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  1. What is a Webinar Software?
  2. How Webinar Hosting Platforms Work?
  3. Check More Best Video Conferencing App
  4. Best Webinar Software Platforms Features
  5. What are the Advantages of Using a Webinar Software for Online Education?
  6. Reasons Why Webinar Software is Great for Your Business

What is a Webinar Software?

The webinar is short for web-based seminars and the Webinar Software facilitates users to conduct an online seminar. Elaboratively speaking, Webinar Software allows users to conduct online presentations, workshops, lectures, or seminars using the best video conferencing equipment in real-time. Online Webinar platforms are a great marketing tool for both sales and marketing teams to improve customer engagement and ensure that the communication between them is going smoothly. The key aspect of webinar software is to provide interactive functions to deliver, receive, and discuss information in real-time.

Online Meeting Management Software enables users to share all the important audio, video, documents, etc. through a free webinar tool with all the participants. Webinar software designed for teachers is packed with various features that can be integrated into a learning management system for the better monitoring of online classes. Similarly, a working system for Webinar Software for startups and small businesses includes a digital whiteboard, live screen sharing and more to improve the engagement rate for attendees.

How Webinar Hosting Platforms Work?


For users that conduct webinar they will receive an email to register themselves to be able to conduct and hold a webinar. While a separate mail with a joining link is sent to the attendees who seek to join the webinar, this registration allows them to access webinars at any time.


After the registration, the online event management system sends a direct link to the email of attendees to confirm the identity of the user and protect the webinar from unauthorized access.

Technical Requirements

Users can send an email reminder with a Webinar link a day or right before the event. The reminder email also provides all the extra details required for attending the webinar event, e.g., application download requirements.

Joining the live webinar

At the scheduled date and time, use the webinar link and ID to join the online conference software event.

Check More Best Video Conferencing App

Best Webinar Software Platforms Features

Lightning-Fast Live Chat

Online conference software provides a live chat feature that allows attendees to talk with each other in real-time. Users can also create chat groups for attendees to discuss all the topics of their interest with targeted members easily. It allows individuals to clear out all the air of doubt with other attendees and all the chats are saved in the system for attendees and users to review.

Instant Screen Sharing

A webinar hosting platform allows attendees to share their screens in real-time with other individuals to convey their talking points more clearly. This allows users to share the content on their screens by simply changing the live camera feed with the screencast.

Polls & Surveys Before, During, & After the Webinar

Users can conduct polls and surveys to get their opinion on various topics such as quality of video and audio, interaction standard, meeting review, inputs for improvements, etc. These polls and surveys are conducted throughout the webinar for consistent and thorough information. 

Running offers during the Webinar

This feature is mostly used for sales and marketing teams where they can create a small pop-up to provide an exclusive offer on their products. It is one of the most interpersonal and effective ways of selling a product to the target audience in real-time.

Email Automation

A first-rate webinar broadcast solution integrates the email communication function to keep the attendees updated about the webinar and other information. Webinar hosting platforms streamline the first line of communication and also automate follow-up updates for consistent communication. Webinar Software enables users to stay in touch with their clients and take updates from them at any time.

Customized Landing Pages for Registration

Online conference software enables users to create customized web forms for the registration of the attendees who seek to join webinars. Consequently, webinar software India collects all the data from the webform to the database and enlists them automatically. Users can directly send webinar links to all the registered users from the webinar tool with a single click.

Stats and Analytic Features

Webinar software performs real-time analysis of the webinars to assess various aspects of online interaction. It covers attributes such as call quality, meeting review, impact assessment, etc. The stats and analytics feature also perform a thorough assessment of all the meetings conducted in a time frame, engagement rate, feedback, etc.

Custom Registration

Webinar software India enables attendees to make customized registrations where they can provide specific information for joining a webinar on any niche topic. This customization also assists users to categorize the attendees for seamless communication based on their focus topics.

Live broadcast & recorded videos

The webinar hosting platform facilitates the live broadcasting of online conferences through multiple outlets and social media plugins. The webinar software also saves all the online seminars conducted by the companies or individual users for future review and training purposes. A first-rate online conference software allows users to save recorded conferences to either or both cloud and on-premise-based solutions in real-time.

Block & Allow Access to Attendees

Online Webinar platforms empower the conference handlers with the ability to restrict access to the attendees. Plus, the webinar software allows users to add annotations to record the reasons for their restrictions. Users can also remove the restrictions at any time.

Insert Video During Live Webinar

Webinar hosts can share multimedia files like video files through the Event Registration Software. It allows users to send all the necessary multimedia material shown during the live conference to the attendees for better retention.

What are the Advantages of Using a Webinar Software for Online Education?

Streamlined Student Management

Online education portals can integrate Webinar software with their learning management system to manage attendance, report cards, assignments, etc.


Webinar software for teachers is a cost-effective solution as it gets away with extra costs such as renting a classroom, stationary, etc.


Webinar Software allows teachers to conduct online classes flexibly. They can communicate with all the students beforehand and then proceed to schedule the webinar and send emails to everyone regarding the online class.


Online Webinar platforms give a voice to even the most reserved students. It provides a one-on-one interaction through personalized video interaction or a chat messenger. The students can open up about their concerns that probably won’t feel okay in a regular class setup.

Effective Learning

Online conference software allows students to get recorded videos of online classes for future reference or course revision.

Easy to Use

Webinar Software has an extremely easy-to-use interface. It is easy to learn and master the features of Webinar software for teachers.

Wide Field Selection

Webinar Tools have greatly improved the quality of correspondence classes and increased the range of courses that students can opt from.


