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76 Best Restaurant Billing Software in 2021

What is Restaurant Billing Software?

Restaurant management software is a computer application that automates complete restaurant daily workflows. Basic functions include table reservations, billing and invoicing, order management etc. It helps in managing restaurant billing and invoicing along with other restaurant requirements.

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Best Seller


By FloBiz

(9 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

myBillBook is a GST billing and inventory management software that creates professional bills or GST invoices for busin... Read More About myBillBook
Billing & Invoicing GST Invoicing Analytics & Reporting +19 More
Best Seller
Vyapar Billing Software

Vyapar Billing Software

By Vyapar

(10 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Vyapar is a GST billing software that also offers modules for accounting and inventory management for small businesses.... Read More About Vyapar Billing Software
Auto Backup Reporting Customization +13 More




RePOS software is a billing and POS solution for restaurants to manage inventory, customer data and counter sales. It... Read More About RePOS
Point of Sale (POS) Stock Management Sales & Marketing +5 More


By Swiftomatics

(12 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Royal POS is a cloud-based POS software solution for enterprises operating in retail, food and beverage verticals. The... Read More About RoyalPOS
Traditional Solutions SIMPLE AND EASY Smart Billing +6 More

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Pelagian Restaurant Billing Software

Pelagian Restaurant Billing Software

By Pelagian

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Pelagian Softwares - A Place for Restaurant and Hotel Software

Pelagian is a restaurant billing software, which is used by restaurants, sweet shops, bars, bakery, fast food corners,... Read More About Pelagian Restaurant Billing Software
Table Management Menu Management KOT Management +15 More
Best Seller


By Petpooja

(31 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

  Petpooja is a restaurant POS system, which helps from inventory management to online payment and KOTs. Petpooja’s... Read More About PetPooja
Recipe Management Third-party Integration Point of Sale (POS) +13 More


By POSist Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

POSist food business management software helps restaurants and other food joint businesses by managing their outlets in... Read More About Posist
Alert Analytics & Reporting Billing & Invoicing +19 More


By Limetray

(6 reviews)

Starting Price

₹4,130/6 Months

Inclusive of all taxes

Limetray is one of the most widely used and recommended and best restaurant management software for eatery billing and... Read More About Limetray
Analytics & Reporting Billing & Invoicing Customer Management +18 More

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Ciferon POS

Ciferon POS

By Ciferon

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Ciferon POS is a restaurant billing software that helps with daily functioning of an eatery. The software has an easy t... Read More About Ciferon POS
KOT Management Accounting Expense Register +5 More
Mink Foodiee Restaurant POS

Mink Foodiee Restaurant POS

By Indian Mesh

(29 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Mink Foodiee Restaurant POS is fully integrated POS software for restaurants. Restaurant owners can use this software t... Read More About Mink Foodiee Restaurant POS
Recipe, Variance & food costing. Email & SMS Integration Schemes & Offers +19 More
Fusion Resto

Fusion Resto

By Rance Computer

(4 reviews)


FusionResto is most popular restaurant billing software in India and it comes with an easy to use interface that lets yo... Read More About Fusion Resto
Purchase Management Table Management KOT Management +14 More
Logic F&B

Logic F&B

By Logic ERP

(2 reviews)


Logic F&B is a total integrated ERP solution for food and beverage product retailing. The suite of the solution comp... Read More About Logic F&B
Alert Analytics & Reporting Billing & Invoicing +17 More

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Top Rated


By Digirestro

(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Digirestro is a restaurant management software. It helps restaurateurs supervise all the functions and tasks. It is a... Read More About Digirestro
Table Management Analytics & Reporting Integration +12 More
ATS Table Service Restaurant Bar POS

ATS Table Service Restaurant Bar POS

By Advance Technology

(1 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

ATS Table Service Restaurant Bar POS is a web-based feature-enriched billing software for restaurant that helps food ch... Read More About ATS Table Service Restaurant Bar POS
KOT Management Voids management Reports & Analytics +5 More
RePOS Tab My Order

RePOS Tab My Order



RePOS Tab My Order is a POS software that helps with handling restaurant table orders. The restaurant POS software fur... Read More About RePOS Tab My Order
Paperless Ordering Full Menu Display & KOT Customization CRM integration +5 More


