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What is Spyic? Spyic is a cell phone tracking application, which facilitates remote surveillance, monitoring, and control of targeted devices with ease. The solution helps parents to keep a tab on their child’s whereabouts and can also be used by enterprises to conduct surveillance on their employees. The app functions in complete stealth mode, ensuring end-to-end monitoring and surveillance without the risk of getting exposed. The in-built location tracker installed within the program sends in live locations of the target and also alerts them in case the target moves to a forbidden zone. Moreover, Spyic can work in the background without rooting the targeted device. How can I use Browser History Tracker within Spyic? First, get the app installed to make it start running on your device and the device that you want to monitor. Second, click on the browser history tab located in the selection panel and wait for it to load. Third, once loaded, the section offers a detailed overview of the sites being visited, their URL, title, frequency of visits, bookmarked or not along with the exact time of the visit. Fourth, the entire browsing history on the targeted device is backed up on the app's own servers. This ensures that even if the target clears out the entire history, you can still view the websites by logging into your individual account and copy with ease the gathered information on your hard drive. Fifth, the app offers real-time tracking feature so that viewing the current activity of your target at the very same time is hassle-free. To make it happen, you just need to refresh the browser window time and again. Pricing of Spyic The pricing of Spyic is available on request. You can request a callback for further information. The Compatible Platforms for Spyic Spyic is capable of tracking all Android devices running on version 4 or above. The application also supports all iOS devices running on iOS 7 and above versions. Benefits of Spyic Viber Spy - With Spyic, users can monitor the private and group chats on Viber without being discovered. They can gain access to all call records and check the phone numbers as well as names of Viber contacts. Stealth mode - By using Spyic, users can monitor chats and SMS on the targeted device. They can track the location of the device and review the history of the places visited without ever getting discovered by the actual owner. Non-Rooting Procedure - The monitoring software does not need any kind of rooting in case the target device is Android based. However, it does need a brief period of physical access to set up the entire device. Spyic is a cell phone tracking application, which facilitates remote surveillance, monitoring, and control of targeted... Read More About Spyic
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Last Updated on : 21 Jun, 2021