Best Hindi Typing Software in 2023

What is Hindi Typing Software?

Hindi typing software is a useful tool to type text in Hindi and other native languages through an English keyboard. Users can write text in Hindi, get Hindi word suggestions, check grammar, word dictionaries, etc. through this software.   Many people use it to improve their Hindi typing, create documents in Hindi and other Indian languages, p... Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Hindi Typing Software

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Lipikaar Typing Software

Lipikaar Typing Software

Brand: Lipikaar


4.5 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

Lipikaar Typing Software is a comprehensive tool that helps writers and editors with their tasks. It’s a simple and intuitive interface that makes it ea... Read More About Lipikaar Typing Software img

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JR Typing Tutor

JR Typing Tutor

Brand: JR Infotech Services


4 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Master typing skills with JR Typing Tutor’s customized lessons, unique exercises, and Hindi/English bilingual support.... Read More About JR Typing Tutor read review arrow


Baraha Typing Software

Baraha Typing Software

Brand: Baraha Software


5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Baraha Hindi typing software is one of the best typing software available for Indian languages. Baraha Hindi typing software deploys a phonetic keyboard,... Read More About Baraha Typing Software img

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Kiran's Typing Tutor

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Soni Typing Tutor

Soni Typing Tutor

Brand: Soni Typing Tutor


4.7 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Soni typing tutor is a Hindi typing software that allows users to conveniently learn Hindi typing in just 10 hours with the help of a virtual keyboard on... Read More About Soni Typing Tutor img


Hindi Typing Software Product List Top Banner - 1
Hindi Typing Software Product List Top Banner - 2
Anop Hindi Typing Tutor

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor

Brand: Anop Hindi Typing Tutor


4.5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor is a complete Hindi Typing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Hindi Typing Software for Web-Based h... Read More About Anop Hindi Typing Tutor img

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Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools

Brand: Google

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Google Input Tools is a complete Typing Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Typing Software for Web-Based has a simple inter... Read More About Google Input Tools img

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Sonma Typing-Expert

Price On Request

Anupama Hindi Typing Tutor Software

Anupama Hindi Typing Tutor Software

Brand: Anupama Software

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Anupama Hindi Typing Software, a comprehensive tool designed to help you learn touch typing on a computer effortlessly. With this software, you can acquir... Read More About Anupama Hindi Typing Tutor Software img


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Remington Gail Typing software

Remington Gail Typing software

Brand: Remington Gail

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Master Hindi typing effortlessly with Remington Gail typing software, equipped with an intuitive interface and comprehensive character mapping, ensuring ac... Read More About Remington Gail Typing software read review arrow

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Last Updated on : 01 Dec, 2023

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Best Hindi Typing Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

In order to enable Hindi keypad, go to Control Panel, select Regional and Language option. Press the change keyboards key. Next click the add button and search for ‘Hindi India’. Select the Devanagari Inscript and your Hindi typing keyboard is now ready to use. For using specific font such as Krutidev, download the Krutidevapp, click on the file downloaded and follow the instructions as given. You can also use Hindi keyboard online available on its website.

Select Google Input tools for typing in desired language. There are language options available that you can choose from for typing in your preferred language. There is also an online keyboard available to help you type in Hindi. In case you plan to type in Hindi, select Hindi language from the menu to start typing in your preferred language with an English keyboard. 

Hindi typing software is a key tool for fast and efficient Hindi typing process. Some of the best Hindi typing software available currently in the market are: Indic Input 3, India Typing Software, Hindi Indic IME 1, Anop- Hindi Typing Tutor, Soni Typing Software.

Hindi typing tutor is good for not just Hindi typing but also learning how to do Hindi typing quickly. Some of the best Hindi typing tutors available currently are: Indiatyping, Hindityping, Typingbaba, Sonityping tutor, Hindityping tutor.

Typing Tutor is one of the best Hindi typing software available that supports Mangal font. The software supports Remington Gail Keyboard layout for typing in Mangal Unicode Font.