Webinar Software for teachers makes them more available to their students with intuitive features like chat messengers. Plus, teachers can consistently recommend online reading materials and send educational content through email or chat messenger.

Reasons Why Webinar Software is Great for Your Business


Webinar software makes it extremely easy for business attendees to showcase their reports and multimedia instantly through the screen sharing feature of online conference software.

Data Retention

Webinar broadcast software records all the online conferences conducted by businesses and saves it for future reference.

Brand Value Build Up

Online Webinar Platforms help sales and marketing teams to create a positive brand value with their clients through effective live demonstrations.

Cost-effective solution

Webinar broadcast software saves a lot of time and money for business officials from scheduling a meeting, picking a place to meet, and traveling. As the webinar software simplifies the process of scheduling and conducting the meeting from any location.

Net Optimization

A first-rate Webinar tool is well-tuned to provide the best video quality even in a weak internet network to ensure that the communication flow is maintained.

Higher Engagement

Webinar software manages to keep the participants engaged through a wide range of features such as digital whiteboard, real-time polling, chat messenger, etc. to boost interactivity with the participants.

Product Demonstration

Online conference software enables sales teams to provide a demo of their products in real-time. It allows them to discuss the product features with the prospects during the demo for better communication.

Meeting Review

Webinar hosting platform records all the live meetings with user polls and surveys to help businesses critically analyze their online conferences and seek the scope for improvement.

Revenue Generation

Companies can use pay-to-access webinars for generating monetary values out of attracting and addressing a large audience.

Author: Kalpana Arya

Webinar Software Platforms

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Cisco Webex

By Cisco Systems

4.8 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

Cisco Webex Meeting Center with VOIP and PSTN is a web-based remote collaboration software. Cisco Meetings allows users... Read More About Cisco Webex

BlueJeans Room

By Blue Jeans

4.9 (4 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

BlueJeans Room is a video conferencing app system that aims to transform the conventional meeting spaces into modern-da... Read More About BlueJeans Room

Adobe Connect

By Adobe

4.0 (3 reviews)

Price On Request

Adobe Connect is a communication-based software suitable for online classes, meetings, and webinars. With Adobe Connect... Read More About Adobe Connect


By LogMeIn

4.4 (1 reviews)

Price On Request

GoToWebinar provides an online platform to its users, enabling them to deliver online video conferences and webinars to... Read More About GoToWebinar

Here are some of the best Webinar broadcasting software: WebinarJam Adobe Connect  Demio  EasyWebinar BigMarker 

Here is a list of most widely used free webinar platforms software:  GoToWebinar  ON24  Livestorm Zoho Meeting RingCentral Meetings 

Some of the best webinar software for start-ups and small businesses are:  WebEx Event Center Adobe Connect Webinars  Onstream Webinars  ReadyTalk  MegaMeeting

Here is a quick rundown of the webinar software that allows users to conduct live sessions with large audiences:  Demio  WebinarNinja JetWebinar  WebEx  ClickMeeting 


By Clickmeeting

Price On Request

ClickMeeting is a webinar software that helps cater to the needs of your leads, customers, and team members. It helps i... Read More About ClickMeeting

Zoho Meeting

By Zoho by Target Integration

Price On Request

Zoho Meeting is a web-based conferencing software that allows users to host and join online meetings, webinars and audi... Read More About Zoho Meeting

WebEx Event Center

By Cisco Systems

Price On Request

Webex Event Center offers an online platform for webinars and presentations that helps keep the audience engaged. The s... Read More About WebEx Event Center


By GoBrunch

Price On Request

GoBrunch is a cloud-based webinar software and virtual classroom platform for marketers, companies, educators and instr... Read More About GoBrunch


By Wrike

4.8 (2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Wrike is an all in one project management Sofware and collaboration software used primarily for facilitating easy commu... Read More About Wrike


By Lark Technologies

Price On Request

Larksuite is an online collaboration software that handles all the business processes in an organization. It combines a... Read More About Larksuite


By ezTalks

Price On Request

ezTalks is one of the best video conferencing solutions designed for companies and online education portals. It allows... Read More About ezTalks


By Genesis Digital

4.8 (3 reviews)

Price On Request

WebinarJam is a cloud-based webinar and video conferencing software that allows users to host online meetings and webin... Read More About Webinarjam


By BigMarker

Price On Request

BigMarker is a webinar software that is used by business professionals to create, build and distribute traction with li... Read More About BigMarker


By EasyWebinar

Price On Request

EasyWebinar is a collaboration software used for hosting and recording live webinars. The webinar software serves as t... Read More About EasyWebinar


By JioEvents

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

JioEvents from the house of Jio Platforms Limited (JPL) is a stand-alone solution to conduct any virtual events by prov... Read More About JioEvents

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What is the purpose of Webinars Softwares?

Webinar is short for web-based seminar and the Webinar Software facilitates users to conduct an online seminar. Elaboratively speaking, a Webinar Software allows users to conduct online presentations, workshops, lectures, or seminars using best video conferencing equipments in real-time.

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FAQs About Webinar Software

Provided below are a list of factors that have to be considered before purchasing a webinar software:  Define your goals: Create of list of features that you require from your webinar broadcasting software.  Integrations: Check for integrations offered by the online conference software for communication-related tasks such as demo presentation, follow-up meeting, etc.   Demo: Take a demo before purchase of every webinar software that you shortlist.  Cost Analysis: Perform a detailed cost breakdown for webinar software and other extra equipment that is required for a seamless operation.  Online Reviews: Go through online reviews of the software and check their data policy. Check for customers’ responses on different review sites to make a confident selection.   

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