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Found our list of Salon Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

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  1. What is Salon Management Software?
  2. What is Spa Software?
  3. Modules of Salon Management Software
  4. Common Features of Salon Management Software
  5. Uses of Salon Software in Beauty Parlours and SPA's 
  6. Why Use Salon and Spa Management Software?
  7. Advantages / Benefits of Salon Management Software
  8. Thing To Be Consider Before Buying Spa Salon Software
  9. Advanced Feature to Increase Your Profits & Customer Base
  10. Beauty Salon Management Software For Small Business
  11. Best Software for Beauty Parlour

What is Salon Management Software?

Salon software is to manage online salon booking, scheduling, pos billing system and personalized wellness has become an integral part of today’s healthy lifestyle. People are now adopting wellness activities as part of their life. This trend towards practicing a healthy lifestyle is coupled with the increased awareness about yoga centers, ayurvedic spas and salons. The increased popularity of wellness spas and salons invites heavy competition, demanding innovative measures to ensure branding and profitability.

Salon Billing software is to automate your accounts related things like costumers invoices, inventory, staff payments, manage salon expenses, etc.

What is Spa Software?

Spa software is the best solution for Spa salon owners and they need to continuously look for innovative measures to attract new customers and ensure repeat visits. However, dealing with demanding customers, managing inventory and ensuring the service quality across multiple outlets often pull them apart from achieving desired profitability. Fortunately, advances in technology, such as salon management software can help them deliver quality services at profitable prices.

Modules of Salon Management Software

Hair salon online appointment booking: Salon software can be easily integrated with your salon website or salon booking app to help you get business 24X7. Your clients can book appointments online and pay for the services from anywhere and anytime. Accordingly, your stylists can plan their day in advance.

Client Management Solution: Using the best spa management software, salon managers can get access to the appointment and billing history of their clients. Also, you can view the services available by individual clients. Accordingly, you can run campaigns that target the preferred services of your customers.

Salon Staff Management Solution: From the salaries of employees to their commission on the basis of the sale of products and services, all can be handled with top salon software. With timely payroll processing and commission reimbursement, you can win the trust of customers and motivate them to deliver higher productivity. Also, you can set performance metrics to find out top performers at your salon booking app every month.

Salon Inventory System: Are you witnessing malpractices with respect to the usage of beauty products?  Invest in the spa and salon software today. This can help you track what’s in stock and what needs to be procured shortly. The stock level is updated automatically every time a product is used while rendering services to clients.

Expense Management: Use the spa booking app to keep track of day-to-day expenses and spa online booking. Using spa management software, you can easily generate reports of expenses made by every employee and find ways to reduce the amount spent on different business activities. If there is any reimbursement claim by employees, you can verify and process them on time. Further, if you provide door-to-door service, you can easily manage the travel expenses of your staff.

Salon Billing System: You can ensure faster and accurate billing with the POS module of your beauty parlor software. Using the spa management software, you can ensure multiple payment integrations, allowing your clients to pay via mobile wallets, credit card, and debit card. At the same time, you can print invoices and share them via email. By providing a complete set of payment options to customers, you can expect higher customer satisfaction.

Salon Staff Reporting System: Get powerful insights and data by using the best spa software. These insights can help you grow your business strategically and make informed business decisions. With the powerful reporting module of best spa software, you can access instant information at the time of taxation and while you are calculating profit & loss. Beauty salon reports can also help you in understanding the preferences of your clients, such as they are opting for haircut but not going for a spa. Accordingly, you can run marketing campaigns on targeted customers and get higher response rate.

Common Features of Salon Management Software

Generate Spa and Beauty Parlour Discount Coupons: Everyone loves discounts. Even your beauty salon clients. Get the best spa software to create discount coupons that include the maximum discount, terms & conditions and the validity date. Discount coupons are critical to boosting your sales, so why not create something for the upcoming festive season by using the best salon software!

Prepaid Packages: If your clients are opting for the haircut but not the hair spa, it’s likely because they are finding it too expensive to spend on two different services. You can tap into sales opportunities by offering them customized packages, where you club-related services together by membership management software. With prepaid packages, your clients will be happy as they get more while they pay a lesser amount. At the same time, you will receive more appointments and bookings for services. So, it’s a win-win situation for employers and employees.

