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What is Teramind? Teramind is an advanced employee monitoring software which is suitable for small and medium enterprises, multinational organisations, governmental entities and other federal organisations. The software records the computer activities of individual employees and stores them within its servers located on-premise or on the cloud. Enterprises can use the stored data to track the working hours of employees, identify anomalies within their behaviour and prevent their company from insider threats. More than 12 system objects are covered by Teramind such as file transfers, webs, emails, apps etc along with OCR facilitating full-time monitoring of user activities. Further, companies can also integrate the software with SIEM and IDS/IPS systems to generate a cybersecurity perimeter and coordinated incident response mechanism. How to monitor privileged users with Teramind? Companies can efficiently conduct forensic investigations, threat analysis, security auditing and more. They can also: Monitor multiple privileged users like system admins, IT auditors, network engineers, DBAs, system architects, remote users and more. Generate individual user profiles for access and monitoring purpose, based on existing Active Directory Group Policy or assigned duties to them. Schedule a Zero-Trust DLP strategy to utilize system access, activities and content-related rules. Inspect privileged sessions using session recordings, immutable logs and instant alerts, detecting matters like credential sharing and other abuses related to root accounts. Pricing of Teramind The pricing of Teramind is available on request. You can place a request for callback and our in-house experts will get back to you to give a detailed overview. Compatible Platforms for Teramind Teramind is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions. It also has two mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices. Benefits of Teramind Privacy and Compliance Management: Teramind is compliant with multiple regulatory standards like HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST, ISO 27001, FISMA and more. Moreover, Teramind’s timely alerts, incident report, session logs along with risk and anomaly analysis ensures proper safety of the company’s data. Third-Party Management: The advanced monitoring features offered by the software, eliminates all chances of cyber threats by regulating the remote users and third-party vendors who might have access to the critical data of the user's company. Time Tracking: The intuitive schedule management feature of Teramind monitors the idle time, sick leaves, attendance, late shifts and absence of all employees. Expense Tracking: Teramind features a wide variety of widgets, facilitating easy monitoring of payroll, wages and project-related expenses. Companies can eliminate manual invoicing programs from their system by using Teramind to calculate accurate work hours of freelancers, independent third-party contractors and consultants working for them. Teramind is an advanced employee monitoring software which is suitable for small and medium enterprises, multinational... Read More About Teramind
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Last Updated on : 21 Jun, 2021