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What is Logistics Management Software?

Logistics involves every process during the flow of things from the point of production or procurement to that of consumption. It involves selecting the vendor, deciding on routes and delivery methods, and finalizing the means of transportation.

Professionals involved in logistics management need to plan, implement and measure the success in delivering goods and services to customers. Logistics managers also have to take care of all the critical activities involved in the supply chain. Coordinating different logistics activities manually is a cumbersome task. Many logistics managers are now making a shift to technology and adopting advanced logistics management software. 

Logistics software forms an inevitable part of the supply chain, and assists in planning and implementation stages. Using the software, you can streamline every function involved in the storage and delivery of goods and services to customers.

Logistics management software can be used by all types of businesses involved in inbound and outbound logistics. The software also assists with reverse logistics processes, making it easier to take goods from customers and returning those to the destination for reuse.

Why Use Logistics Management Software

It’s a must-have solution for efficient inbound and outbound transportation management. Most of the top logistics software integrates with other business functions to ensure complete warehouse and fleet management. You can also use the software to keep tabs on processed orders and manage the inventory accordingly. Moreover, reporting and statistics feature of the best logistics software assists in forecasting supply and demand.

There are many such companies, which have outsourced warehouses, distribution center or transportation management functions. By outsourcing these tasks, they can focus on their core competencies. Logistics management software proves quite useful in this scenario with its advanced features for managing third-party logistics service providers.

Modules of Logistics Management Software

Logistics management solutions are significant for every growing business as it helps them enjoy greater control over their logistics and supply chain operations. These are the essentials modules that you will find in all top logistics management tools.

Real-Time Field Workforce Tracking

Tracking the movement of field agents, delivery personnel and other field associates is possible with the real-time tracking module of logistics management software.  

Shipment Tracking

Logistics management software also assists in getting real-time visibility of the shipment status. It provides ETAs for contact couriers, so that you and your customers can keep abreast of the shipment arrival status. With geo-fencing of different locations, the logistics management system sends instant alerts to end-users.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

The electronic or digital proof of delivery can provide real-time visibility into every transaction detail. You can track successful deliveries and failed attempts on the server in real-time. With the digital proof of delivery, there will be reduced chances of errors in reporting. Also, your company will end up contributing positively to the green environment initiative with reduced carbon footprints.

Real-Time ETA Calculation

Logistics management software also assists with real-time re-routing and delivery route optimization with Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs). Based on any change in pre-fixed metrics in the logistics management system, you can provide ETA for every courier package.  

Dynamic Re-Routing

On the basis of resource capacity, time preferences, customer locations, traffic and weather conditions, the software ensures dynamic re-routing. This module ensures route optimization and prevents the wastage of time and resources.

Routing Engine

This module prevents logistics managers from spending their quality time on manual planning. Optimal routes can be created automatically, resulting in reduced fuel costs. Delivery routes are finalized on the basis of driver availability, resulting in reduced windshield time and increased fleet capacity.

Order Fulfilment Cycle

The order fulfillment cycle time is directly related to the satisfaction of customers. If the order fulfillment time is long, customers have to wait for receiving a parcel or goods. Fortunately, the software can help you reduce the order fulfillment cycle time with automated route planning and optimization.

Dashboard & Analytics

Top logistics management software provides an interactive dashboard and advanced analytics tools to get performance metrics for each delivery. Also, you can share the reports with concerned people in your company with the ‘auto schedule’ function.

Features of Logistics Management Software

Logistics management tools provide many useful features to manage the entire supply chain from first-mile seller pick-ups to last-mile delivery. Here we have listed the prominent features of logistics management solutions.

Multi-Client Architecture

Logistics management software with the chain management architecture and multi-client deployment model helps in managing purchase order processes for several clients simultaneously. It also assists in accommodating inventory, depending on the requirement of different clients.  

Costing & Invoicing Control

The logistics management software you opt for should have the advanced capability to process and apply policies like service contracts quickly and easily. Also, its advanced functionalities ensure that the customers are invoiced on time. Shipping tasks, receiving, and storage are also incorporated in its functionalities.

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Most courier management software offers the feature for vendor-managed inventory management. Replenishment requests are received, recorded and processed automatically. With the use of the logistics management system, the delivery process is fastened, ensuring fast and easy repeat shipment. Give a twist of technology to your traditional, standardized order system with this software.

Parcel Carriers

Third-party logistics companies need to work with parcel carriers to ensure smooth communication about shipping data being sent and received on a day-to-day basis. There are many logistics management software, which gives a chance to send and receive shipping data. Consequently, operational errors are reduced significantly and on-time delivery is ensured.