You can use Krutidev to Unicode converter for changing fonts. The Remington keyboard helps convert content into Unicode format. The same converter can be used for converting text from Unicode to Krutidev.

You can use Krutidev to Mangal converter for changing fonts. The same converter can be used for converting text from Mangal to Krutidev. These converters function as useful Hindi typing master tools.

Some of the best free Hindi typing software that let you learn Hindi typing at home are: Rapid Typing Tutor, KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor, Speed Typing Online, Typing Bolt,

A few of the best English to Hindi typing software in the market today have been enlisted below: Max Type Pro, Trping trainer, Hindi Writer,  Ratatype, and ZenTypist.

Hindi Typing Software Reviews


Lipikaar Typing Software


“I use Lipikar software both on mobile and Windows and it is helping me so much. I have a travelling job so accessing it is always hassle-free.”

- Aniket

See all Lipikaar Typing Software reviewsimg

Baraha Typing Software


“Easy to use and very good for beginners and it supports all native Indian languages.”

- Kallu

See all Baraha Typing Software reviewsimg

Soni Typing Tutor


“Very easy settings pannel. Excellent results analysis and worth buying”

- abhinav kushwaha

See all Soni Typing Tutor reviewsimg

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor


“Good typing software for hindi. Its keyboard supports Hindi vernacular and you can easy type without hassle”

- Techjockey User

See all Anop Hindi Typing Tutor reviewsimg

Hindi Typing Software Price List In India

Hindi Typing Software Cost
Top Hindi Typing Software Starting Price Rating
JR Typing Tutor₹490.004
Soni Typing Tutor₹299.004.7

Buyer's Guide for Top Hindi Typing Software

Found our list of Hindi Typing Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Hindi Typing Software?
  • Features of Hindi Typing Software
  • Steps for English to Hindi Typing in MS Word
  • Hindi Typing Tips for Hindi Typing Practice
  • Most Popular Hindi Typing Fonts for Hindi Typing Tutor
  • Top 10 Hindi Typing Tools For Pc

What is Hindi Typing Software?

Hindi typing software is a tool that allows users to type in the Hindi language using a standard keyboard. This software typically includes a virtual keyboard layout that corresponds to the Hindi script, as well as features like spell-checking, auto-correction, and support for different font styles. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as typing documents, creating emails, messaging, and social media posts.

You can simply type Hindi words on an English keyboard, and the software will automatically translate those into the Hindi language. Interesting add-ons such as a virtual keyboard, auto text option, and language toggle are the key highlights of the best Hindi typing software. Hindi typing test software also makes available an onscreen Hindi keyboard for PC for a more user-friendly experience.

Features of Hindi Typing Software

  • Transliteration Service: The transliteration system is designed for typing in Hindi or any other Indian language with the help of an English keyboard. In the given space for typing, just type the word in the English language and press the space bar. The transliteration feature would automatically convert this word typed in English into Hindi language or any other language of your choice.
  • Speech Typing: The speech typing mechanism is specifically meant for easing the Hindi typing process. Some of the best Hindi typing software has in-built transcription that converts voice speech into text. One can use either Hindi or English language for speaking into the mic system.
  • Hindi - English Dictionary: The Hindi-to-English and English-to-Hindi dictionary is attached to Hindi typing software. Users can also download the Hindi English dictionary for referring to it later, offline.
  • Font Conversion Tool: The font conversion tool easily converts Kruti dev to Mangal or Unicode and Mangal to Kruti. Any font can be converted into any other Hindi font type with ease with the help of a font conversion tool. The advantage of using this tool is that it saves you from the hassle of typing again the same text.
  • Auto Text: The auto text option in typing software helps users in providing a match for the words as soon as they start typing something. This option would help you choose from a range of words that appear through the auto-text option. It not only increases speed but also reduces the possibility of error. This setting can be turned off anytime.
  • Customized Words List: A customized list of words provides substitutes and alternatives to save time during keyboard typing activities. You can add, update or delete words every time they appear in the customized words list during auto-text help.
  • Inscript Keyboard: Indian alphabets have a logical structure based on phonetic properties. The overlay of inscript keyboards is standardized by the Indian Government and is divided into two parts- vowel pad on the left and consonant pad on the right. This script uses a standard layout for a keyboard using a 104- or 105-key layout.
  • Virtual Keyboard: The virtual keyboard that appears on the screen lets you select characters of Hindi and directly type in the language.
  • Interactive Training Tools: Interactive typing tools add to the list of interesting features that make the Hindi typing process hassle-free and convenient. Add-ons such as typing statistics, lessons explaining characters/words/sentences, arrows indicating fingers that need to be used, etc. guarantee a smooth Hindi typing journey.

