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69 Best Inventory Management Software in 2021

What is Inventory Management Software?

The inventory management system is an application of computer software and it is also known as stock management software which manages, tracking stocked goods of a company. Using inventory software for small and large business organizations which can easily manage the constant flow of goods

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Best Seller


By FloBiz

(9 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

myBillBook is a GST billing and inventory management software that creates professional bills or GST invoices for busin... Read More About myBillBook
Billing & Invoicing GST Invoicing Analytics & Reporting +19 More
Best Seller
Vyapar Billing Software

Vyapar Billing Software

By Vyapar

(10 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Vyapar is a GST billing software that also offers modules for accounting and inventory management for small businesses.... Read More About Vyapar Billing Software
Auto Backup Reporting Customization +13 More
Arka Inventory
Arka Inventory is a complete material resource planning software built on the cloud platform. This purchase manageme... Read More About Arka Inventory
Stock Transfers Goods Received Notes Physical stock take +8 More
BizNext ERP

BizNext ERP

By BizNext

(2 reviews)


BizNext is an ERP product which enables all roles in an organisation to perform their task, share information with team... Read More About BizNext ERP
100% Cloud with SSL Security Information Flow User friendly interface +12 More

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iXpert ERP

iXpert ERP

By Metier Technologies

(1 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

iXpert ERP is an enterprise management system that facilitates efficient resource planning for any organization. The so... Read More About iXpert ERP
Financial Accounting Credit / Debit Note Multiple Invoice Formats +26 More
Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory

By Zoho by Target Integration

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Zoho Inventory is a goods, supplies, and storage management software for all kinds of businesses. This inventory manage... Read More About Zoho Inventory
Online/Offline Mode Warehouse management Supplier and Purchase Order Management +10 More
Primaseller Inventory Software

Primaseller Inventory Software

By Primaseller

(3 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Primaseller is a cloud-based software supporting inventory invoice software and order management across multiple channel... Read More About Primaseller Inventory Software
Purchase Orders Accounting Integration Order Management & Payment Integration +11 More
Unicommerce Inventory Management

Unicommerce Inventory Management

By Unicommerce

(6 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Unicommerce is an inventory management software designed for the requirements of E-commerce businesses. The software o... Read More About Unicommerce Inventory Management
Facilities Return Management Mobile App +10 More

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NCH Inventoria

NCH Inventoria

By NCH Software

(2 reviews)


NCH Inventoria is a web-based inventory management software, equipped with a wide variety of inventory management tools... Read More About NCH Inventoria
Order Management Sales Management Inventory Management +3 More
Astral Inventory Management System
Astral is an online inventory Management Software that looks after the needs of maintaining the stock of a given busine... Read More About Astral Inventory Management System
Barcoding Journal Transactions Tracking +2 More
Bigstore Inventory Software
Inventory management software that is designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprise... Read More About Bigstore Inventory Software
Quotations and Invoicing Payment & Invoice Management Stock Management +4 More
Dcsinfoway Inventorybiz
A new generation user-friendly Accounting and inventory management software, which can be used and installed without muc... Read More About Dcsinfoway Inventorybiz
Printing Sales Management Reports +5 More

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Meshink Inventory Management System

Meshink Inventory Management System

By Indian Mesh

(9 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Meshink online inventory Management Software is a comprehensive solution to manage inventory efficiently. The Meshink in... Read More About Meshink Inventory Management System
Asset Tracking Inventory Forecasting Reports +3 More
Online Web based Inventory Control Software
An online and mobile based best inventory management software that facilitate enterprises with efficient management of o... Read More About Online Web based Inventory Control Software
Stock Management Company Master Client Management +1 More
TBS Material Management
TBS Material Management is a stock management software that helps you in managing the whole inventory process right from... Read More About TBS Material Management
User Interface Cloud-Based Security +5 More
Consumable Inventory Management system
Consumable Management is a critical software for a business as it streamlines the process of managing consumables. Manag... Read More About Consumable Inventory Management system
Manage Consumables Real Time Analytics Collaboration +5 More

Top Products

Ordering and Purchasing Reports Item Control +6 More
Sahiwala Material Management Software
Sahiwala inventory management software helps connect different departments concerned directly or indirectly with the pro... Read More About Sahiwala Material Management Software
Inventory Tracking Procurement Workflow Management +1 More
RPlus Stock Management Software
Stock management is the function of understanding the stock mix of a company and the different demands on that stock.RPl... Read More About RPlus Stock Management Software
Sales Management Purchase Management Billing & Invoicing +10 More
Silky Soft Saree Software
Silky Soft Saree Software Silky Soft is a robust integrated business and accounting & Inventory software system that... Read More About Silky Soft Saree Software
Company Management Flexible Reporting Extensive Accounting Features +13 More

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Last Updated on : 23 Oct, 2021

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Inventory Management Software Reviews


Ranjeet G

review for myBillBook


"It is easy to use with Great UI. Has all the features like Make invoice in 10 sec etc. The best customer success team makes it the best for SMEs."

