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Time Doctor

Time Doctor

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What is Time Doctor? Time Doctor is one of the most popular time tracking software for enterprises to monitor their employees’ daily activities on their system during the work hours. The software has a robust design which helps with the monitoring of every employee at the same time. Time Doctor is one of the best applications for enhancing the productivity of the workforce. The time tracking software integrates with a myriad of other applications used in the office network to trace how much time employee spent on each application and projects. Time Doctor is also essential for companies that work for clients and charge them on an hourly basis. Organizations can set up charges for per hour services and track the time spent by them on each project to create final bills. The employee monitoring software also generates thorough reports for all the parties involved in the project to ensure that there is no discrepancy, such as, overcharging. Time Doctor also offers special features to manually configure the time to manage clients from foreign countries. How does Time Doctor app help in employee monitoring? Time Doctor provides detailed visibility into the activity of every employee. It covers all the important metrics, such as, attendance, engagement, and workflow. The software also shows summaries for web and application activities by an employee during the office hours. Organizations can setup optional screenshot options to check what the employees are doing during workhours. Managers can also send task alerts to the employees to help them avoid distractions. What are the features offered by Time Doctor software? Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Time Doctor: Time tracking solution Employee monitoring Online timesheets and payroll Project management and budgeting Productivity analysis and summary reporting Screenshot and activity leveling What is the Time Doctor Employee Monitoring Software pricing? The price of Time Doctor varies on several factors, such as, size of workforce, module requirements, integrations, etc. Please request a call to get accurate estimates as per your business needs. Time Doctor is one of the most popular time tracking software for enterprises to monitor their employees’ daily acti... Read More About Time Doctor
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Last Updated on : 21 Jun, 2021