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What is Moqups? Moqups is an online mind mapping software that is designed to help you create and collaborate on diagrams, mock-ups, wireframes and even prototypes. It is a visual collaboration software that comprises diagrams, design features, a whiteboard, and online app software. With Moqups, you get the flexibility to think, plan, and communicate on a real-time basis for creating a vast range of visual projects, whether it is mock-ups, wireframes, diagrams, dashboards or mind maps. Currently, Moqups is the designing partner of more than 1.5 million business analysts, product managers, UX professionals, cross-functional teams and executives that work on foundational and complex projects. Other than this, you also get ready-to-use and crisp stencils for all the cases. Its well-working integration system works with almost all the operating systems including Android, iOS, Bootstrap and many more. Benefits of Moqups Moqups has an in-built library with a numerous set of popular icons. You can choose from material design, font awesome and Hawcons, all at your fingertips. The updated icons have an intelligent drag and drop replacement that preserves position, style and size. Images- You can use the drag and drop option to import images from your applications or desktop. You may also upload custom made or ready-made designs and instantly convert them into interactive prototypes. Additionally, with non-destructive cropping, you can create multiple versions of the same image. Fonts- Moqups has an extensive range of styling options and fonts. With Google Fonts, you can select a font style from various available options. Object editing- Moqups is a precise and fast object editing mechanism. You can rotate, resize, style and align objects to transform multiple groups and objects with dynamic and smart tools. Pricing of Moqups Moqups comes in two pricing categories: Pro & Unlimited. To know in detail, connect with us today. Moqups is an online mind mapping software that is designed to help you create and collaborate on diagrams, mock-ups, wi... Read More About Moqups
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Last Updated on : 16 Jun, 2021