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107 Best Hospital Management Software in 2021

What is Hospital Management Software?

The hospital management software is an application that helps doctors and healthcare professionals to streamline all the processes involved in a hospital. A hospital information system can be an offline or web-based solution that integrates all activities related to patients, doctors, administration

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By Halemind

(10 reviews)


HaleMind is a medical billing software used by hospitals for easing the daily workflows and streamlining better patie... Read More About Halemind
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Time Efficient practice & Cost Saving +10 More


By NanoHealth


NHCircle is a healthcare CRM software for hospitals and clinics, which ensures paperless workflows for effective patie... Read More About NHCircle
E- Prescribing Appointment Management Billing +6 More
Caresoft HIS
Caresoft HIS is a hybrid hospital management solution that can be used by organizations to streamline financial, clinic... Read More About Caresoft HIS
Radiology Management Inventory Management Appointment Management +16 More
Birlamedisoft- PathoGold

Birlamedisoft- PathoGold

By BirlamediSoft

(3 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Birlamedisoft PathoGold is a top of the line lab software. The software offers a comprehensive working model that allo... Read More About Birlamedisoft- PathoGold
User Friendly Mobile Support Reports +10 More

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Desidesign Hospital Management ERP
Desidesign Hospital Management ERP is a complete Healthcare Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies... Read More About Desidesign Hospital Management ERP
Admin Control Appointment Management Patient Management +7 More
MocDoc HMS

MocDoc HMS

By MocDoc

(26 reviews)


MocDoc hospital database management system is used for the proper functioning of hospitals. It oversees all the activit... Read More About MocDoc HMS
Appointment Management Inpatient Management Store Management +13 More
Dataman Aarogya
Dataman Aarogya is a hospital management software entirely compliant with National Accreditation Board for Hospitals.... Read More About Dataman Aarogya
Out-Patient Management In-Patient Management Diagnostics +7 More
True Hospitality Management Software(THMS)
True Hospitality Management Software is one of the best hotel management software in India. The software facilitates t... Read More About True Hospitality Management Software(THMS)
Front Desk Management Analytics & Reporting Housekeeping +6 More

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Qmarksoft Hospital Management
Hospital Management System from Qmarksoft facilitates the hospitals and nursing homes to efficiently manage various depa... Read More About Qmarksoft Hospital Management
Billing & Invoicing Pathology Pharmacy Management +8 More


By Catalyze

(4 reviews)


MyOPD is a clinic management software that is helpful for physicians, consultants, gynecologists, general practitioners... Read More About MyOPD
SMS Notification Backup & Restore Vendor Management +10 More
Accurate Administrator Plus

Accurate Administrator Plus

By Accurate Infosoft

(2 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

Accurate Administrator Plus is the best hospital management system. It provides scalability in the management of medic... Read More About Accurate Administrator Plus
Inpatient Management Laboratory Management OPD Management +16 More
Mediface Software
Admins can assign roles and responsibilities to all the medical and non-medical staff working within their hospital. De... Read More About Mediface Software
Pathology Smart Administration Accounting +11 More

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Asmi Global HMS

Asmi Global HMS

By Asmi Global

(2 reviews)


Global HMS is the most technically advanced hospital management system software developed for Healthcare. It primarily f... Read More About Asmi Global HMS
Global Hospital Management System Patient Management Ward Management +12 More
Practo Insta

Practo Insta

By Practo


Insta Hospital Management Software is a solution powered by Practo for handling medical facilities seamlessly. It allow... Read More About Practo Insta
Bed Management Diet Plan Management Insurance Policy +10 More
Birlamedisoft HIMS Quanta V4.0
Birlamedisoft HIMS Quanta V4.0 is a leading web based hospital erp software which is aimed at streamlining Hospital oper... Read More About Birlamedisoft HIMS Quanta V4.0
Manage Records Examination and Result Data Entry +14 More
mcRAV Hospital Management
mcRAv HMS is a leading edge hospital management system primarily meant to improve overall services and efficiency of hos... Read More About mcRAV Hospital Management
Registration and Enquiry Management Appointment & Queue Management OPD Management +12 More

Top Products

EBS Hospital And Nursing Software
Wardmaster is a best cutting-edge Hospital Management system software that equips the hospitals with comprehensive autom... Read More About EBS Hospital And Nursing Software
Patient Management Pharmacy Inventory Control +9 More
Tirupati Integrated Hospital Management

Tirupati Integrated Hospital Management

By Tirupati International

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Hospital management software helps in efficient management of the Hospital and enhances the company & service activi... Read More About Tirupati Integrated Hospital Management
Billing & Invoicing OPD Management Inpatient Management +13 More
Dcsinfoway Hospital Biz
Hospital Biz is an ingenious hospital management system software for healthcare industry enabling utmost hospital manage... Read More About Dcsinfoway Hospital Biz
Inpatient Management OPD Management Patient Registration +5 More
Meshink Hospital Management

Meshink Hospital Management

By Indian Mesh

(2 reviews)

Starting Price


Inclusive of all taxes

Meshink hospital management system allows medical centres to operate with ease and digitize their workflow. This softwa... Read More About Meshink Hospital Management
Cloud Access Management Inventory Management Dashboard +19 More

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Last Updated on : 23 Oct, 2021

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Hospital Management Software Reviews


Vikram patel

review for Halemind


"I can check Patient's health insurance benefits of this software, update patient profile data, access most of the different insurance companies."