Inquiry Follow-Up: You might be getting inquiries on your website about services and schedule frequently. You can convert most of those website visitors into customers by ensuring a timely follow-up. So, use beauty salon software and make the most of inquiries. Make new clients with timely follow up. The spa software also provides follow-up alerts right on your dashboard to ensure that you don’t miss out on a single inquiry.

Marketing & Retention: Are you doing enough to boost your client engagement? Try SMS marketing to approach your potential clients and turn them into regular visitors at your salon with lucrative offers and packages. Along with SMS, you can also try email marketing with the help of spa salon software to make your potential clients and existing customers aware of the latest services and packages. Also, you can perform targeted marketing based on the visit history and past transactions with your clients.

Mobile salon software: It's the best for online booking and scheduling, many spa salon software in the market come with their own mobile apps, which are compatible with Android & iOS. Using beauty parlor software apps, your clients can book appoints from anywhere by using their tablet or smartphone. Also, they can use the booking app to search for different available services at your beauty salon.

Uses of Salon Software in Beauty Parlours and SPA's 

Beauty salon software is the need of the wellness industry, which works under the model of planned appointments. This software can assist at every stage, whether you need to block the time of stylists or keep the service room or equipment engaged for a specific time.

Spa management software is trusted by the best players in the beauty parlors and wellness industry. And, you can also do the same to discover the best ingredient for the success of your hair salon, spa, beauty salon, bridal salon, nail salon or massage center. You can rapidly manage your spa or salon business using advanced tools to address the personalized need of customers, schedule their appointment and provide requested services.

Why Use Salon and Spa Management Software?

Along with online booking and appointment scheduling, salon manager software provides many useful features for client retention and feedback management. You can maintain a positive client relationship by looking back to their appointment history and booking preferences. Accordingly, you can contact them for future bookings with personalized deals and lucrative offers.

Other important benefits of spa booking apps are the ready-to-use features for invoicing, tax, receipt and sales management. Also, you can send automated reminders to your clients for their upcoming bookings to prevent any chance of no-show. And, in case of any change in schedule, you can notify them immediately. Aren’t these features enough to revolutionize your spa salon business?

Advantages / Benefits of Salon Management Software

Efficiency: Best spa and salon software helps you bring efficiency to the process of appointment booking. Your clients can perform spa online booking from anywhere, and you can easily identify openings to schedule their appointment. Further, you can search for information like the services they availed previously. This way, you can serve them readily with every information about their preferences at your fingertips. Not just that, spa owners also get access to instant reports without even struggling with complex spreadsheets. Through details regarding sales transactions, client details and services available readily, they can take significant steps towards enhancing their service quality.

Profitability: With client details and their segmentation on the basis of demographics and behavior, you can run targeted marketing campaigns. As per the gender, service history and the last service, you can customize your content towards them. Further, a spa salon software allows you to connect with your clients via SMS and emails. The marketing module of any top spa salon software makes it easy to win back your clients who have not booked any service recently. The reporting feature of the best salon software further helps you track your retail sales. You can ask your sales staff to suggest beauty products to your customers according to their prior purchase and the services they have availed recently. Not just that. With a spa salon software, you will never run out of stock, as it will remind you as soon as a product goes below the defined quantity.

Security: Your appointment schedule, inventory count, and sales transactions can be kept safe from cyber threats using the best spa and salon software. With cloud-based spa salon software, you can rest assured of the safety of your confidential data. Further, you need not worry about client details being tampered by your previous employees. The best salon software ensures restricted access to the data by only authenticated users. So, your previous employees and malicious agents would not get access to the software. Get top salon software and enjoy complete control over your salon data.

Thing To Be Consider Before Buying Spa Salon Software

Buying software for your spa or salon can be a stressful task. However, making the right decision about your best salon software will help you save your time and resources and ensure higher profitability.

Define Your Need 

You need to begin by asking yourself a few questions. Where do you see your hair salon in the future? Do you want it to be the regular source of revenue or have plans to sell it in the future? How do you expect your spa center’s customer base to grow by the end of this financial year? Or, do you have plans to franchise your beauty salon in the coming future?