By TBI Technologies

(5 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

eRe4u is a best restaurant management software that helps users automate their restaurant operations and manage their b... Read More About eRe4u
Analytics & Reporting Billing & Invoicing Customer Management +18 More

Top Products

Anvesha Restaurant Management Software
The solution is a Windows-based and Android-based restaurant billing system. The solution can be can be used wirelessly... Read More About Anvesha Restaurant Management Software
Alert Analytics & Reporting Billing & Invoicing +10 More
CodeRobotics Restaurant 365
Restaurants365 is a holistic solution for restaurants with multiple outlets. This intuitive solution helps the business... Read More About CodeRobotics Restaurant 365
Alert Analytics & Reporting Billing & Invoicing +11 More
DSO Restaurant

DSO Restaurant

By DSO Software

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

The DSO restaurant billing system is an ERP that covers all the essential functions of a restaurant leaving none. The Po... Read More About DSO Restaurant
Feedbacks Menu Management Online Orders Management +9 More
TBS Online Food Ordering System
TBS Online Food Ordering System has been developed to help you restaurant billing system, online food delivery business... Read More About TBS Online Food Ordering System
Automated Process Supplier Management Online Orders Management +1 More

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Last Updated on : 21 Oct, 2021

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Restaurant Billing Software Reviews


Ranjeet G

review for myBillBook


"It is easy to use with Great UI. Has all the features like Make invoice in 10 sec etc. The best customer success team makes it the best for SMEs."

See All myBillBook Reviews


Santosh Dubey

review for Vyapar Billing Software


"I like how useful it is for small scale businesses, especially for start-up groceries. Great paperless cash management solution. Automated and great for doing reporting."

See All Vyapar Billing Software Reviews


Atul Prakash

review for RoyalPOS


"Royal pos a great solution for Restaurant, Grocery shop. Marts etc. with good features and it's easy to use."

See All RoyalPOS Reviews


Jaiprakash Sharma

review for Posist


"So, great idea - and the problem doesn't necessarily come from Techjockey itself, but a few things could be smoothed out with the follow-up from the vendors.?"

See All Posist Reviews


Amardeep Tanwar

review for Limetray


"Advanced point of sale for your restaurant, will do hall and table management "

See All Limetray Reviews

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Buyer's Guide for Top Restaurant Billing Software

Found our list of Restaurant Billing Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Restaurant Management System?

Restaurant management software is a computer application for the complete restaurant billing system. A restaurant pos software refers to any system which helps run restaurants, food outlets, bakeries, food trucks, confectionary stores, restaurant channels, etc. Restaurant apps help the waiters can directly enter orders through a tablet or smartphone which are then printed or accessed digitally in the kitchen. For example, if a diner would like his steak medium rare, the server can easily communicate the same to the chef. Top restaurant software is a godsend for the restaurant owners, offering amazing modules like table reservation, membership management software, material management, kitchen display system.

Who Needs Restaurant Billing Software (POS)?

If you’re in the food business, you need restaurant billing software. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, run a small bakery, a deli or an ice cream parlor, you require a top restaurant billing software. Make a cloud kitchen wherein you or your servers can directly forward orders through a tablet or some other device to the chef. Even if you’re a newbie and want to jump into the restaurant business, a restaurant software can ease a lot of pain when opening a restaurant. So, put on your best foot forward and go for a top restaurant software in India.

Why You Need Restaurant Management System Software?

With the ease afforded by a restaurant software system, restaurant managers and owners can focus on delivering a quality experience to customers. How do you go about doing this? By communicating their orders/requests to the chef through the kitchen display system, thereby reducing the time taken to serve the meal. Further, wastage and theft are key issues faced by a restauranteur. A top restaurant software helps address this issue with better management of your inventory vis-à-vis raw materials to reduce the instance of theft and overstocking. Last but not least, you can track your stock levels in real-time to assess which raw materials need to be re-stocked.

Modules Of Best Restaurant Management System For Billing

Restaurant Kitchen Management and Display System

An integral part of any restaurant management software, the ‘kitchen display system’ module is where the magic happens. When the kitchen receives an order, the kitchen order tickets (KOT) pop up on the Kitchen Display System. With a digital KOT, you safeguard against the risk of missing any order. After the order has been sent out, the chef can simply swipe the KOT from the display to mark the order as complete.