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review for MocDoc HMS



See All MocDoc HMS Reviews



review for Dataman Aarogya


"Easy to use websites and they respond quickly to any questions you may have."

See All Dataman Aarogya Reviews


rishi kothary

review for MyOPD


"The system is very easy to navigate and user friendly. Saves time; ease of setting up a study and run financial reports."

See All MyOPD Reviews


Kiran Kumar

review for Accurate Administrator Plus


"Very good service indeed with the supply of the product and excellent support when I had some queries installing the product I purchased."

See All Accurate Administrator Plus Reviews

Buyer's Guide for Top Hospital Management Software

Found our list of Hospital Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is Hospital Managemet Software?

The hospital management software is an application that helps doctors and healthcare professionals to streamline all the processes involved in a hospital. A hospital information system can be an offline or web-based solution that integrates all activities related to patients, doctors, administration, and other medical professionals and facilities. It ensures a quick diagnosis of the patients and timely care. The hospital information system also helps with activities related to appointment booking, Inventory Management, revenue management, and business intelligence.

Most Common Features of Hospital Management Software

1. Patient Management: This software is used to control patient flow. Check data related to the patient’s health, view the details about their treatment and maintain their health records electronically.

2. Appointment Management: There is a dedicated feature for managing all appointments. You can see the availability of medical professionals and schedule appointments accordingly. This appointment scheduling software module helps hassle-free meetings to the doctors.

3. Facility management: Track room availability and update the status with hospital information system.

4. Inventory management: A substantial Inventory Management Software in place allows the staff to concentrate more on the patients on last-minute stock replenishment.

5. Staff Management: One can manage the entire human resource administration like updating job descriptions and tracking recruiting processes.

6. Account management: Store all the details regarding patient payments and financial records with the hospital management system.

7. Insurance services integration: One can track and store all insurance-related details, policy numbers, and information about the insurance company.

8. Medicine management: This hospital management system keeps a record of all the medicines used by patients.

9. Lab test management: Lab reports include all the data related to a patient’s lab test. It can be viewed by staff as well as medical professionals.

10. Reporting: Analyze, collect and view the performance of data in a comprehensive program. Define problem aspects and find the solution with hospital information system.

11. Helpdesk Management: Hospital help desk software features that specialize in handling patient concerns and providing real-time solutions.

12. In-Patient Management: Activities of patients who are admitted to the hospital can be tracked with this hospital information system.

13. OT Management: Using HMS software, you can manage OT timings on a priority basis.

14. Pharmacy Information system: Get information about which medicine is available in the pharmacy and which ones are due with the help of a hospital information system.

15. Nursing Care: Give patients adequate nursing by assigning help to them based on their healthcare needs.

16. Ward Management: Details about wards like the number of wards available, occupancy and everything can be managed and edited with this software.

Importance Of Hospital Management Software

1. Improved Efficiency: Automation helps in improving all the existing processes. As every stakeholder like medical professionals, patients, and hospital staff can interact online anywhere anytime, all the existing processes become simpler.

2. Easy Access to Information: All medical records are digital and hence accessible to everyone at all times. This decreases dependency and increases efficiency. 

3. Staff Interaction: Staff members can interact with one another all the time. They can also send text messages and voice messages. This helps in improving teamwork and coordination.

4. Cost-Effective Hospital Management: An integrated hospital management software initially seems to have cost heavy, but in the long run, it is the most cost-effective option one can find in running a hospital.

5. Reduced Scope of Error: Since the number of paperwork decreases, the scope of making errors also reduces. All thanks to the automation that a hospital information system provides.

6. Increased Data Security: The data of the patients is highly critical. Hence, HMS software provides an increased level of security. It also has a multilevel authentication system to keep the intruders at bay.

7. Improved Patient Self-Service: Patients also have their own accounts in a hospital management system. Patients can make an online reservation, receive test results and consultant.

8. Better Revenue Management: With reporting and analytics features, you can manage you’re your revenue and cash flow convincingly.

9. Improved Facility Management: Authorities can manage the resource easily, analyze the work done by the staff, optimize the existing supply chain and reduce equipment downtime.

10. Faster Claim Settlement: The hospital management system provides integrated claims management features to make the process of settlement faster for your patients.

11. Better Patient Experience: HMS Software is a patient-oriented tool. And by using this software, doctors and medical professionals can pay more attention to them. The patients can also access all information related to them online.

Modules of Hospital Billing and Management Software

1. Doctor Availability: This module lists the name of the doctors, their emergency contact number and availability. Doctors can edit their schedules and list medicines.

2. Patient Information: A hospital information system is used to make communication between doctors and patients easier. Patients can even share and store their pictures as proof for further treatment.

