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What is Video Making Software

Wondering from where exactly do these amazing video effects in your favorite video clippings come from. The answer isn't that complicated really like the magic that you see in such videos is all work of video editing software solutions. These applications are powerful tools for creating stunning video renderings and doing some amazing Multicam editing. It is because of the video-making software that attaching high-end video effects in a video is as easy as doing motion tracking here.

While routine functions of video creation software are simplistic and easy to use, robust advanced features are inbuilt too. Some of these are audio production, color grading, compositing, motion graphics, and color correction. The video-making software has thus something to offer for everyone, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or professional. So, you will find in the software a good number of tools for doing both easy video-making tasks as well as more complex ones like focus adjustment, haze removing, and video editing.

Features of Best Video Making Software

The demand for videos belonging to different arenas is increasing and therefore is the demand for video-making software that helps with the development of such content. Turn any raw video content into a professional clip using the best video editing applications. What features really make the software so worthy, let us have a look at them here.

  • Layers and tracks

Tracks are important for layering the videos and there can be any number of layers created as required. These tracks can be moved with ease and some good examples of layers include background videos, watermarks as well as audio tracks. Layers and track options within video-making software can be used for images and audio files too.

  • Video transitions

Video transitions within the best video-making software solutions help with the fading of clips from one to the other. The sharpness of such clips can be readjusted using this feature. Insertion of text and editing the title is easy too and so is previewing videos in real-time. In case you overlap two videos together, a new transition would get generated automatically.

  • Image compositing

Image compositing is used to make images in a video look more dynamic. How the feature works are it combines graphic content and video clips to make images appear in the background. The feature is a great way of rearranging video content as it lets high-track images get displayed on the top while putting those lower-track ones behind the high-track images.

  • Vector templates

Vector or the title templates within video editing apps aid with adding titles to videos. You can also create SVG vector titles by taking the support of this feature. Built-in further are color, text, and other editing tools. You also have the choice of selecting other options like clipart graphics, free vectors, illustrations, and design templates.

  • Video rendering

The best video-making software help with faster video rendering processes and thus an efficient color grading tool. Shaky videos can be smoothened using the video rendering feature and you can also add special effects if need be. Some good examples of such effects are flying texts, lens flares, and snow. Motion tracking is another advantage of using the video rendering feature.

  • Frame accuracy

Video-making software lets you walk through every frame in a video. This helps expand video footage to the maximum for the best viewing. Watch such expanded videos with frame-by-frame accuracy for viewing separately every single footage. The feature is also used to merge and cut segments and convert such output into multiple formats.

  • Speed up/slow down videos

This feature is best used for speeding up and slowing down video clips. The speed slider has been specifically designed to serve this function and you can use it to either make your videos ten times faster or much slower. An interesting part of using this feature is its ability to speed up playback for all the scenes to make videos shorter. Use this feature to even develop fast-motion or slow-down videos.

  • Audio editing & mixing

Use the audio editing feature within video making software for rendering as well as displaying waveforms. You can also use the feature for individually adjusting every audio channel and splitting audio from a video clip. Add songs to videos, do auto-ducking and merge audio files with support from the audio mixing/editing feature.

  • Preloaded themes

Manage the entire look of your video using the preloaded themes available within the best video making software solutions. Such themes also help with powering transitions between an element's motion and slides. Add music or a theme of your choice with ease to prepare some amazing video content.

  • Texts on screen

Planning to send an important message directly to the audience. The answer lies with the text on-screen option. Attach texts to the videos and let the audience receive it without even turning the volume on. What's more? You can even record voices by speaking directly into the device and attaching them to the videos so developed.

  • Slide-based video editors

Slide-based video editors help with simplifying the timelines that may otherwise appear too complicated. Hence all information through slide-based video editors can be timelined into a storyboard form for easy viewing. For this purpose are available tools like notes and story structures.

Benefits of Using Video Making Online Solutions

Along with good robust features for colour grading and correction, you will find a good number of advanced features within the best video editing apps. Enumerated here are the key benefits of using such versatile features.

  • Support for multiple video formats

Video-making online tools provide support for multiple video formats that can be easily read and written. Some of the more common such formats include WMX, AVI, FLV, MOV, and MP4. Multiple format support in the best video editing software is reserved not just for videos but also audio and images.

  • Keyframes for animations

Interpolating keyframes is essential for calculating animation values such as linear, constant, or bezier curves. In the best video-making software, you would find this ability to create powerful keyframes for making animations. There is no limit to such numbers of keyframes available for checking important parameters for developing the best videos.