Restaurant Inventory Management System

With a recipe and inventory management module, you can define, plan, procure, cook, and organize ingredients and recipes for your entire menu. You can easily find out the required stock, raw materials et al needed to be based on sales and kitchen production automatically. You can maintain stock levels based on the recipe for each dish. This helps ensure the consistent quality of your dishes. You can even program the restaurant inventory management solution to automatically reorder, based on specified minimum stock levels.

Through restaurant inventory management, you can adjust reorder points, restock ingredients and ensure you never have too much or too little stock on your shelves. A staple of the best restaurant software, this module is a godsend for restaurant owners. Through this module, you can also update the recipes across all your outlets instantly, thus upholding the same consistency in quality and standards. This module also assists in an automatic deduction of the number of raw materials consumed for preparing each order. Last but not least, you can lower your food costs by altering the main recipe and the portions required for item preparation.

Restaurant Menu Management Solution

By having a central restaurant point of sale system, you can manage the menu across all restaurant outlets easily. It saves you the effort of manually updating the menu as all changes are reflected instantly. You can update, edit and customize your menu anywhere, anytime based on your sales numbers and the popular dishes on your menu. Through the menu management module of restaurant software, you can route orders to kitchen printers or kitchen displays by menu category or item.

Raw Material Management Solution

Keep an eye on stock levels to determine your requirements through the raw material management module. Set alerts for items for replenishment when they reach re-stock levels. This module, found in the majority of top restaurant software, also assists in managing the shelf life of perishable goods/raw materials, as you receive a notification when an item reaches its expiration date.

Central Kitchen Management System: The central kitchen management module enables a restaurant owner to manage the circulation of raw materials from the central kitchen to various other outlets. Take McDonald's for example, they source their raw materials (such as iceberg lettuce) from one supplier and distribute it to their franchisees ensuring consistency, reliability, and quality throughout. The central kitchen management module also helps identify the stock requirement of each outlet through the central POS. In addition, you can create purchase orders for each outlet and manage stock circulation. Moreover, you can keep a record of the consumed materials to determine how much of each item was used, leftover and wasted. Top restaurant software in India usually offers a central kitchen management module.

Offers & Loyalty Program Management System

Loyalty programs & offers are a vital part of top restaurant & hotel management software. You can create point-based or visit-based custom loyalty programs to increase the number of repeat visitors. If you go for a cloud-based restaurant management system, you’ll do away with the trouble of maintaining loyalty cards for adding or redeeming reward points. You also get the option of designing your very own loyalty program based on a customer’s spending habits and behavior. Further, you can run city/state/country/worldwide loyalty programs across your restaurants or outlets.

Restaurant Marketing Solution

Send customized SMS/Emails to your customers w.r.t. any developments such as the introduction of a new dish, happy hours or availability of the restaurant for a birthday bash/party. SMS also helps keep customers updated about the delivery status of their orders. You can also design SMS tailored according to a customer’s tastes, preferences, and previous buying history. You can also wish customers on special occasions and festivals. SMS marketing is a vital module of any top restaurant software available in India. In the same vein, you can keep in touch with your customers through email, informing them about the latest offers running in your restaurant. You can design, schedule and send impactful emails for maximum customer engagement. Though, a word of advice: Don’t overdo it or you’ll find your emails being automatically sent to the spam folder. Similar to SMS marketing, you can send personalized emails based on the customer’s ordering habits and greet them on their birthdays/anniversaries.

Main Key Features Of Restaurant Management System Software For Billing

Wastage & Theft Control

Every restaurant comes across the issue of wastage. Whether its leftovers or ordering excess ingredients compared to sales, you need to plan your inventory levels accordingly. With restaurant POS software, you can automatically forecast the demand based on the past levels of inventory. Through this, you can plan in a better way with respect to raw materials, thereby reducing wastage. In addition, you can identify cases of theft, as the restaurant software tracks and audits activities including those which seem out of the ordinary, such as the loss of food items/ingredients and leftovers. Wastage and theft control are the key issues faced by most restaurants, and any top restaurant software can help minimize it.

Restaurant Billing System

Your restaurant management software can be easily integrated with accounting software, helping you take care of all restaurant billing and accounting tasks with a single click. You can generate reports automatically to find out end-of-month financials and identify any irregularities in numbers.

