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3 Best Dashboard Software in 2021

What is Dashboard Software?

Dashboard software are those business intelligence tools that help companies in data analyzing and monitoring purposes. Once deployed, these systems provide critical information that helps in generating deeper insights and the latest trends and organizational KPIs.

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Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

By Zoho by Target Integration

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Zoho Analytics is an advanced report creator and business intelligence software is used for analyzing business data, hi... Read More About Zoho Analytics
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Idashboards is a complete Dashboard Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Dashboard Softwar... Read More About Idashboards


By Geckoboard


Geckoboardis a complete Dashboard Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Dashboard Software... Read More About Geckoboard

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Last Updated on : 25 Sep, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top Dashboard Software

Found our list of Dashboard Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is a Dashboard Software?


Business dashboard software are trusted for their abilities to provide companies with metrics and indices for measuring the performance of their business. Based on all objectives and set targets, you can use dashboard creation tools for identifying gaps in performance on hourly, daily, or even weekly basis.

The advantage of using dashboard reporting tools is that it gives you the freedom to customize it based on your choice. As the dashboard gets customized, you can use it for project reporting as well as managing timesheets, workflow and resources. Paid and open source dashboard software are flexible, intuitive, and robust tools that let you plan projects as well as schedule tasks with ease.

What Are the Different Types of Dashboard Tools

  • Operational dashboards

This type of dashboard is used for monitoring frequently changing business processes. Updates here are very frequent and many individuals use the operational dashboards on an hourly basis for tracking progress towards achieving a target. Such dashboards are best designed for identifying performing key metrics and indices.

  • Strategic dashboards

Strategic dashboards are monitoring tools used for tracking the progress of KPIs. Compared to an operational dashboard, updates in a strategic dashboard are less frequent.  The data visualizations here are simple too and such dashboards are usually accessed only once in a day.

  • Analytical dashboards

Analytical dashboards support the analysis of large data volumes for investigating trends. These are also used for gaining business insights and predicting the outcome of decisions. Data updates here aren't very frequent and you will find such support features as ad-hoc queries, drill down, etc.

Live Interactive Dashboards with Business Dashboard Software

The best paid and open source dashboard software let you create dashboards department or service wise. Examples enumerated in the graphic organizer below would make this further clearer. 

Digital Dashboard Software Flow Chart For How To Work

Open Source and Paid Dashboard Tools- Use Cases

  • Data analysts who require scalable visualizations
  • SaaS vendors look for white label solutions
  • Enterprises handling multiple data sources need it
  • SMBs also require a customer facing dashboard to seek growth opportunities
  • Companies prefer HIPAA compliance
  • E-commerce businesses look out for web analytics solutions 
  • Sales professionals search for it for sales or lead generation
  • Healthcare professionals need it for managing their practice
  • BPOs try to assess the performance of their executives

Features& Functionalities of Dashboard Software

  • Predefined templates

Predefined templates help in speeding up the entire dashboard creating process. Prebuilt templates are important for doing fast data visualizations so that interactive dashboards can be created instantly. You can even edit such dashboards later-on, using the edit dashboard feature.

  • Unified style 

In-built with dashboard creation tools, this enables you to apply unified changes in your data charts. These are usually in the form of charts, texts, etc., that can be applied in the form of graphs and data labels. Unified style setting option comes in handy for implementing data analytics as well as effortlessly changing the theme of a dashboard.

  • Chart tooltips

Charts are considered essential for doing data visualizations. Dashboard analytics tools support tool-tips for drawing custom charts so that the same can be attached to the dashboard with ease. You can even use these tool-tips for adjusting the information available within these charts.

  • Comparison period

Comparison period is an advanced feature that comes in-built into the digital dashboard software solutions. The module is specifically used for comparing the data of two different time periods to reach the right conclusion.

  • Custom fields

A custom field in the dashboard creation tools are used for creating a single calculated field so that several such fields can be combined into a merged field. These dashboard tools also offer a drag and drop interface for developing such custom fields.