See All myBillBook Reviews


Santosh Dubey

review for Vyapar Billing Software


"I like how useful it is for small scale businesses, especially for start-up groceries. Great paperless cash management solution. Automated and great for doing reporting."

See All Vyapar Billing Software Reviews


Shantaram Naik

review for Arka Inventory


"It is very help full for business accounting and we are very very satisfied with performance and continues support from the team."

See All Arka Inventory Reviews



review for BizNext ERP


"This manufacturing ERP software is highly secured and guarantees hundred percent data security using SSL support."

See All BizNext ERP Reviews


Vipin Agarwal

review for Zoho Inventory


"I spoke with Michael Ziemba at Techjockey, After several questions about my needs and requirements, he promptly put me in contact with several top rated vendors."

See All Zoho Inventory Reviews

Buyer's Guide for Top Inventory Management Software

Found our list of Inventory Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Inventory Management Software?

The inventory management system is an application of computer software and it is also known as stock management software which manages, tracking stocked goods of a company. Using inventory software for small and large business organizations which can easily manage the constant flow of goods and prevent excessive ordering or lack of products in the inventory. To meet customer needs, it is important for businesses to have enough inventory. Inefficient inventory management negatively impacts a company’s bottom line.

Offline and Online Inventory Management Software

Online inventory software for small and large business which take cares of Online Inventory, Purchase & Sales Orders, Warehouses, Customer Accounts, Sales Leads. It is also known as the cloud-based inventory management software. 

Offline inventory management software: Offline inventory software for small business and available for free download. This is only for a trial version of a limited time.

Inventory Management Software Modules

  • Barcode inventory system
  • Inventory control software
  • Stock inventory software
  • Inventory tracking system
  • Inventory billing software

Must-have Features of an Inventory Management Software

Inventory Tracking System: The primary function of the inventory management solution is tracking the company's inventory. This includes received goods, the number of fulfilled consignments, stock available in the warehouse, etc. Inventory management software ensures that the company has sufficient inventory in its warehouse to serve the needs of customers better. Therefore, software that comes with an inventory tracking feature is essential as it helps in managing stocks in a better way.

Inventory Reporting: Reporting is another must-have feature in inventory management software. Reports are essential for any organization as it helps in improving the efficiency of a business and know how it’s doing in terms of profit margins. This feature is significant as it makes possible for a company to know about the demand and supply ratio of its products and determine the need for inventory software in the coming days.

Order Management: Managing sales and purchase is an important business function. But, manual sales management is prone to errors and also time-consuming. Hence, order management is a must-have feature of an inventory management software as it helps not only in managing sales and purchase of goods but also in controlling stock levels along with invoice generation and billing.

Barcode Inventory System: Another feature that is a must-have for every inventory management software is barcode scanning. This feature is essential as it lets businesses swap over data electronically. It also allows retaining wall asset inventory and managing warehouse with electronic tracking of inventory and controlling of shipment. Thus, improving the efficiency and productivity of a company besides saving a lot of time.

Security and Backup: Irrespective of the size of a company or which industry it deals in, security is one of the most important concerns of every business organization. In addition, the increasing risk of data theft and hacking has made it immensely important to keep the data secured no matter whether the inventory management system uses the internal server for hosting or is hosted on the cloud. Moreover, the loss of any data can jeopardize the effort that goes into collecting the data. Therefore, it is important for inventory management software to have an additional shield of security to keep the data of the company secure and safe.

Why You Need Inventory Management Software

These inventory management tools are popular in manufacturing, production, supermarkets, retail stores, sale purchase material management, restaurant, hospitals, furniture, hotels, goods warehouse, IT and all transport industries. It is important for businesses to know what’s in their warehouse and where their stock is located. Most businesses, during their gestation period, either manage their inventory on spreadsheets or worse, don't manage it at all. Such practices can be detrimental to a business and can cost them financially and operationally, in the long run. Integrating an inventory management software will help businesses in managing their stock better and avoid over or under stocking of products.

