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15 Best Dental Clinic Software in 2021

What Is Dental Software?

Dental Software is an IT solution provided for dentists to smoothen their clinic operations. Many issues are addressed and resolved with the help of this dental clinic software, the most important being an absolute reduction in human error.

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By Az dental

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Inclusive of all taxes

Azdental is a dental app for dentists and patients to manage appointments, patient visitation, payments, instrument usa... Read More About Azdental
Appointment Management Patient Management Patient Record +5 More


By Halemind

(10 reviews)


HaleMind is a medical billing software used by hospitals for easing the daily workflows and streamlining better patie... Read More About Halemind
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Time Efficient practice & Cost Saving +10 More
Saral Dental Soft

Saral Dental Soft

By Saral AmpliSoft


Saral dental software is being developed by SARAL® Softech specially for DENTIST, to maintain their Patients Registrati... Read More About Saral Dental Soft
Clinic Management Billing & Invoicing Appointment Management +18 More
Healcon Practice

Healcon Practice

By Healcon Practice


Healcon Practice is the most powerful & comprehensive yet very easy to use tool which helps doctors and clinic owner... Read More About Healcon Practice
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Medical Billing Appointment Scheduling +7 More

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Computing Assisted Practice Solutions (CAPS) online tool is just for a busy dental professional like you. It will stream... Read More About CAPS28
Dashboard Charting Schedule Appointments +6 More
Just Dental Practice Management Software
At ‘Just Dental’ dental management software we provide 360 degree care for any oral health condition you have with a... Read More About Just Dental Practice Management Software
Clinic Management Patient Management Doctors Management +2 More
Avengersoft Dental Software
Avengersoft Dental Software is a solution designed for dental clinics of all sizes. The Dental Software offers innovat... Read More About Avengersoft Dental Software
Finance Management Electronic Medical Records Billing and Invoicing +10 More


By Dentrix


Dentrix is a dental software that allows dentists to manage their daily activities. It is an innovative solution that... Read More About Dentrix
Patient Management Appointment Management Medical Billing +5 More

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By Planet DDS


Denticon is a dental software designed to ease the daily operations of a dental clinic. The software provides exemplary... Read More About Denticon
Appointment Management Patient Management Patient Record Management +7 More
Open Dental Software
Open Dental Software is designed to simplify the daily workflows of a dentist. It offers innovative solutions to enhanc... Read More About Open Dental Software
Appointment Management Patient Management Prescription +8 More
Track 32

Track 32

By Gadre Infotech


Track32 is one of the best dental patient management software for Indian dentists. This dental software offers thoroug... Read More About Track 32
Appointment & Scheduling Dashboard Appointment Reminders +6 More


By DentiMax


DentiMax is a dental practice management software that provides innovative solutions to simplify the daily operations... Read More About DentiMax
Practice Management Patient Management Appointment Management +9 More

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YAPI is a dental software designed to ease the daily activities at a dental clinic. The software focuses on improving... Read More About YAPI
Appointment Management Patient Management Patient Record Management +5 More
Curve Dental Software
Curve Dental software is designed to meet the operational requirements of dentists. This dental patient management sof... Read More About Curve Dental Software
Patient Management Payment Processing Appointment & Scheduling +6 More


By Bestosys Practice Growth Solutions

(4 reviews)

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Inclusive of all taxes

BestoSys is software for dental clinics. It’s one of the most popular software for clinic management in India. It has... Read More About BestoSys
Front Office Management CRM Practice Management +18 More

Last Updated on : 25 Sep, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Dental Clinic Software

Found our list of Dental Clinic Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What Is Dental Software?

India homes the largest number of dentists in the world. Since 2006, India has seen a 153% increase in the number of dentists. With this steep rise in the numbers, the software market took a dive to create a software that helps dentists with their clinic management easy. Hence, the market for dental software management was born. Empirical trends show that dentists who are running clinics in smaller cities are now also using dentist software to ease their workflows.