The answer to these questions can help you make the right decision on top salon software. Depending upon your business plan, you can opt for the right set of features. For instance, whether you want your top salon software to be purely an online parlor booking portal. Or, do you want a comprehensive salon management software that handles staff, inventory, customers, accounts & finances, and reports?

Ease of Use

What’s the use of investing in a comprehensive salon management software, if you can’t use all its features! Take, for instance, the reporting capability of salon software. It should provide endless possibilities to use your salon data and get valuable insights into staff performance, customer preferences, and sales opportunities. In short, a top salon software should help you increase salon profitability and stay ahead of the competition.

Ask for Salon Software Demo

Another important factor to consider is the software support you will get after the salon software implementation. The moment you face problems in using salon software, you will expect immediate support from the vendor. Any delay in the support service can impact your workflow. So, look for a top salon software vendor who ensures personalized support for the specific needs of your employees working on the software.

Advanced Feature to Increase Your Profits & Customer Base

Marketing is pivotal in increasing the profit of your spa or salon and increasing the customer base. The best salon software will provide all essential features to address your targeted customers on social media platforms and through SMS and email marketing. You are likely to get a higher response rate when you share the right content with the right audience at the right time. And, if a salon software that can help you in achieving the desired revenue margin, go for it.

Beauty Salon Management Software For Small Business

  1. HDSalon Billing Software
  2. MINDBODY Spa Management Software
  3. Zenoti Salon Software
  4. Salon Soft
  5. 13 Design Street Spa and Salon Software
  6. SimpleSpa Software
  7. Indian Mesh Salon and Spa Software
  8. eSpa Salon Management Software
  9. Brainpower Salon POS Software
  10. Baxu Parlour Software

Best Software for Beauty Parlour

  1. shedul
  2. waffor
  3. easysalon
  4. miosalon
  5. iServe Salon

Author: Kalpana Arya

Best Salon Software in 2022

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Invoay Salon Management

By Invoay Software

4.8 (3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Invoay is a spa and salon management software that is entirely cloud-based and offers aPOS solution.It integrates with... Read More About Invoay Salon Management

Salonist Software

By Shrivra

5.0 (3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Salonist is one of the leading spa and salon management software available in the market. It provides essential tools s... Read More About Salonist Software

Experts IN Xperts Salon

By Experts IN

4.9 (1 reviews)

Price On Request

Xperts Salon Billing Software is a comprehensive, easy to use, specifically designed for Salon & Spa to manage effec... Read More About Experts IN Xperts Salon

HDSalon Software

By HyperDrive

4.7 (4 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

HDSalon Software is a complete Salon Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Salon Software f... Read More About HDSalon Software

A. Top salon software is available in the market in both forms, online and offline. Depending upon your requirement, you can opt for the most suitable option. While the best salon software ensures data security, desktop-based software is preferred by small salons which operate from a single system.

A. You can get the best salon software for single user or multiple users, depending upon your business needs. Also, you can choose make up salon software for one or multiple locations.

A. Check out the free and open source spa and salon management software for beauty parlours for trial.

A. The cost of a spa management software depends on the number of users and customization needs. Also, you need to pay the annual maintenance charge (AMC), which is not quite high.

Bill It


Price On Request

Bill It one of the best salon and spa management software designed to cater the needs of Indian markets. Developed by M... Read More About Bill It

Salon & Spa Management Software


Price On Request

Easy to use #1 Salon & Spa Management software that helps to grow your revenue.... Read More About Salon & Spa Management Software


By D-Sys Data

5.0 (4 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

D-Salonis a complete Salon Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Salon Software for Web-Bas... Read More About D-Salon

Sigma Salon Management Software

By SigmaIT

Price On Request

Sigma Salon Management Software is designed to automate customer management for salons. This spa management software s... Read More About Sigma Salon Management Software

e SALON SPA Software

By JHD Solutions

4.8 (2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

JHD- e SALON SPA software is an online spa and salon management software, which has been in the beauty business since 20... Read More About e SALON SPA Software

Abitzu Spa & Salon Software

By Abitzu Software

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Abitzu is a software developed for Spa and Salon owners to streamline their daily operations. The software for salon al... Read More About Abitzu Spa & Salon Software