Industry-Specific Use of Inventory Management Software

eCommerce Inventory Management software: One of the biggest challenges faced by eCommerce business owners is effectively managing and tracking their inventory. The problem escalates as the business grows. Manually adjusting, managing and tracking inventory becomes difficult as the demand increases and the business grows. Mismanagement of inventory affects the business as it might have to incur a heavy loss, which hinders the growth of the business. To keep at bay any such risk, having a good inventory management software is important.

Manufacturing Inventory Management software: A lot of raw materials are regularly required for manufacturing different products. With the rise in raw material cost, the only way to cut down on the expenses is by improving efficiency. And, as a manufacturing unit grows, manual management of inventory tracking is not just burdensome but is also prone to errors. Relying on manual management of inventory tracking is not feasible. This is where the need of a good and robust inventory tracking system comes into play. For a manufacturing business, automating the inventory management process can go a long way as it helps in cost-cutting, reducing workload and error, and tracking inventory in a better way.

Pharmacy Inventory Management software: The pharmaceutical business involves both selling and manufacturing pharmaceutical products for the healthcare industry and both the verticals require proper management of inventory to avoid any loss to the business. And, this is one of the most critical aspects as it involves a lot of resources. Automating the process of stock management by implementing a good and robust inventory management software helps in monitoring stock and controlling wastage of material. It also helps in identifying the amount of raw material required for production, settling inventory balances, creating inventory reports and setting targets.

Hospitality Inventory Management software: The need for inventory management software in the hospitality industry cannot be overlooked. Whether it is a small or a large hotel, it constantly works towards providing the best experience to customers so that they keep returning. Every asset of the hotel needs to be kept in good condition and well-managed. However, keeping track of goods required in the housekeeping department, kitchen or restaurant manually isn't easy and error-free. Therefore, having an inventory management software eases the burden of tracking stock required in different departments.

Healthcare Inventory Management software: Running a nursing home or a hospital isn't a piece of cake. One of the primary mottoes is serving patients in the best possible way by providing the best health care facility. Healthcare setups also need to keep stock of medicines and different medical equipment. But, managing and tracking such stocks manually isn't easy. It requires reams of paperwork, which is not only time taking but is also prone to errors. In addition, there is a risk of misappropriation of data, which can incur a loss. However, with a good and robust inventory management software, managing and tracking the inventory becomes easier and hassle-free.

Advatanges/Benefits of using Inventory Management Software

Organize Warehouse: Having an unorganized warehouse makes inventory management and tracking even more difficult. Companies often deploy manual methods to keep their warehouses organized but, doing so manually is time taking. Investing in a good inventory management software system helps in organizing the warehouse by automating the process and making it easier to manage the warehouse through dedicated modules.

Saves time and Money: A good inventory software saves a company a lot of time and money. Manually managing inventory or worse, not managing it at all, is not only time consuming but businesses will also lose a lot of money, which could otherwise be used for better reasons. Businesses stand to gain a lot, time-wise and financially, by automating inventory management with this software.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity: A good inventory management software comes with a number of advanced features, which eliminates the need for manual work, enabling employees and business owners to focus on other important aspects of the business. This, in turn, increases employee efficiency and productivity.

Reduces Holding Costs: Holding costs is the cost incurred by a company when an unsold product is kept in storage. It can be hugely detrimental for a company and severely weakens the finances of business if left unchecked. Having large inventories on hold involves storage cost, insurance cost and of course unnecessary space consumption. Having a good inventory management system in place will help in reducing these costs remarkably by informing of excess stock and unsold products in time. This allows the business to plan a course of action well in advance so that unsold products can be moved out and storage space isn’t unnecessarily occupied.

Lowers Operational Costs: One of the major benefits that can be reaped by using good inventory management software is its ability to lower operational costs. By digitizing the process, a significant amount of manual intervention will be reduced which will lower manpower cost. Through the use of good software to manage inventory, a company can lower the operational cost significantly.

Things to consider when buying an Inventory Management Software

A lot of companies make the mistake of managing their inventory on spreadsheets. This opens up the possibility of committing errors while feeding data in the sheets and such mistakes can have a very serious impact on a company's growth and finances. To avoid such glitches, automating the inventory management process is in a company’s best interest. To leverage the benefits of automating the inventory management process, choosing the right software that meets business needs is important.  