  • Drag and drop interface

Drag and drop interface makes file dragging into the video making software quickly and easy. This function is good for dragging videos, audios and images as well as editing such content. The videomaker drag and drop option is simple to use and can be used for both resizing the windows as well as relocating the panels.

  • Timeline for video editing

For developing the best video projects are available multiple functionalities within the video-making apps like drag/drop, resizing, and video rendering. Also inbuilt is a timeline for video editing that helps end-users with pre-set settings and animations, align, zoom out/zoom in, snapping, and slicing. All you got to do is drag the timeline into the application and start working on the video creation process.

  • Easy publishing and sharing

Videos so edited using a video making software can be shared with ease. You have the option of either saving these directly into a device or copying links for sharing over the web. Medium for video sharing is never an issue as you can publish downloadable links made available by video-making online solutions for the purpose. Create stunning videos and share them thus easily over a platform of your choice then be it YouTube, social media platform or a blog page.

  • Adding media into slides

You can attach voices and texts to videos using the available best video making software. Media files can therefore be added to make more appealing video content. Icons, photos, images are some good examples of such media files.

  • Adding smooth transitions

Smoothen the movement from one video clip to another with support from video making software's clip transition feature. For the purpose are therefore available multiple transitions like white, fade to black, zoom, dissolve and crossfade.

  • Video optimization

Optimize videos for fine-tuning their color and adding visual effects. You can also slow down, reverse or speed up video clips by taking advantage of the software's video optimization capabilities. Splitting, exporting, and video stabilization are additional options available here.

  • Resizing clips

Video clips so created need to be constantly restructured as per the purpose for which it has been designed. The transform tool is specifically designed for resizing video clips. Clips can thus be resized and adjusted in multiple ways using the best video-making apps. For this purpose, you will find inbuilt into the software such options as snapping, alpha, trimming, adjusting, rotation, and scaling.

How to Select the Best Video Making Software

In order to be able to make the right decision regarding the best software for making and editing videos, take the following factors into consideration and make your choice accordingly.

  • Quality of video outputs: Whether the output quality is HD, 4K or 8K
  • Type of video: Purpose of creating a video i.e. for hobby or professional purposes
  • Compatibility: Compatibility of your application with other apps in case you plan to use videos for collaborative purposes
  • Price: Price factors depend on a lot of things like budget, specific features requirements, and video tutorials.
  • Free applications: Make sure you know the difference between free and freemium. Freemium is generally the lowest version of an application whereas free platforms support a good number of video editing options
  • Exporting: Export options need be accessible so that files created can be exported into the desired file format with ease

Author: Kalpana Arya

Video Making & Editing Software

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Monarch Smart Cut Pro

By Monarch Soft-Tech LLP

4.8 (12 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Monarch Smart Cut Pro is one of the best video editing software in India. Monarch provides cutting-edge features for w... Read More About Monarch Smart Cut Pro

Filmora X

By Wondershare

4.6 (7 reviews)

Price On Request

Wondershare Filmora X is an outstanding video designing software that offers you cutting edge video editing features. J... Read More About Filmora X

Pinnacle Studio 23

By Corel Corporation

4.7 (1 reviews)

Price On Request

Pinnacle Studio 22 is a top of the line video editing software designed for editors who seek a flexible and quick work... Read More About Pinnacle Studio 23

Magix Fastcut Plus Edition


4.5 (2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Magix fastcut plus edition is a video editing software that lets you explore your creativity to its maximum level. It i... Read More About Magix Fastcut Plus Edition

The best video making software solutions for Mac operating systems are: Final Cut Pro X Best for: Three-pane user views Movavi Video Editor Best for: Easy to insert transitions Wondershare Filmora Best for: Green screen and motion tracking Apple iMovie Best for: Creating quick slide shows OpenShot Best for: Support for 3D title Blender Best for: Customizable inputs and quick poly modelling Davinci Resolve Best for: Advanced colour grading

Mentioned here are the six steps you may need to follow for doing quick video editing: Step 1- Create a new project to start working Step 2- Use the drag and drop feature to add files into the software's timeline. Step 3- Edit icons with options titled colour adjustment and clip properties Step 4- Use the Tabs option for adding effects, titles and stickers. Step 5- Drag filters for adding transitions. Step 6- Add audio or images as required. Step 7- Attach text. Step 8- Save file.

