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SolarWinds Help Desk Essentials Pack
The integration of Web Help Desk™ and Dameware® Remote Support enables you to simplify ITSM from ticket request to resolution. SolarWind Helpdesk Essentials Pack remove the need to manually manage support tickets and start using remote access to address problematic end-user machines and IT systems for faster troubleshooting. SolarWind Help Desk Software respond to tickets quickly with remote support capabilities, and track and measure technician performance to continuously improve customer satisfaction. The integration of Web Help Desk™ and Dameware® Remote Support enables you to simplify ITSM from ticket reques... Read More About SolarWinds Help Desk Essentials Pack
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SolarWinds Web Help Desk
What is SolarWinds Web Help Desk? SolarWinds Web Help Desk is an intuitive ticketing and asset management software with a wide variety of tools, enabling its users to offer adequate support to their customers. Users can track tasks, ticket assignments, routing and escalation related activities in an accurate way. The software ticketing system also helps users in managing their IT assets by taking care of the hardware and software associated with their organization. Moreover, admins can organize the tickets by linking the incident tickets with a single problem. They can also create an association between IT assets and problem tickets. Most importantly, the helpdesk system allows its users to track the history of their asset service requests and integrates with the Dameware Remote Support to troubleshoot customers’ problems in real-time. How to speed up customer service with SolarWinds Help Desk Software? SolarWinds Web Help Desk provides its users with a centralized ticketing system. Where customers can generate log tickets and IT technicians can manage them. Users can speed up the number of inbound customer support requests by displaying self-service knowledge base articles related to multiple types of service requests, to promote the self-resolution of issues. This helpdesk system also allows support technicians to embed videos, attach files or link knowledge base articles directly within the tickets when the generated service requests are repetitive in nature. The overall cost per customer for a self-service resolution is less than half the cost of a face-to-face or on-call resolution. Pricing of SolarWinds Web Help Desk The pricing of SolarWinds Web Help Desk is available as per customers’ request. You can request a callback, our product experts will offer all types of support regarding pricing. Compatible platforms for SolarWinds Web Help Desk SolarWinds Web Help Desk software is compatible with: Microsoft Windows: 7,8 and 10 versions MacOS: 10.10.2 and 10.11.0 versions. Red Hat Enterprise Linux: RHEL 6.5 and 7.0 CentOS: 6.5 and 7.0 Fedora: 22 and 23 Oracle Java: 8.0 Benefits of SolarWinds Web Help Desk System Automated IT asset discovery and management: The help desk system enables its users to automatically track their hardware and software assets. They can also manage their history, assignments, and associated service requests. Simplified incident and problem management: With SolarWinds Web Help Desk, you can simplify the incident and problem management process by recording and prioritizing incidents. Service Request Management Software: The Help Desk Software offers a wide variety of ITSM features, to automate ticket workflows and track their support agents’ performance in real-time. SLA Tracking and Management: The ticketing system software ensures that the agents maintain all levels of service agreement. It sends ‘SLA breach approaching’ notification and date-specific SLA reminder alerts. Help desk performance reporting: SolarWinds Web Help Desk offers multiple intuitive reports, enabling its users to monitor the performance of their technicians and the status of tickets in real-time. Users can also track customer support needs based on location, incidence frequency, and real-time billing data. SolarWinds Web Help Desk is an intuitive ticketing and asset management software with a wide variety of tools, enabling... Read More About SolarWinds Web Help Desk
Ticket Management Asset Management Self Service Portal +5 More
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
What is SolarWinds Network Performance Manager? SolarWinds Network Performance Manager is a network monitoring solution with offline working capabilities. The software helps IT enterprises to reduce network outages and improve their performance. SolarWinds Network Performance Manager includes a multi-vendor network monitoring system that allows users to conduct network port. It also enables employees to manage IT hardware from various manufacturing companies spontaneously. Plus it offers intelligent maps to identify and create network routing for the IT infrastructure. The IT network monitoring solution helps reduce network outages and quick detection, diagnosis, and resolution of multi-vendor network performance issues. SolarWinds Network Performance Manager verifies virtual port channel redundancy instantly. This best network performance tool is designed to automatically map the port channels, virtual private cloud and home server among the network. It also does network mapping across the nexus switches to maintain service availability. Why should I use SolarWinds Network Performance Manager? SolarWinds Network Performance Manager speeds up the process of troubleshooting and boosts service levels. The software provides flexible network troubleshooting for cloud services, on-premises, and hybrid IT environment with a critical hop by hop path analysis. Users can perform cross-stack network data correlation for a quick issue identification. IT enterprises can monitor their network and check the response time, availability, and performance of network devices through this software. SolarWinds Network Performance Manager discovers network devices automatically and deploys them within an hour. What features does SolarWinds Network Performance Manager? Here is a quick overview of the features offered by SolarWinds Network Performance Manager: Network availability monitoring Critical path visualization Intelligent mapping Wi-Fi monitoring Advanced alerting Router traffic monitoring Hardware-focused monitoring WAN optimization tools Network device monitoring Network analysis tool What is the price of SolarWinds Network Performance Manager? The price of SolarWinds Network Performance Manager varies based on the features required by the user and size of the operation. Please request a call for further inquiries. SolarWinds Network Performance Manager is a network monitoring solution with offline working capabilities. The softwar... Read More About SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
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Last Updated on : 16 Jun, 2021