Dental Software is IT solutions provided for dentists to smoothen their clinic operations. Many issues are addressed and resolved with the help of this dental clinic software, the most important being an absolute reduction in human-error. However, dental software is classified on four basic functions i.e. clinical, administrative, imaging, and patient engagement. The best dental software solutions in the market gratify clinical and administrative functions. This section will discuss software solutions that covers these two aspects. Dental imagining software is customarily designed and developed by manufacturers of digital dental radiography sensors, it is a more sophisticated tool compared to the other three.

Features of Dental  Clinic Software

Dental clinic software vendors are improving older features and adding new features with the promise of providing all-in-one solutions. So, it is a bit difficult to list all the functions that a dental software needs but here are the most basic features:


The software allows dentists to document their patients and maintain a progress note for regular visitors, a patient history which can be easily accessible.

Easy to Use

The dental software sold to them should make dentist work easy, not difficult. A simplified, crisp and easygoing user interface must be there.

Periodontal Chart

Before the advent of IT solutions in dentistry, Dentists used to keep the periodontal charts in their clinics for handy reference and to refer for patients’ dental checkups. Good dental software should help them to cut the clutter. Hence, the availability of periodontal charts in dental software is a very good thing. Many software solutions these days are including upgraded features of periodontal charts with 3D modelling and other added improvements.

Dental Clinic Scheduling and Appointment

The software should have digital scheduling and appointment features. Added functions like reminders and alerts make them preferable.

Dental eBilling and Digital Prescription

EBilling and digital prescription help both doctors and patients. One of the main non-medical advantages of it is, it makes book-keeping for both the parties much easier. And a medical advantage to allow dentists to create and send prescription notes via an electronic prescription pad and is usually linked with SureScripts or another electronic prescription service.

Benefits of Dental Practice Management Software

Dental software solutions have improved the efficiency of dentistry practitioners in more than ways. Not only they have embellished their services but have also improved customer experience. Here are a few benefits of using dentist software:

Reduction of Human Error

Dentist software cuts a lot of clutter for dentists. They reduce the paperwork to an absolute minimum and digitalize the OPD scheduling. Most dental software solutions come with alerts and reminder functions to improve productivity.

Digital Billing for Dental Clinics

Digital billing helps you to keep a better track of your bills and the movement of your fiscal resources.

Improvement in Patient Experience

A hassle-free and minimum paperwork on your own end will also reciprocate on your patients end as well. You can also send a reminder and alert to patients who forget about their visitations.

Dental Clinic Patient Track Records Management

 One of the major benefits that dentist software brings, is tracking patient's record who make multiple visits. You can keep a log file mapping their improvements and changes in their health for over prolonged visits.

Workflow Automation

Dentist software automates work to simplify the work one must do to run a clinic. From attendance to visitations, and billing; everything is covered with the help of this software. Staff can get notified about important things at the click of a button.

Some of the Top Dental Billing Software Solutions for Dentists are:

Avengersoft Dental Software
Saral Dental Software
Curve Dental Software

FAQ iconDental Clinic Software FAQs

Dental cad software is designed to create a 3D digital model of dental restoration and then instructs a 3D printer on how to produce it. Dental Cam software is the bridge between the computer and 3D printer and it manages how materials are used.

  • Spinnaker - It allows creating additional plug-ins to add external features.
  • Open EMR - It is a free and open source software that helps medical practitioners to keep accurate records of their patients.
  • OpenDental - This open source sotware is loaded with features, and functionalities to ensure smooth dental office workflow.
  • Dentaltap - It is known as one of the best and free cloud-based dental software.
  • Practice Dent Lite -  It is a free dental software that offers a user-friendly interface to dentists.

Dental imaging software lets you to to take photographs your patient's mouths, recognize problem areas, map out procedure plans, and track treatment progress.

Here are a few best and most common dentist management software:

  • Dentimax
  • Curve Dental
  • ACE Dental
  • Denticon
  • Dentrix Ascend
  • Practice-Web
  • Dovetail
  • iDental Soft
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