

  • Asset Management With AssistPlus for Warehouse, users can track the exact location of their assets and monitor their movements with minimal effort
  • Real-TIme Inventory location Companies can keep track of their inventory positions, monitor the flow lines. make quick and informed decisions and reduce
  • Improve Process Efficiency Supervisors can track the entire stock in an effective manner. They can ensure that each staff covers the necessary checkpoints
  • Improve security The software ensures proper security of goods by sending in alerts to the managers in case any asset gets placed in an
  • Reports The warehouse management software offers detailed reports concerning the goods that are in transit and the goods that are ready
  • Real-Time alerts Managers get alerts in real-time when goods are being picked up from the warehouse or are delivered to their scheduled location.
  • Environment Monitoring AssistPlus for Warehouse is compatible with smart sensors, enabling warehouse managers to keep a check on physical parameters
  • Crew Safety AssistPlus for Warehouse helps companies maintain the safety of their crew by offering hazardous area alerts, activity analyzer,
  • Effective Work Hour Monitoring Supervisors can monitor the exact working hours of the crew by checking the average usage time of machines, analyzing their idle
  • Dashboard Company managers can view the total number of assets or goods that are going in and out of individual warehouses on the intuitive
  • Stock History The warehouse management software offers detailed location history of each asset, for every specified zone within a particular
  • Stock Report Managers can avail detailed reports related to the entry and exit of each pallet from a particular warehouse.

AssistPlus for Warehouse Plans & Pricing

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Asset Management

AssistPlus for Warehouse Specifications

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  • Windows Android
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AssistPlus for Warehouse FAQ

Q. Q.1. What is a Beacon Card within AssistPlus for Warehouse? arrow

A. Beacon card is a type of smart card that works by using Bluetooth based low energy, it is resistant to both water and dust and comes with a battery life of more than four years.

Q. Q.2. Does AssistPlus for Warehouse send alerts when inventory is low? arrow

A. Yes, the software sends out instant alerts to the managers when the level of goods stocked within the warehouse depletes from a specified mark.

Q. Q.3.Can I get a demo of AssistPlus for Warehouse? arrow

A. Yes, you can request an online demo of AssistPlus for Warehouse. In-house product experts of Techjockey will get back to you as per your mentioned time and date.

Q. Q.4. How does AssistPlus for Warehouse help optimize the supply chain? arrow

A. The software sends in real-time notifications to the managers, informing them about the entry and exit of goods stored within the warehouse and also helps them track working hours of the entire crew in an accurate way.

Q. Q.5.Does AssistPlus for Warehouse have a mobile app? arrow

A. Yes, AssistPlus for Warehouse has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.

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