Roles & Permissions

In top restaurant management software, you can create custom roles and permissions for your employees. Through this, you can keep track of each and every activity performed by an employee and assign different responsibilities to different staff. Moreover, it also assists in controlling issues of theft as you can identify the culprit based on the permissions granted to them.

Restaurant POS System (GST Integration)

Best restaurant software offers a payment integration facility and syncs up with restaurant billing software seamlessly. Most restaurant POS software in India accept various modes of payments, such as cash, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets. This also helps to process orders in a jiffy thereby increasing customer delight.


Several top restaurant management systems have an inbuilt taxation facility wherein you have the option of creating all types of tax reports easily. It also helps in filing tax returns as you receive a detailed analysis of all tax bifurcations.

Custom Reports

You can design custom reports to aid in business decision making. Rather than being inundated with generic reports, you can create specific business reports that are relevant to your restaurant. Generate hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales reports based on your sales data for conducting in-depth analysis with top restaurant software. You can also assess the performance of your menu items by viewing their sales figures over a particular period of time.

Real-Time Restaurant Inventory Tracking

By keeping an eagle eye on your current available stock, you can run a tight ship and keep a clear track of the currently available stock at your outlets. This feature helps you identify the available stock at the beginning and the end of each day. Do consider the ideal inventory level that should be consumed during a day and the actual amount of stock remaining at the end of the day, concurrent to any variance taking place. Generate detailed reports and track consumption levels of your inventory in real-time to make data-driven decisions with the help of the best restaurant software.

Graphical Analytics

Bored of data being presented in an uninspiring wall of text? With the top restaurant management system, you can carry out data analysis presented through user-friendly graphs, tables, and pie charts. Data in these forms are easy to understand and can be quickly grasped.
Offline Restaurant Reporting System: Through the offline reporting feature, you can carry on with work without your schedule getting affected. The data is automatically backed up on the server when Internet connectivity is restored after an outage. With automatic synchronization, as a part of most top restaurant software, any data loss is prevented.

Live Mobile Reporting

Through live mobile reporting, you can view your restaurant’s (and its branches) real-time reports on your mobile. You can check up on which of your outlets are still open and serving customers. Furthermore, you have access to your entire sales data, the total number of bills generated, the number of discounts offered, etc. which you can easily view from your mobile phone. The live reporting feature of restaurant management software also helps eliminate the possibility of theft caused by rigged data, as live-data is made available on your mobile phone.

Advantages of Restaurant Management System Software

Restaurant POS Tracking Sales

On a daily basis, restaurants handle a high volume of transactions both in cash and credit. Restaurant POS software seamlessly keeps track of each sale right down to the penny, unlike traditional cash registers. Restaurant POS software is beneficial in identifying which items are performing better in terms of sales numbers and those which aren’t, helping the owner to modify the menu and effect the change on a real-time basis. Any top restaurant software makes sales tracking an easy job.

Hassle-free processing of credit and debit card transactions

Restaurant POS systems enable easy processing of credit and debit card transactions, removing the need to keep a separate POS terminal. It also ensures smoother, faster and secure payments for both customers and restaurants. 

Easier preparation of financial statements

You can save yourself a lot of time and effort when you sit down to prepare financial and tax statements like profit & loss, trial balance, and balance sheet. All you need to do is enter the right figures and the restaurant software solution takes care of the rest. Quite nifty indeed for a restaurant software, no?

Enhanced security at the  Restaurant POS

By having a restaurant POS software, you’ve got an accountability check-in place. It helps prevent employee theft and put a brake on employees giving discounts to their relatives and friends. 

Better tabs on employee working hours

Top restaurant POS in India also doubles up as a time clock. Employees have to sign in and out of the point of sale system. This is helpful when it comes to preparing payroll.

Better tracking of food inventory

Top restaurant software in India helps restaurateurs keep a better check on inventory and how the raw materials are used. You can identify usage patterns to allow for better planning of raw materials/ingredients purchase. With in-built restaurant inventory management, you can eliminate/reduce shortages or instances of over-ordering.