3. Bed & Ward Occupancy: The number of beds and rooms that are available is tracked with this hospital information system. Details regarding operation theatres can also be tracked.

4. Staff Management: Shifts of hospital admin staff and their attendance can be managed with the help of a hospital software system.

5. Hospital Supplies: Track supplies like medication, instrument, lab supplies, staff supplies, etc. with HMS software.

6. Patient Billing: Automate all the processes related to expenses and calculate the complete billing process with the hospital management system as it saves both cost and time.

7. Insurance: The data related to insurance can be stored and insurance claims can be tracked with the hospital information system.

8. Laboratory: When a doctor asks for a certain set of tests, it is directly updated in the laboratory module of the software. Blood bank details are also included in this software.

9. Employees: All the staff including medical professionals can be contacted anytime anywhere as their name, contact number, and availability is updated automatically with this software.

10. Statistical Reports: This module lets the management gain insights about the performance of the hospital and its staff. This helps in summarizing all the expenses and examine the expenditure and revenue thoroughly.

11. Telehealthcare: Hospital information system uses telecommunication and virtual technologies to provide timely health care services to people in far-flung areas.

12. Patient Information Management: Manage information online about patients, their diagnosis and treatment history.

13. Electronic Medical Records: Maintain the record of patients electronically with this software.

14. Administration Controls: Admin can control all the information and also give access to the information to stakeholders.

15. Day Care Management: The hospital management system also keeps a track of which medical professional is assigned for daycare and when.

16. Surgery Planning: With HMS software, admins can also schedule surgeries based on which doctor is present in the hospital at the time of the surgery.

17. Accident & Emergency Care: Track and record all the information about every treatment associated with accidents and emergency care.

18. Blood bank Management: Manage blood banks and track the blood groups available in the hospital inventory.

19. Patient Self-Care: Records of patient self-care requirements based on their treatment history are maintained with the hospital information system.

Functions of Hospital Management Software That Are Revolutionizing the Healthcare

Hospital management systems are used extensively these days because they show a very promising trend in healthcare technology. HMS software provides a huge help in communicating with different stakeholders, executing multiple operational tasks and cutting down the overall costs. As healthcare tech is evolving by the day, a hospital management system can now help implement smart medical devices to revolutionize this industry.

Acute Patient Care: Authorities can gain real-time information about patients. This functionality helps the staff to understand the kind of care and treatment the patients need.

Ambulatory Care:  Ambulatory care is provided to patients who are present outside the hospital. With a hospital information system, doctors can diagnose, observe, and consult these patients easily.

Information Management: The hospital management system keeps a track of the number of medical as well as non-medical professionals present in the hospital. All the information is readily available at the fingertips of authorities.

Patient Medical History Tracking: With hospital software, one can view the treatment that is provided to the patient. This includes all the medications taken and tests done by the patient.

Billing & Invoicing: Check bills generated and payments submitted by the patients online. Get the outstanding amount at any given point of time.

Electronic Medical reports: HMS system helps in preparing as well as printing medical reports. This makes it convenient to get information about the patients.

Appointment Management: One can also check the number of appointments in a day, and the schedule of medical professionals.

Things To Be Considered Before Buying for Hospital Information System Software

Which processes need to be automated?

It depends whether you want to automate medical documentation, supply of drugs, medication, or emergency room operations. Accordingly, you can opt for the most customized hospital management system.

What are the customization requirements?

Check if you want standard modules or specific features, depending upon the size of your healthcare centres and your patient requirements.

How easily the software can be integrated?

The hospital management tool is of no use if you cannot integrate it with your existing tools and software applications. A software that can work with all other applications is an ideal one to choose from.

Will there be any training & support?

Always opt for the hospital management system vendor who provides training & support to use the software effectively.

Are you getting what you are paying for?

There is a lot of software available in the market, but you should choose the one according to your budget. Going out of the budget and then regretting would be of no use.

FAQ iconHospital Management Software FAQs

The purpose of hospital information system is to automate the manual processes, store every piece of information online and track of the necessary factor needed in the hospital.

Software having EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is mostly used by hospitals these days. An electronic medical record is a record made for patients and stored in the software to use from time to time.

Given below is the list of the best free hospital management system in India:

  • Open Clinic GA
  • OpenEMR
  • Open MRS
  • Hospital Run
  • Open Touch EMR
  • Medkey
  • Open Hospital
  • Bahmini

Here is the list of different types of hospital information system software India.

  1. Qmarksoft Hospital Management Software
  2. HOP Software
  3. Digihealth ihis
  4. My ERP Medi Plus
  5. Med-E-Nova
  6. Digihealth LABbooks
  7. Kumudy Laboratory/Pathology Management Software
  8. HexaTech MediSmart Hospital Information System 
  9. Amrita HIS
  10. Citta hms365cloud
  11. Allengers HMS
  12. BPM Solutions for Healthcare and Hospitals
  13. Softcron Hospital Management Software
  14. TreatwellApp
  15. Allscripts Sunrise EHR
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