Some if the best video making applications for Windows operating system are: HitFilm Express USP: Customizable interface VideoPad USP: Multiple formats for video output VSDC USP: Screen capturing tool Shotcut USP: Support for multiple audio and video formats Lightworks USP: Multitrack editing Movie Maker Online USP: Vertical timeline for easily cropping clips

The best video making software that are freely available include: Avidemux Platforms supported: Linux, Windows and Mac InVideo Platforms supported: Mac/Windows Machete Video Editor Lite Platforms Supported: Windows Freemake Video Converter Platforms supported: Windows Microsoft Movie Moments Platforms supported: Windows

VEGAS Movie Studio 16


4.7 (2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

VEGAS movie studio 15 is the ideal movie maker software to convert your video clips and photos into a movie and cheris... Read More About VEGAS Movie Studio 16

Adobe Presenter Video Expr for Teams

By Adobe

5.0 (1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Presenter Video Express provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core function... Read More About Adobe Presenter Video Expr for Teams



Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

InVideo software is reinventing the way amateurs and professionals attempt video creation. It’s a online video maker... Read More About InVideo

GOM Mix Pro


4.8 (7 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

GOM Mix Pro Video Editing Software is a complete Video Editing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agenc... Read More About GOM Mix Pro

Muvee Automatic Video Editor

By Muvee Tech

4.2 (3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Muvee automatic video editor is one of the best professional video editing software. Turn your videos & pictures int... Read More About Muvee Automatic Video Editor


By Rocketium

Price On Request

Rocketium, video editing software gives a bunch of features to expand efficiency and perform center capacities precisel... Read More About Rocketium

Vimeo Pro

By Vimeo

Price On Request

Vimeo Pro is the most affordable and comfortable way of sharing videos across the globe. The video making software solu... Read More About Vimeo Pro


By PowToon

Price On Request

An animated video making tool, Powtoon is a software that gives you the freedom to express yourself. You can use it in... Read More About Powtoon


By PearlMountain

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

FlexClip is a compact video editing software that can be used to generate marketing videos and family-oriented stories... Read More About FlexClip

Envato Elements

By Envato Elements

Price On Request

Envato Elements Video Template is a complete Video Making Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies.... Read More About Envato Elements

Movavi Video Suite

By Movavi

4.8 (2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Movavi Video Suite is an all-inclusive video making software that can be used to edit, convert, and record live videos... Read More About Movavi Video Suite


By Renderforest

Price On Request

Renderforest Logo Maker is an online multi-purpose logo designing software. This logo designing software offers additio... Read More About Renderforest

Vegas Pro


4.5 (3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

A video editing platform with a lean and logical UI, VEGAS Edit Pro helps you deliver professional results with ease. Fi... Read More About Vegas Pro


By Geronimo Systems

4.6 (3 reviews)

Price On Request

Tubebuddy is a social media management software designed for video content creators who use YouTube. The software helps... Read More About TubeBuddy


By VideoMakerFX

Price On Request



Price On Request

Last Updated on : 16 Aug, 2022

What is Video Making Software?

Video making software is system software which is compatible to both desktop and mobile devices. It helps to create small and full length HD videos to marketers for publish a business videos. This system application also guide to beginners for to how to make videos like professionals.

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Video Making Software Price List In India

Video Making Software Cost
Best Video Making Software Price Ratings
Monarch Smart Cut Pro ₹48873 4.8
Magix Fastcut Plus Edition ₹5309 /Year 4.5
VEGAS Movie Studio 16 ₹4247 /Lifetime 4.6
Adobe Presenter Video Expr for Teams ₹7590 /Year 5
GOM Mix Pro ₹3893 4.7
Muvee Automatic Video Editor ₹6510 /Lifetime 4.2
Movavi Video Suite ₹3067 /Lifetime 4.7
Vegas Pro ₹52486 /Lifetime 4.4

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Jayadrata Middey

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"Basic interface Imaginative usage of certain apparatuses Simplified interface Can transfer straightforwardly to internet based life"

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hyunii lee

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Rishabh Singh

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"Really easy straight forward process from purchase to implementing the software."

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Let us have a look at the best solutions available for doing video editing on a mobile. Horizon- Android and iOS Android and iOS GoPro- Android and iOS Magisto- Android and iOS Boomerang- Android and iOS Hyperlapse- iOS PicPlayPost- iOS and Android Apple Clips- iOS

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