Prime Spa & Beauty Salon

By Prime

4.5 (2 reviews)

Price On Request

Spa & Beauty Salon is a holistic solution from Prime Software that enables the businesses to manage all its operatio... Read More About Prime Spa & Beauty Salon

Waffor Spa and Salon Software

By Waffor

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Waffor is a spa and salon management software that aims to provide customer retention and engagement solutions for reta... Read More About Waffor Spa and Salon Software

Easy Salon Software

By 13DesignStreet

4.2 (1 reviews)

Price On Request

Easy salon software is a turnkey spa & salon management software. Its features are customizable according to your bu... Read More About Easy Salon Software


By Fresha

Price On Request

Fresha is a cloud-based salon and spa management solution that is capable of digitizing and automating tasks such as ap... Read More About Fresha


By Retailbean

4.9 (2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Retailbean Lite is a multistore management solution for salons, spas and fashion retail stores. The cloud POS and retai... Read More About RetailbeanLite

Purple Saloon

By JSNSoft

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Purple Saloon is a business management software offering easy-to-use tools to help saloons and Spas run their operation... Read More About Purple Saloon

Mink Salon Inventory Management Software

By Indian Mesh

4.8 (1 reviews)

Price On Request

Mink Salon Inventory Management Software is a complete Inventory Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, S... Read More About Mink Salon Inventory Management Software

MeshInk Salon & Spa Software

By Indian Mesh

4.9 (8 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Indian Mesh Salon & Spa Software is a best spa & Salon Software that increases the efficiency of a salon by elim... Read More About MeshInk Salon & Spa Software

Membroz Salon & Spa Software

By Membroz

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Membroz spa & salon management software that helps in streamlining day-to-day operations. It automates different pr... Read More About Membroz Salon & Spa Software

Last Updated on : 26 Sep, 2022

What is Salon Software?

Salon software is to manage online salon booking, scheduling, pos billing system and personalized wellness has become an integral part of today’s healthy lifestyle. People are now adopting wellness activities as part of their life.

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Salon Software Price List In India

Salon Software Cost
Best Salon Software Price Ratings
Invoay Salon Management ₹1966 /Month 4.7
Salonist Software ₹14160 5
HDSalon Software ₹4130 4.6
D-Salon ₹15000 4.9
e SALON SPA Software ₹25370 /Year 4.7
RetailbeanLite ₹17700 /Year 4.9
MeshInk Salon & Spa Software ₹11800 /Year 4.9

Salon Software Reviews



review for Invoay Salon Management


"It has everything we need to run our business and it's interface is user friendly. Customer support is also top "

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Mohammed Mustafa

review for HDSalon Software


"All customer-related tasks are simple to manage. Allow you to add appointments from any location and send appointment reminders via texts or mail."

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Ankit Kumar

review for D-Salon


"It was easy to set up, I like the reports you can create, and I find the online help subjects really helpful."

See All D-Salon Reviews


Aakash Sharma

review for e SALON SPA Software


"Excellent service. Very trustworthy software at lowest cost. Highly recommended."

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Sudheendra Kumar

review for Prime Spa & Beauty Salon


"Techjockey did a better job in recommending appropriate software for our needs than our software re-seller. Would definitely recommend."

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FAQs About Salon Software

A. Yes, you can use a make up salon software on your mobile or tablet. You can track your bookings, staff performance and client details from your phone.

A. Depending upon the best spa and salon software you are using currently, you can easily import all data related to clients, bookings, stock and staff to the new salon management system. 

A. Many salon manager software vendors are coming up with mobile apps to help petrol pump owners manage their salon booking app on the go. To know more, you can contact us anytime.

A. It’s not possible with the offline version. However, you can schedule reports on an email address, and those will be shared automatically.

A. Online booking management software ensures complete security of your salon data, such as employee information, customer details and transaction history. Employees get access to only those data which they need to perform their job.

A. A spa salon software comes loaded with the modules for appointment booking, POS, marketing tools, CRM, reporting and staff performance analysis. Also, there are many beauty software apps through which clients can book appointments directly. So, you can say that the best salon software is an all-in-one solution.

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