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About AGOL

What is AGOL?

AGOL, also known as ArcGIS online is a cloud-oriented mapping and examination tool. This GIS tool can be used for a varying number of purposes such as the creation of maps, surveying, and inspection of geo-data. The tool also allows you to share your maps to collaborate efficiently on projects. ArcGIS Online gives you access to applications, maps, and data that are extremely specific to your workflows; the data is generated from AGOL’s database around the world. AGOL (or ArcGIS Online) provides you with exceptional tools that give you mobility in the field.

Features of AGOL

ArcGIS Online provides exceptional mapping tools that are leading the GIS market. Here are a few features listed below:

  1. Create Maps, Scenes, and Applications: Build interactive maps within a short time. Create enthralling maps that make your work not only comfortable but enjoyable. Interactive maps created with AGOL take the map from a static view to an opportunity for users to explore. The maps are brimmed with details, as you get new information and outlook when you zoom into the map.
  2. Share & Collaborate: Share your maps with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. ArcGIS empowers its users to utilize interactive maps as a communication tool. Share valuable insights and ask questions through the system. Users can also share maps directly to a varying number of channels.
  3. Data Analysis: ArcGIS Online offers you comprehensive maps to analyze patterns to generate predictions and helps users formulate future actions. AGOL helps you reveal the factors affecting your data and outliers in it.
  4. Data Management: Configure and customize maps according to your necessities. Add and manage your data to enrich the maps with details for your purpose. ArcGIS Online even offers you the option to publish your customized maps as web layers.

Price of AGOL

ArcGIS Online has a varying price that depends on factors such as customizations required, data needed, et cetera. TO know more about the price related details please request a call our sales team will get in touch with you.

Sold By : Esri India Technologies Ltd

Get AGOL support 25 Chatting right now

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AGOL Features

 ArcGIS Online acts as a data bank for all your information inputs on the maps.
 Devise strategic positioning and all the required geo-data in tandem with your requirements with AGOL.
See for the changes occurring over a geographic area for a time span and record the inputs. ArcGIS Online helps you to analyze these reports and data carefully within the system as well.
AGOL offers you exceptionally detailed maps. The maps contain all the necessary data that you require.
Turn all the addresses into geographic coordinates for enhanced communication among the team. It also makes reading and identifying places in maps easier.
With AGOL at your expense, you can connect your field operations with the office team with shared data. Generate data, maps, and applications for those in the field operations management or use it for data collection.
Get access to the best maps already with equipped data. With the customization features provided, it only helps you improvise on GIS intelligence.
Show your maps through a varying channel to your targeted audience with the help of plugins provided in AGOL.

Get AGOL support25 Chatting right now

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AGOL Specifications


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A. Here is minimum hardware requirement for AGOL 1. Processor: 4 cores for concurrent users 2. Memory/RAM: 8 GB 3. Disk Space: 10 GB These requirements are mandatory for both MacOS and Windows to run ArcGIS efficiently.
A. ArcGIS online is predominantly used by meteorological department, surveying agencies, and organizations that involve heavily in demography studies.
A. AGOL is available for both Android and iPhone users. The app can be found on the app store of your respective mobile phones.
A. Yes, ArcGIS online is available for demo. Please request a call and our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
A. ArcGIS is a cloud-based software that works completely online and saves no data in your system, unless you change the settings to do so.

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