However, with the myriad of such software available in the market, it becomes difficult for business organizations to identify the right software that will serve their purpose. To help them with the process, here is a list of factors that need to be considered when buying an Inventory Management Software.

Simplicity and Ease of Integration: An important thing to consider before buying the best inventory management software is the simplicity to use it and how easily it can be integrated into a company’s operations. If a software is complicated and difficult to integrate into the ongoing process, it will create more problems for the company. Hence, a user-friendly and simple yet feature-rich inventory management software is better than going for complicated processes.

Accessibility: Another important aspect that needs to be considered while buying an inventory management software is accessibility. Business owners and employees responsible for managing inventory should be able to access the software anytime, anyplace and from any device. Choosing a cloud-based software is better as it is cost-effective and most often does not necessitate any hardware or software installation. In addition, cloud-based software can be accessed at any time, anywhere and from any device. All that is required is a good internet connection.

Price: Price is one of the primary considerations while choosing inventory management software. As most of the vendors display upfront costs, which can be remarkably low and lure the customers but these solutions come with hidden costs. Therefore, before buying any software, it is important to check if there are any hidden or upgrade costs.

Easy Data Importing & Exporting: With regular innovation of technology, even the inventory management software keeps upgrading and the need for new and upgraded solutions never ends. So, when a company replaces the outdated inventory management system with a new one, they have to transfer their existing data to the new solution. Transferring data manually takes a lot of time. Therefore, to save time as well as human effort, it is important to consider an inventory management solution that makes data importing and exporting easier.

Analytics: Analytics is important as it gives businesses an overview of how it is doing in terms of growth and revenue and helps business owners make important decisions for the benefit of the company. Analytics is therefore important in an inventory management software as it provides an overview of the warehouse and the stock the company has. This will help in taking better business decisions as well as manage inventory in a better way.


Inventory Management Software Price List In India

Inventory Management Software Cost
Best Inventory Management Software Price Ratings
myBillBook ₹825 /Year 5
Vyapar Billing Software ₹599 /Year 4.5
iXpert ERP ₹23599 4.5
Zoho Inventory ₹2124 /Month 4.3
Primaseller Inventory Software ₹6525 4.8
Unicommerce Inventory Management ₹2360 /Quantity 4.6
Meshink Inventory Management System ₹12980 /year 4.7

FAQ iconInventory Management Software FAQs

There are 3 major types of inventory. They are inventory for raw material, inventory for work in progress, and inventory for finished goods.

A. Small businesses manage their inventory by following the steps given below:

  1. Fine-tuning their forecasting
  2. Using the FIFO approach (first in, first out)
  3. Identifying low-turn stock
  4. Auditing their stock
  5. Using cloud-based inventory management software
  6. Tracking their stock levels at all times
  7. Reducing equipment repair times
  8. Quality control

The list of the best free and open-source inventory management software is given below:

  1. PartKeepr
  2. inFlow Inventory
  3. ABC Inventory
  4. Odoo.
  5. Stockpile Inventory Management
  6. Delivrd
  7. Skyware Inventory

Features of a good inventory software includes:

  1. Inventory Tracking System
  2. Inventory Reporting      
  3. Order Management
  4. Barcode Inventory System
  5. Security and Backup

An inventory management system is used to manage and track the goods of a company. Businesses can easily manage the flow of goods and prevent over or under ordering of products in the inventory. Inventory management that is inefficient negatively impacts the company.

The key functions of the inventory management system are:

  1. Raw Material Management
  2. Stock Management
  3. Production Management
  4. Sales Tracking
  5. Equipment Maintenance

The disadvantages of an inventory management system:

  1. It can be a little difficult to use at first if you are new to using a software.
  2. It can cause loss of employment as the manual tasks are now automated.
  3. Items cannot be grouped together while reordering.
  4. In the end, it is only a software that might have errors, so be careful while using it.
  • Deskera is best inventory ERP
  • Profitbooks premium inventory software
  • Unicommerce is a cloud-based inventory software
  • Billingsoftware by sleek bill gave free inventory management software
  • SmartShoppee by saginfotech is the best retail inventory software
  • Astral Inventory Management System
  • Tradegecko cloud-based inventory
  • inFlow Inventory Software by Archon is an inventory system designed for small-mid business.
  • Primaseller Inventory Software
  • Meshink Inventory Management System
  • Unicommerce Inventory Management
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