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Zimyo HRMS

Zimyo HRMS

From HR Software

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What is Zimyo HRMS? Zimyo HRMS is a Cloud-based Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS) for small to large-scale business houses, that offers a unified view of the entire system. It enables admins to define their individual workflows, manage separate teams, make announcements and secure access rights. Its leave management module facilitates auto disbursal of leaves, single view report options, and generation of holiday list as per business norms. HRs can keep track of employee attendance, generate week-off schedules for them and calculate their remuneration as per their working hours. Zimyo HRMS can also be integrated with external biometric devices. How does Zimyo HRMS help an organization? Mobility- With Zimyo, organizations get access to web and mobile-based Cloud system. Employee self-service portals facilitate hassle-free management within the organization. Time and Timesheets- Admins get complete control of the attendance management system. They can schedule shifts, track working hours, and monitor assigned tasks with accurate time stamps. Automatic Payouts- Accountants can transfer salaries and allowances directly to the employee’s UPI address or bank accounts with the help of payroll software. Advanced analytics-The software offers detailed information about the hiring trends, client versus cost trends, attrition trends and more, facilitating well-informed HR decisions and detailed views. Information security- With ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate for its products and services, Zimyo HRMS proves itself as a safe and secure platform. All the data are being stored in highly secure PCI DSS compliant data centers and Amazon Web Services. Pricing of Zimyo HRMS Zimyo HRMS is available at a price of Rs. 3,000 for 50 users on a monthly basis. You can request a callback to get more information about the particular product. Our experts will get back to you as per the date and time mentioned within your business schedule. Benefits of Zimyo HRMS Core HR- Admins can monitor multiple premises, update employee profiles in bulk, generate customized validations, get access to unique workflows and dashboards as well. Enhances Communication- Managers can approve individual leaves in real-time by leveraging on the predefined leave approval workflow within Zimyo HRMS. Payroll Management- The software offers a wide variety of payroll management tools, enabling enterprises to process their payroll with a single click. Team Collaboration- Zimyo HRMS offers team-wise dashboards to individual managers, enabling them to schedule tasks, monitor their progress levels and streamline other processes in real-time. Performance management- With Zimyo, organizations can set goals, generate 360-degree feedback, set one-to-one meetings and surveys to analyze the performance of an individual employee. Zimyo HRMS is a Cloud-based Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS) for small to large-scale business houses, that of... Read More About Zimyo HRMS
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Zimyo Payroll

Zimyo Payroll

From Payroll Management Software

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What is Zimyo Payroll? Zimyo Payroll is a Cloud-based payroll management solution for enterprises of all sizes, which can be used to configure industry-specific pay schedules, salary structures, payslips etc. All necessary functionalities such as employee loans, leaves, compliance, attendance and more can be monitored with Zimyo Payroll in a hassle-free manner. The software acts as a common platform to monitor salary disbursements and configurable benefits. Zimyo’s Payroll is inclusive of reimbursement configuration and multiple loan repayment options. It allows admins to configure their salary structure as per their business needs, and get access to auto-generated PF challans beside PF reconciliation reports. How is employee finance module offered by Zimyo Payroll beneficial? Employees can make right decisions and declare their investments on time. They can monitor their savings and can save a huge amount of taxes as well. With Zimyo Payroll, employees not only get access to a hassle-free tax declaration process, but also file a tax return using the same. Managers or accountants can verify the investment declaration submitted by individual employees and approve or reject them as per their relevance. Zimyo Payroll offers a unified view of all the verified documents submitted by individual employees. Pricing of Zimyo Payroll The pricing of Zimyo Payroll is available on request. Request a callback, if you want to know more about the product. Our software experts will get in touch with you as per your preferred date and time. Benefits of Zimyo Payroll Statutory Compliance: With Zimyo Payroll, organizations can configure and update their payroll structures as per the statutory compliances set by the regulatory bodies. They can monitor fields like ESI, PF, TDS, PT and more. Integrations: The software has active integration with Zimyo HR and can also be integrated with external HRMS solutions, making it easy for organizations to keep track of attendance and clock-ins/clock-outs of individual employees. Zimyo Payroll is a Cloud-based payroll management solution for enterprises of all sizes, which can be used to configure... Read More About Zimyo Payroll
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Last Updated on : 16 Jun, 2021