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  1. Parking Software Management Software Overview
  2. Key Features of Parking Software
  3. Benefits of Using Smart Parking Solutions
  4. Why Use Car Parking Management System?

Parking Software Management Software Overview

Parking management software ensures optimized parking spaces through video and image-based surveillance. It also helps with the parking reservation system and ensures easy payment through POS integration.

Key Features of Parking Software

  • Video surveillance: The video surveillance functions of car parking software help create a secure parking environment. You get clear footage of the entire parking space for centralized management.
  • Vehicle counting: Parking system software helps track the number of vehicles in a parking space at a given time. It helps with parking reservations.
  • Ticketing system: Parking management system software provides auto-generated passes based on QR codes. This results in faster entry and exit of vehicles.
  • ANPR access: Automated number plate recognition readers are backed by inbuilt biometric and smart card readers to ensure secure parking spaces.
  • PGS: You can create a parking guidance system to provide real-time parking information and guide vehicle owners to the closest available parking spot.
  • Parking portal: Valet parking software supports a self-service parking portal for managing parking permits, online registrations, payment, etc.
  • Whitelist & blacklist management: The car parking management system helps in creating the list of blacklisted vehicles to restrict their access to the parking space. Vehicles can be blacklisted based on pre-set metrics.
  • RFID Tags: RFID tags or UHF readers can be scanned easily with valet parking software for letting only authorized resident vehicles access the parking spots or reserved parking areas.
  • Integrated payment gateways: Car parking management systems support integrated payment gateways and hosted payment models for processing transactions and payments.
  • Risk management: The car parking management system supports standardized risk management modules like hosted payment deliveries, SSL encryptions, automatic account resets, and password security.
  • Custom printing for reduced costs: Parking management software can be used for printing access and permit cards, thereby helping the parking owners save their daily operating costs.
  • LPR technology: License plate recognition technology helps ensure the security of the parking areas. Parking system software solutions use LPR technology for license crawling, feature extraction, and image processing purposes.
  • Live reports: Car parking management systems with their inbuilt statistical tools collect all information regarding vacant spaces at a given time. You don't have to do it manually, as the automatic live report is shared about vacant parking spots.
  • Patrolling management: Parking management software provides the patrolling mode for monitoring the on-duty security guards and managing their shift changes.
  • Penalty for violations: Parking management system software can be used for levying penalty tickets instantly in cases of rule violation. Any violation in terms of parking rules can be tracked automatically.
  • LED display of available slots: Car parking software displays information related to empty parking slots on LED display screens for the convenience of visitors and drivers.

Benefits of Using Smart Parking Solutions

  • Simplified reporting: Parking management software provides real-time reports for the available parking spots, overstays. It also provides insights into the pattern for a surge in demand for parking spaces. Accordingly, facility owners can.
  • Tracking parking spaces accurately: Valet software provides a synchronized positioning system to accurately track vehicles and reserve the parking spaces accordingly.
  • Smart visitor management: The module in parking software ensures that during sudden rush years, easy reservation of parking spots can be done.
  • Best driver’s experience: Parking management system software offers to its customers all information like overstay, occupancy status, etc. at the click of a button on the phone thereby making the entire process completely hassle-free for everyone.
  • Reduced facility management costs: Valet software as soon as it is deployed automates most of your manual tasks to eliminate charges associated with maintaining a big team and doing manual entries.
  • Increased security of vehicles: Parking system software with upgraded security features prevents any kind of unauthorized access to parking areas. Parking software tracks the entry and exit of vehicles and also records the stay time.
  • Integration with other applications: Parking software can be integrated with automated number plate recognition systems, self-ticketing systems, and digital signage platforms for hassle-free parking management.
  • Reduced pollution and congestion: Valet parking software reduces customer wait times with auto-ticket generation for entry and exit in seconds. The software helps reduce congestion with the digital display of available parking slots and the guidance system for vehicles to reach the nearest spot. As the congestion decreases, pollution also drops.

Why Use Car Parking Management System?

Parking management system software helps resolve most of the day-to-day hassles at any commercial or corporate space. Some of the usual challenges with parking management are:

  • No information available about available parking spots
  • Inefficient utilization of parking spaces
  • Handwritten tickets and manual checks lead to errors
  • Cumbersome paper records
  • Long wait time for customers at the entry and exit points
  • Unauthorized access of non-permit vehicles

To overcome the above challenges, it is best to deploy the best parking software platforms. A parking system software helps facility managers provide convenient and accessible parking services to the residents and visitors. Here is what you can expect from car parking management systems:

Improved client services: Parking software helps eliminate the stress associated with finding vehicle parking spaces. The software also ensures guidance to the nearest available parking spot and quick ticketing payment. As a result, check-in and check-out time is reduced significantly.

Better security: Parking management software with its powerful access control system ensures that only authorized motor vehicles are provided entry to the premises.

Increased efficiency: Most parking management mandates get automated by valet software and therefore there is higher efficiency when it comes to making parking reservations, quick payments, and new registrations.

Employee convenience: Employees and managers at the parking lot do not have to worry about simultaneously managing customers and ensuring parking protocols.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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FAQs About Parking Software

You need to ensure that the car parking system that you select helps optimize the parking facility with customizable features and no hidden costs. The best parking management software ensures both the convenience of visitors and the security of vehicles.

A real-time parking management system involves monitoring of parking areas for security purposes. It helps drivers identify available spots quickly. The software provides a real-time view of unauthorized or inappropriate parking if any.

Parking management software can be either deployed on-premises or it can be accessed in the cloud.

Smart parking management systems work by utilizing sensing devices such as vehicle counting systems, cameras, and sensors for determining the occupancy status of the parking area. These are critical for eliminating the vehicle wait timings and the cumbersome manual tasks of parking managers.

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What is Parking Management Software?

Parking software ensures adequate utilization of parking spaces with the use of powerful automation modules and the latest RFID & LPR technology. Parking management software supports advanced tools for tracking vehicle entry and exits as well as managing parking slots and displaying available slot.

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