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About Coldfusion Builder

Originally code named “Bolt”, Adobe ColdFusion is used to develop applications for ColdFusion. This is an Eclipse-based development IDE of Adobe. The latest version of this software is Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2016. With its integral features, the software assists the user with application code generation, server management, code folding, snippet creation and management, outline viewing, and more. With the software, mobile applications can be developed with easy, you can prevent errors and protect codes. 


Sold By : Adobe

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Coldfusion Builder Features

Quickly navigate to the next logical tag, function or control statement within your code using keyboard shortcuts.
Easily search your application for specific tags, attributes and text, regardless of file location. Use regular expressions for more complex text searches.
Accelerate your application development with intelligent, ordered code assist for CFML, CFScript, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Get code assist even for third-party JavaScript libraries included in your web application.
Set “to do” and “fix me” points within your code to quickly identify sections and resume development where you left off.
Get intelligent coding options for ColdFusion components (CFCs), database tables, user-defined functions, CFML tags, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, thanks to the smart introspection capabilities of ColdFusion Builder 3.1.
Boost your productivity with a professional IDE that includes editors for CFML, CFScript, HTML, JavaScript, SQL and CSS. Leverage customisable syntax colouring, statement completion, code folding, interactive step-through debugging and snippet support to work more efficiently.
Manage database logic and connectivity without writing SQL. Take advantage of the ORM Application wizard to generate CFCs for business logic without writing code.
Navigate the file system or view the structure of database tables for any data source registered on your ColdFusion server.
Inspect the look and feel of mobile and web applications on multiple devices using the built-in Weinre server. Modify the properties of elements using ColdFusion Builder and see the changes take effect in real time in the mobile app.
Use the new security code analyzer to scan existing application code to automatically detect vulnerabilities and potential security breaches. Identify the exact vulnerable code, type of vulnerability and severity level and mitigate the vulnerability with the suggestion provided.

Get Coldfusion Builder support21 Chatting right now

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Mar 23 2018

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Coldfusion Builder FAQs

Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2016 is a unique solution to develop, test, debug, and deploy mobile applications. Benefit from an all-new engine that powers the IDE to deliver across-the-board performance improvements. Leverage smart features to boost your productivity and preserve code integrity. Manage your ColdFusion server effortlessly from within the IDE.
ColdFusion Builder 2016 is designed for developers who build, deploy, and manage ColdFusion applications. Mobile app developers will love the way ColdFusion Builder lets them easily and quickly develop, test, debug, and deploy applications across multiple devices with minimum effort. Developers who have just started building applications for the web can benefit from the ColdFusion Builder productivity features.
You can use ColdFusion Builder 2016 to write applications for any ColdFusion release. However, ColdFusion Builder includes tag libraries only for ColdFusion 9, 10, and 11, making some features available for only those releases.
ColdFusion Builder 2016 enables developers to be more productive because of its easy customization, extensibility of the IDE, code quick fix, smart tab navigation, and a built-in debugger. Mobile application developers will benefit from the end-to-end workflow supported by ColdFusion Builder 2016.
No, printed documentation is not included with ColdFusion Builder 2016. Electronic versions of all documents are available online on the ColdFusion Help and Support page to install.

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