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  1. What is a GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions System?
  2. GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Features
  3. Who Needs Vehicle Tracking Software?
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  5. Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

What is a GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions System?

GPS tracking system software is designed for cars and other lower and heavy vehicles and it is also known as vehicle tracking software. It helps to determine a vehicle’s location, direction, and speed with driver management, vehicle maintenance, route optimization, fuel & temperature monitoring. It provides you with complete information on the vehicle. It ensures the safety of the vehicle by giving you real-time alerts. You can track details of all trips made and extract information related to over speeding, stoppages, kilometres travelled, etc. GPS vehicle tracking system is a complete solution that helps you in registering vehicle details, locate it and maintain it till its disposal. Moreover, it facilitates total vehicle management from the point of its registration until it is disposed of. 

GPS Vehicle Tracking Software Features

Real-time Tracking

This is one of the critical features of a vehicle tracking system. You can track and monitor your vehicle whether it is idle, parked or on the move. It lets you keep a close eye on your car, bike, truck, and other fleets. Along with GPS location, it displays vehicles' speed on the map. Since you have the exact location of your vehicle, you can locate stolen vehicles in no time.

Real-time Alerts

You get instant notifications or real-time alerts using vehicle tracking software. You receive alerts related to over speeding, route deviation, over-stoppage. Besides this, many alerts can be configured as per your requirement such as vehicle idling alert, tampering alert, fuel pilferage alert, dangerous driving, etc.


Geofencing is like an extended version of real-time alerts. Geographical boundaries can be marked on the map as a prohibited area. In case, any vehicle crosses the specified geographic boundary, the immediate alert will be received. This is a unique way to enhance the level of safety and security for vehicle, driver, and passenger(s).  

Route Optimization

Route optimization refers to defining the most cost-efficient route. Vehicle tracking software in association with GPS tracking devices, helps you find the shortest and safest way from one point to another. You can highlight polylines over roads or across the highway to optimize the movement of the fleet. Moreover, while identifying the best route, the software considers the required stops such as a restaurant, petrol pump, automobile repair shop, etc.

Fuel Monitoring

You can keep a complete track of fuel used and wasted. You can issue and cancel fuel cards using the system. The vehicle tracking system helps in reducing fuel wastage, thereby, cutting down fuel costs. Also, you can control fuel theft attempts. Every act that affects fuel consumption can be monitored using the software such as rapid acceleration, use of the clutch, brake, etc.

Temperature Monitoring

Vehicle management software can help you reduce expenses incurred on a repair. With the proposed system by your side, you need not take your vehicle to a mechanic for its overall health inspection immediately. First, you will receive a notification, whether vehicle temperature is moderate, cold or hot, and then you can accordingly take action.

Map Replay

Map replay uses mapping technology to retrace the route taken by a driver and identify unauthorized stops. It also helps you verify the daily activity of a driver. You can confirm if the driver worked for the hours claimed, if the vehicle was taken to unknown or unauthorized routes, or if it was driven off-hours and more.

Access Control & User Management

For fleet owners, access control and user management are critical functions. You can have complete control related to adding, deleting, modifying the user’s profile and assign roles. For instance, you can regulate the manager’s role- he or she can issue a fuel card. Similarly, drivers will have limited access, such as they can use it for route optimization.

Who Needs Vehicle Tracking Software?

Vehicle tracking software can be used for both personal and professional purposes. From basic vehicle tracking to specified top-notch solutions, there are multiple options available to choose from as per your requirement. In case of personal use, the software comes handy to fulfill the basic need for route tracking of a car, bike. Also, it is used to find a parked vehicle in a parking lot. However, professionally, a vehicle tracking system is used by companies involved in fleet management, logistics service, car rental, urban public transit authorities, etc. Companies that offer transport facilities and maintain their own fleet, can also use this software.

Modules of GPS Live Vehicle Tracking Software

Driver Management

The vehicle tracking system helps in maintaining a complete record of drivers including personal details, license numbers, vehicles eligible to drive, etc. Moreover, there are companies where drivers are not fixed for vehicles. They are assigned a vehicle on a daily basis. In such organizations, respective software comes handy as both driver and manager remain updated on which vehicle will be driven by whom.

Subsidiary and Partner Management

This module helps you in managing your vehicles that are spread across different locations or subsidiaries. You can manage your fleet separately for each subsidiary or collectively, as per your requirement. You can generate separate invoices and reports for each location using a single vehicle tracking system.

Registration Management

The registration management module of the vehicle tracking system helps in recording and tracking registration renewal details. You will receive an instant notification related to registration expiry and vehicle inspection. Moreover, maintaining the complete data related to vehicle registration becomes painless with this software.