Steps for English to Hindi Typing in MS Word

Users can type in Hinglish on their English keyboard and that text would get converted into Hindi on the screen. Let’s check out one of the easiest ways to do so:

  • Step 1: Download google input tools software on your device.
  • Step 2: Type the words in Hinglish using your English keyboard, similar to what you use in text messaging.
  • Step 3: As soon as you type a word, the document automatically converts the word into Hindi font on your screen.

Hindi Typing Tips for Hindi Typing Practice

  • Placement of Fingers on the Keyboard: Use the same finger placement whether typing in English or Hindi language. Keep your fingers in the exact same position on the keyboard to achieve typing speed and accuracy during a Hindi typing speed test. Avoid any changes in this placement as that would involve retraining your fingers for another typing placement.
  • Body Posture: The posture of the body should be such that the keyboard, your palm, fingers, and the chair are in perfect alignment with each other. In the sense that finger placement remains the same and palms touch the base/surface of the keyboard. The chair also should be positioned at a comfortable height from the desk so that you can perform well during a Hindi typing speed test.
  • Memorize the Position of the Keys: Create a map of the keyboard in your mind. This would help you memorize the position of all the letters on the keyboard. These should be so perfectly memorized that typing speed increases and work gets completed on time.
  • Learn to Use Shortcut Keys: Shortcut keys make work faster as you don’t have to click repeatedly on the options in the toolbar section on your screen. Saving a file, counting words, adding pictures, changing font size, and searching for words/phrases can be easily accomplished with the help of shortcut keys, helping you to prepare for Hindi typing speed tests.
  • Make Continuous Practice your Habit: It is important to use the above tips and practice them regularly. Practicing would help you memorize the various tips for improving work quality and typing speed.

Most Popular Hindi Typing Fonts for Hindi Typing Tutor

  • Kruti Dev: Kruti Dev font is a popular Hindi typing font used in both print and online applications. Professionals use it for typing Hindi and it is available for free. It is used by state governments for entrance exams and is user-friendly with zoom options and offline availability.
  • Mangal: Mangal is an OpenType font for the Devanagari script, used in Hindi typing. It is based on Unicode and is commonly used as a UI font. Mangal font Hindi typing software is used by the government for conducting entrance exams for various services.
  • Unicode: Unicode fonts for Hindi typing cover a large part of Unicode characters meant for supporting multiple written languages. In more technical terms, Unicode font is described as an instance of typeface, which defines the way glyphs of Unicode character set would be displayed or printed. Arial, Calibri, Mangal, Siddhanta, and GNU Unifont are good examples of Unicode font types.

Top 10 Hindi Typing Tools For Pc

Here is the list of best Hindi typing software for PC:

Top 10 Best Hindi Typing Software For Pc
Hindi Typing Software Compatible Platforms
Soni Typing Software Windows
Sonma Typing Master Windows
Aasaan Hindi Typing Tutor Windows
Jr Typing Tutor Windows
Anop Hindi Typing Tutor Windows
Baraha typing software Windows
Inscript Hindi Typing Software Windows
Hindi Typing Master Web Based
Avro Hindi Keyboard Windows
Vijay Hindi Typing Software Windows, Mac, Linux

Author: Kalpana Arya

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