What Should Be Check Before Buying Restaurant Software

  • Features
  • Modules
  • Integrated with the existing system
  • Userfriendly dashboard
  • One Month free trial
  • 24*7 Support
  • Complete management capability
  • mobile-friendly
  • Cloud services
  • Database Storage & Security
  • Security Alert
  • Free Demo Availability
  • Premium version price
  • No. of users run

If you’re looking to buy restaurant management software, there are certain criteria that you may need to evaluate first before taking the leap. Let’s find out what you need to keep in mind before investing in restaurant management software:

Do I Need It or Not?

The first step on your journey to buying restaurant management software is the assessment of your needs. Do you want a core restaurant software portal that takes care of your major restaurant management tasks like procurement of fresh produce for the meals? Do you need a restaurant management software to seamlessly integrate with your payroll software? Or, do you require a customized restaurant management software solution that fulfills your niche requirements such as table billing, takeaway & delivery, and recipe management?
After you’ve performed the internal assessment, you’ve to choose the best restaurant management software according to your defined needs. So, start making a list of available restaurant management software to run your restaurant business.

To Budget or Not to Budget

The beauty of restaurant management software in India which is currently available is that you have several options to choose from. Options that are available at different price models. If you’re a heavy hitter, you can go for an on-premise restaurant software solution. If you’re working on a limited budget, you can take a monthly/yearly subscription. You also have the option of ‘pay per use’ where you pay as per the amount of bandwidth you utilize.

Demos – Do I Need Them or Not?

Check if the restaurant management software in India comes with free demos or trial version. This is especially useful if you don’t want to make a sizeable investment without having a look at the software first. Find out if the restaurant software fits the bill and offers the features/modules you’re looking for. After going through the demo, evaluate if you’re comfortable and willing to take the jump.

Don’t Forget About User Experience! (UX/UI)

UI plays a vital role when it comes to choosing a restaurant management software solution. The design aesthetic of the system, how pleasing it is on the eye, its user-friendliness can swing the buyer’s decision. An exhaustive restaurant management software overflowing with modules, will not overwhelm the user if it's backed by a clean and easy to use interface.


Restaurant Billing Software Price List In India

Restaurant Billing Software Cost
Best Restaurant Billing Software Price Ratings
myBillBook ₹825 /Year 5
Vyapar Billing Software ₹599 /Year 4.5
RoyalPOS ₹5899 /Location/Year 4.8
Pelagian Restaurant Billing Software ₹9440 /Lifetime 4.1
PetPooja ₹11800 /Year 4.0
Posist ₹43424 /Year 4.6
Limetray ₹4130 /6 Months 4.1
Ciferon POS ₹9440 4.4
Mink Foodiee Restaurant POS ₹8260 /year 4.8
Digirestro ₹295 5

FAQ iconRestaurant Billing Software FAQs

some restaurant software development providers offer to run free & open source restaurant software for their new users with limited features access in limited time. If you are switch to the premium version then it will be easily upgraded.

Yes, you can purchase modules as per your company requirements. If your primary need is to manage raw materials procured, choose the raw material management module. Keep track of recipes and their ingredients with the help of recipe management module. Keep a tab on various offers and promotions you’re offering to your customers with the Loyalty Program & Offers module. Basically, you can pick and choose which module you want and build from there or buy a comprehensive restaurant management software with all the razzle-dazzle!

Annual maintenance fees are applicable only for on-premise software licenses purchased by the company. If you’re paying subscription fees for cloud restaurant management software, you do not have to pay an annual subscription fee.


If you are having trouble in the management of your central kitchen, communication of orders to and fro from waiting for staff, maintenance of stock levels and so on, restaurant management software has the answer for you. Basically, it’ll make your life a bit easier. No more keeping a cash register or a separate register/system for inventory management.

No, you don’t have to. You simply need a computer device whether it may be a tablet, mobile, laptop or a desktop with good internet connectivity and you’re good to go. Any top restaurant software comes with a cloud version negating the need to invest in the new IT infra.

Most of the restuarant software solution providers offers complete system for restaurant management like software for billing and tracking, pos system for fast billing, order management, latest touch screen machine for quick pay. This compelet restaurant billing system helps to analysis and track reports and it is direct impact to grow sales.

Every restaurant management software providers build restaurant management app for better services during mobility. Restaurant app is for restaurant owner and customers. Customers easily order thier food, pay & track and the other side restaurant owner/manager see and track all the activies for deliver better service to customers and increase sales.

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