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Seagull BarTender
What is Seagull BarTender? Seagull BarTender is one of most prolific barcode labelling software out there. This barcode software converts characters such as letters, numerals, and other binary data into a pattern of squares, dots, lines, etc. that can be perceived by barcode scanners. So, that the system can decrypt the message behind the barcode. Companies can create barcodes encoded with the information such as batch number and price for quicker checkouts. This barcode software assists companies to increase their efficiency with reduction in costs and errors at the same time. It complies with all the regulatory guidelines necessary for encoding and printing a barcode. Seagull BarTender is developed by those with 30 years of industry experience and guidance of professionals in the designing industry. It enhances the safety & security concerns for companies encoding facility. In addition to that, it offers industry compliance and efficiency for barcode designing. It is a globally trusted product for optimization of customer’s barcode labelling and printing procedures. How Does Seagull BarTender Work? Seagull BarTender works in three basic steps, these are: Create: This feature allows users to design and print almost anything. Users can amalgamate designs with customizable templates offered by the system. Automate: The software integrates with a wide array of online applications and generates barcodes from the system. Manage: Users get safe and centralized access to the labelling system. It monitors the printing status in real-time and shows thorough system usage history. What are the Features Offered by Seagull BarTender? Here is a list of features offered by Seagull BarTender for quick overview of the software: Design automation Print directly spreadsheets and databases Design data security Barcode generator Label Design Software Label Printing Software Barcode Software RFID Software Integrations Compatibility What is the Price of Seagull BarTender? Seagull BarTender price varies based on customizations required by the customer. Please request a call for further inquiries. Seagull BarTender is one of most prolific barcode labelling software out there. This barcode software converts charact... Read More About Seagull BarTender
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Last Updated on : 16 Jun, 2021