  • Hierarchy filters

Hierarchy filters within dashboard tools are designed to help end users access data of a specific time period. You can even set up constraint values like equal to and less than for flexibly navigating through old data.

  • Power viewer

Business dashboard software's power viewer feature has been designed keeping in view such users that have to collaborate with multiple managers/ departments or big teams.

  • Time interval widgets

Different graphs and charts in a dashboard can have their timescale enhanced using the time interval widget. Also, available is this drill down functionality for assessing key performing indicators.

Evaluation Criteria for Choosing the Right Dashboard Software

  • User interface: Clean and navigable interface so that both beginners and professionals can access it with ease.
  • Support material: It is important to ensure that there is guidance available in the form of video tutorials, tech, and user support.
  • Data updates: You need to make sure that there is an option available for exporting the data just as there needs to be an additional module available for accessing all the real-time data. 
  • Customization: Interface needs to be customizable so that so you can select the appearance of your dashboard as per your convenience.
  • Interactive charts & graphs: Interactive graphs/charts in the dashboard analytics tool make data visualization process some worth providing insights.
  • Integrations: Integrations help connect dashboard with other tools. Therefore, integration support is an important requirement.
  • Pricing: Well this is important because a digital dashboard software needs to fit your budget.

Benefits of Using Paid & Open Source Dashboard Tools

  • Key values help save time

Key values are already built-in within both paid and open source dashboard software. These help with analysing and coding all information. Thus saves you from the hassle of doing all coding yourself or making lengthy reports.

  • Drag/drop capability for easy visualization

Drag and drop capability let you create visualized dashboards in a few simple clicks. This not only allows easy data visualization, but also helps in generating dashboard reports.

  • Scheduling dashboard publications

You can easily prepare schedules using the best dashboard analytics tools. Once such a schedule is in place, you can automate the entire dashboard publication process from a single user to a group.

  • Custom alerts for tracking KPIs

Key performing indicators of a business needs to be regularly tracked. For accessing such KPIs easy and quick, digital dashboard software solutions let you set up custom alerts for every trigger. As soon as there is a new report, you can be assured of receiving immediate notifications.

  • Team based data views

Popular dashboard tools make it easy for every user to view only data that is relevant to them. Therefore, a team-based data view module makes it possible to only add such data as relevant to a user on the dashboard.

  • Real-time updates

Dashboard software solutions let you receive immediate alerts in case there is any change made to the data in a dashboard. This feature is especially useful for identifying fluctuations in business metrics and indices.

FAQ iconDashboard Software FAQs

Conditional formatting in paid and free dashboard software solutions is applied to dashboards on regular intervals. These are done for highlighting: 

  • variances
  • hidden patterns
  • trends

These are then applied to charts of all types attached to a dashboard. You can also use conditional formatting to add trend indicators and secondary axis.

Icon library in dashboard creation tools is used for adding dynamic images and text boxes to a dashboard. These are mostly done for doing data visualizations to identify the current business trends. The feature comes handy for monitoring the social media as well as undertaking campaign and marketing automation. 

Paid and free dashboard tools are trusted for helping companies make accurate data based decisions. These are essential for managing the performance of projects, large and small. Let’s have a look at some of the paid and free dashboard tools for doing data visualization:

  • Target Dashboard 
  • Datapine
  • Scoro
  • Tableau
  • InetSoft
  • Bilbeo
  • SimpleKPI
  • Smartsheet

The most reliable dashboard tools offer various collaborative tools for document sharing and managing user access. Besides providing an easy option for publishing on the web, it also has in- built query analyser. Using the best digital dashboard software, you can be assured of receiving automated performance reports and alerts.

Paid and free dashboard tools support critical key metrics for generating customizable and shareable KPI reports. There are available for preparing detailed KPI reports custom formulas and intelligent alarms. You can set up user access here for clients, partners and external team’s, based very much on your preferences.

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