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ARRIS OBI-free RFoG solutions
ARRIS OBI-free RFoG solutions
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ARRIS OBI-free RFoG solutions

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About ARRIS OBI-free RFoG solutions

What is ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG?

ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG (Radio Frequency over Glass) is a fiber-deep network design that enables IT enterprises to provide online services with minimum costs and minimal disruptions to their customers. It optimizes the IT infrastructure on a grand scale to improve productivity by leaps and bounds. This network management software uses RFoG technology (short for Radio Frequency over Glass) instead of the usual ethernet for managing the networks. It involves operators taking the fibre directly to subscriber premises leading to the communication over optic cables in a DOCSIS format. ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG is a trusted network management solution that is tailored for high customer satisfaction. 

Why choose ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG Solution?

ARRIS OBI-Free provides a robust and field-tested RFoG solution that is designed to meet the present day’s ever-evolving network management standards. At the same time, it leverages the existing valuable network assets. It drives the high rate of device optimization where it enables deployment of DOCSIS 3.1 and expansion of 1.2 GHz with evolution paths to 10G passive optical network architectures. This network management system uses a combination of passive or powered splitters, VHub technology, and R-ONUs to deliver the optimum performance of the network.

Benefits of using ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG 

Here are a few benefits of using ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG: 

  1. Complete support for DOCSIS 3.1 network services 
  2. An economical choice for MDU and rural sector deployments 
  3. Upstream and downstream bandwidth is broadened
  4. Network reach is increased by eliminating the noise of radio frequency. 
  5. Inherent coax deployments of ingress.
  6. ARRIS RFoG efficiently bridge gaps between HFC and FTTx architectures.
  7. It provides the required infrastructure for transitioning an ethernet-based system to all-fibre, high bandwidth 10G PON network.

What is the price of ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG? 

ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG price varies based on the size of the operations and the services required for your business. Please request a call and get the accurate quotation as per your requirements. 

Sold By : ARRIS

Get ARRIS OBI-free RFoG solutions support 23 Chatting right now

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ARRIS OBI-free RFoG solutions Features

ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG uses a Radio Fibre network management system for managing bandwidth and facilitating the download and upload of content in real-time.
The software helps IT companies access the optical fibre and use it at their own volition to optimize the performance of their network. 
The software provides real-time support for IT enterprises in case they encounter any problems during operation through phone and emails. 

Get ARRIS OBI-free RFoG solutions support23 Chatting right now

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ARRIS OBI-free RFoG solutions Specifications

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ARRIS OBI-free RFoG solutions FAQs

A. ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG offers two business units – 1) Network & Cloud and Global Services; and 2) Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).
A. ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG does not have any impact on the legal entities of the IT enterprises. Once the product is licensed it can be used for any purpose.
A. Please request a call and our software expert will help you with all the operational and application-based information required for ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG.
A. ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG is available for a demo at Techjockey. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled at your preferred time.
A. ARRIS OBI-Free RFoG R-ONUs enable operators to choose from one of the sixteen upstream wavelengths for individual unit through an internal rotary switch.

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ARRIS OBI-free RFoG solutions

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