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What is Portico? Portico is a cloud-based program that offers integrated HR and Payroll solutions to enterprises. The multi-faceted services offered by the program include data management and tracking, employee evaluation, training, document archiving, monitoring leaves and holidays and calculating IT returns. Further, enterprises get access to a futuristic dashboard, offering a detailed view of archived documents and HR adoption as well. Business houses can also implement a workflow to monitor expense claims and their approvals streamlined from time to time. How does the Document Archive service offered by Portico facilitate seamless data management within an enterprise? Portico provides a flexible online document storage facility. That can be configured to accommodate functionalities ranging from simple data storage to pre-tagging documents for easy search and retrieval. Access: Employees and managers get web-based access to all the business-related documents round the clock. Tagging: The system allows managers to categorize and classify multiple documents on predefined criteria, resulting in fast search and access. Download: All client source documents can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format with a single click. Customization: Enterprises can bespeak their workflow according to their policies and manage purchase orders, delivery challan, invoices, and more. Authorization: Admins can configure their own multi-tiered access rights within the software as per their business needs and enhanced security. Pending Alerts: The system helps to ensure integrity within the approval management system, by sending escalation reminders to concerned managers who have missed approval deadlines. Pricing of Portico The pricing of Portico is available on request. If you want to know more about the solution, request a callback. Our software executives will get back to you within one or two business days. Benefits of Portico Performance Management Process: The PMP module helps organizations to get a detailed view of their employee performance. Managers gain valuable insight in order to make informed decisions on retention, appraisal, and training of the right candidates. E-Learning: With this module, employees can access content available in the organization. However, the module offers multiple tools for content creation and assignment management, as well. Managers can deploy SCORM content as well as Video or PPT files. Portico is a cloud-based program that offers integrated HR and Payroll solutions to enterprises. The multi-faceted serv... Read More
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Last Updated on : 20 Apr, 2021