Client Web Portals

Third-party logistics companies can also opt for the client web portal feature to get complete inventory control even when they are off-site. This feature also allows third-party logistics companies to view product histories, inventory figures and shipment records remotely.

Benefits of Logistics Management Software

Logistics and transportation operations in your business can be improved significantly with the use of top logistics software solutions. Find out what the best logistics software has to offer:

Flexible Dispatch

With logistics management software, you can ensure smooth and efficient dispatch operations. By taking into consideration load balancing and capacity optimization, the logistics management system will manage time-specific orders efficiently. Also, you can assign tasks to specific drivers based on their geographical radius. Tasks can be assigned to each driver with optimized routes so that they can deliver the maximum number of packets in a given time. 

Auto Assignment

Logistics software assists supply chain managers in automating the entire process, making it feasible to deliver products from the point of origin to the destination efficiently. From the first leg of your operations to the last-mile delivery, logistics management software helps manage every aspect of logistics.

Route Optimization

The logistics management system helps improve operational efficiency with route optimization. As soon as a dispatch order is received, the vehicle route planning schedule can be generated. Products can be dispatched through the best route that minimizes average distances and miles between halts. With enhanced utilization of fleet capacity, you can reduce operating costs significantly.

Live Tracking

Logistics management software assists with live tracking of consignments to know their current location and distances to travel. Also, you can track any unusual activity or delay during the dispatch. Accordingly, it’s easy to analyze the challenges and take steps for improvement. Multiple fleets can be managed at the same time through a single dashboard.

Error-Free Deliveries

With features like ETAs and delivery status, logistics managers can ensure error-free deliveries. Many logistics management software leverages the power of IoT technologies to ensure condition monitoring. With real-time tracking of goods and vehicles, companies can bring accuracy in delivery and pick-up.

Buyers’ Guide

Investing in the best logistics software India within your budget is critical. If a logistics software doesn’t meet your needs of managing logistics and supply chain operations, you will end up in a bigger operational mess down the line.

Your Requirement

Before buying logistics management software, you need to understand your business needs first. Start by figuring out the obstacles you are facing in the packaging, handling, storage, and delivery of goods. Are you facing challenges in monitoring the shipping status of your goods? Are you unable to keep track of your inventory levels? Based on your requirements, look for logistics management software with the right set of features.


If you require complex features in your logistics management software to handle specifics tasks, you should go for the one which can be customized as per your needs. For instance, if you want to manage your logistics expenses using this software, search for an option that can provide customized features accordingly. 

Ease of Use

The usability factor of any software is often overlooked by businesses. However, it’s important to determine the effectiveness of software implementation. If it takes days for your staff just to be acquainted with the ins and outs of logistics software, then it’s not worth investing.


As your business grows, you may need to invest in some automation technologies. Make sure, logistics management software you are investing in can be integrated with other tools and solutions required to grow your business.


Another important factor to consider while buying inventory management software is flexibility. Make sure, logistics management software allows you to add more users as your business grows. Flexibility is especially important if you have to handle multiple warehouses and fleets from a central location.


After getting an inventory management software, you would not want to be left hanging out dry. If your staff face challenges in using the live tracking module, you will need someone to come up with the solution. So, trust only those vendors who provide training and assistance even after implementation.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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Logistics management software has become a necessity for every business dealing in the movement of goods from one location to another. However, if you are into any of these businesses, the logistics management system becomes even more important. Third Party Logistics Companies Manufacturing Warehousing and Distribution Retail Freight Brokerage Freight Bill Audit and Payment Services

It takes 5 to 7 business days from the date of your order to implement logistics management software and make it ready for use.

Many logistics management software vendors provide training at a client’s location to ensure hassle-free deployment. Also, they provide online demos and training manuals to ensure uninterrupted workflow.

Logistics management software helps in overseeing both, inward and outward flow of goods. You can track and manage the flow of goods from the point of manufacturing to the end user. Logistics executives use this software to make informed decisions when it come to packaging, containerization, storage, freight damage claims, managing vendors, and risk mitigation. On the contrary, transportation management software streamlines only those functions which are related to the movement of products or people from one location to another.

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What is Logistics Management Software?

Logistics involves every process during the flow of things from the point of production or procurement to that of consumption. It involves selecting the vendor, deciding on routes and delivery methods, and finalizing the means of transportation.

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FAQs About Logistics Management Software

Logistics management software provides many advanced features for route optimization to ensure timely delivery through optimal means of transportation. This helps in reducing transportation-related expenses significantly. You can track the movement of vehicles to suggest drivers the best routes to minimize the distance travelled.

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