Vehicle Servicing & Maintenance

GPS vehicle tracking system is not only concerned with vehicle registration but vehicle maintenance as well. Keeping up with expiration or renewal date isn’t easy. In fact, if you miss them, it can prove to be costly. The proposed software facilitates vehicle maintenance by reminding you of renewal dates on time regarding insurance contract, annual service, Pollution Under Control Certificate, etc.

Report Generation

Vehicle tracking software provides a wide range of reports, charts, and graphs. The gps time tracking app can automatically generate reports on a few predefined bases such as kilometers traveled, routes taken, fuel, vehicle expense incurred, etc. Also, the software lets you create customized and insightful reports anytime.

POI & Tools

Point of Interest (POI) tool helps you in marking the area of your interest on the Google map such as food outlet, gas station, vehicle repair shop, workstation, etc. You can even name the place and add the required description. This tool can also be used for distance calculation between locations.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

Reduces Fuel & Maintenance Cost

GPS vehicle tracking system helps in reducing overall expenses incurred in managing a fleet of vehicles. For instance, you need not go to the mechanic every now and then, to ensure if a vehicle requires inspection. In fact, the software will ascertain and notify you when an inspection is really needed. Most importantly, it will help in reducing fuel costs by diminishing vehicle idling and promoting route optimization.

Improves Supervision & Safety

With vehicle tracking software, you can expect betterment in the supervision and safety of the vehicle as well as a driver. It is linked with the vehicle tracker and gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire fleet. You can track both vehicles and drivers in real-time. You get instant access to the location of the vehicle and monitor if unsafe driving is taking place. Also, you can protect your motor vehicle against theft.

Predictive Performance of Fleet

You are provided with accurate fleet data, thanks to vehicle tracking software. The data collected is based on various metrics, such as fuel used, total distance traveled, over speeding, stoppages, routes taken, etc. This data is available on your fingertips to generate insightful reports and predict the performance of a fleet.

Maximize Vehicle Utilization

You can get the best and most out of your vehicle using a GPS vehicle tracking system. The data obtained and analysis done using a GPS vehicle asset tracking system helps in reducing the time consumed at unnecessary stops. It eliminates vehicle idling time, optimizes fuel consumption, minimizes over-speeding, facilitates right route planning, etc. In other words, it helps in enhancing the life of your vehicle.

Increases Driver Productivity

GPS vehicle tracking system helps in enhancing drivers’ productivity by letting you manage them effectively. Using the software, you can evaluate the performance of drivers. You know the number of hours worked or wasted by them by taking the wrong route or making unnecessary stops. Moreover, you can increase the number of trips by assigning jobs whenever you spot any idle vehicle & driver.

Eliminates Bad Driving

Investing in a GPS location tracker is a great way to put a brake on aggressive driving. The software helps in reducing cases of speeding & harsh stops, by keeping track of it in real-time. Thereby, it also decreases vehicle maintenance costs and reduces the chances of accidents. Are you confused regarding which GPS vehicle tracking system to go for? Refer to the following points that will guide you regarding things to consider before buying respective software:

Easy to Use

Vehicle tracking software should not be such that it calls for extensive training, else there are chances it will be difficult for employees to embrace it. The software should come with a friendly user interface that has an intuitive dashboard and functions, appearing in an organized manner.

Supporting Devices

Hardware used by drivers and department employees may vary. Therefore, it is essential that software is compatible with different devices. For example, the off-field workforce prefers using desktops or laptops, whereas, field service employees would prefer using portable devices such as smartphones & tablets.


Free trial, demo, software training gives you only a glimpse of software. Smooth software training doesn’t ensure that you will not face issues at a later stage. However, a vendor with a supportive team can make the ride smoother. Therefore, make sure your software comes with a quick and responsive support team.


A scalable vehicle tracking system in India allows you to start small and add more features as per the business requirements. The software should be suitable for tracking a handful of vehicles today, and an innumerable fleet of vehicles in the future, as the business expands.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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It doesn’t matter whether you have a local business or you operate interstate. You can plan the best route in either case.

However easy-to-use vehicle tracking software is, you will be provided with software training. Also, you will get training manuals for future help.

Of course! You can find a stolen vehicle using the proposed software provided motor vehicle has not been exposed to much damage and vehicle tracker has not been dismantled.

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What is a GPS Vehicle Tracking System?

GPS tracking system software is designed for cars and other lower and heavy vehicles and it is also known as vehicle tracking software. It helps to determine a vehicle’s location, direction, and speed with driver management, vehicle maintenance, route optimization, fuel & temperature monitoring.

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FAQs About GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Absolutely! Features can be customized as per your business requirement.

Vehicle tracking software can be implemented in a week which may extend in case you need customized features.

Your data will remain safe. Data backup will be provided on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in case of cloud-based solution.

Vehicle tracking software is beneficial for all fleet sizes, irrespective of the nature of vehicles. You can use it irrespective of the number of vehicles and drivers you have.

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